Okay!  The tenth Beyellogee.

First, I'd like to say that this weekend, I will make my long-awaited fully fledged return.

I can't promise On the open sea review is coming too soon.

I may have set my smash fanfiction on hiatus on accident if there is no smash direct next month, so I'm presenting Smash Shorts, unrelated short stories to the main Plant & Joker storyline, about the other 70+ Smash characters, as a back-up plan.

My bio will be enhanced.

I will make my 1,500th edit on this wiki not-super-soon.

Enjoyed the Co-commentation on the bracket. King of the world, baby!

In this serindipidous moment, you guys, It's krazy. The windbags don't go east with Cat #666. After all, They had Arends to run. It wouldn't take a genius to know they were getting wafflesThank you, Thank you.

Goldsith out, Peace.

But I'll be back in soon.

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