Hey, hey, hey, ho, ho, ho! Look! I actually made an ‘episode’ of Smash Shorts, something I said I would make many, many months ago, but just didn’t have ideas for it. Basically, these take place before the main Smash Bros. Ultimate series, and are about the adventures of the main 70+ fighters before World of Light. And it doubles as a Christmas special!

One year (give or take) prior to the adventures of Plant and friends… December 24th, 2018. 11:58.

‘Twas the night before Christmas When all through Smash Mansion Not a fighter was stirring Nobody was prancin’

The stockings were hung All over the house without care In hopes that Santa Claus Soon would be there

There, Samus in her bed And There, Ness with no plight They just settled down For a long winter’s night

When out on the porch There arose such a clatter Ness sprang from his bed To see what was the matter

Away to his window He flew like PK Flash Then jumped through his door And continued to dash

The moon on the front Of freshly fallen snow Gave an halation in a way To objects below

When, To continue his wondering What did appear? But a very, very small sleigh And 1 large reindeer

With a very short driver, So lazy and slow He figured that it must be St. Nick, but how could it be so?

It felt slower than tortoises His reindeers they came, And whistled, and shouted, And called out something:

“Now, Go, go! To the top of the porch! To the top of the wall! Now I’ll dash, dash away!”

As fresh dust in the Blowing wind flies The figure vanished without a trace And Ness sighed

But still down the stairs Did Ness go On the roof above him was a bag of gifts And St. Nicholas too?

Then came a noise Ness heard on the roof A couple of footsteps But not like hooves

As Ness drew his head, And was turning around Suddenly St. Nicholas Came with a bound

He was all dressed in fur From his head to his foot And his clothes were not tarnished By ash or soot

A bundle of toys Was flung on his back And he looked like a burglar Just opening his pack

His cheeks - they seemed stuck smiling! That smile; so merry! His eyes were like coal with a single white dot His nose seemed not to be there!

His smiling, large mouth Seemed permanently drawn up in a bow And the clothing he wore Seemed to be a casual winter jacket

He had a broad face, as Ness thought And a round little belly That didn’t seem to shake Like a bowl full of jelly

He was jolly and plump A right young skeleton? And Ness laughed confused when he saw him In spite of himself

A wink of his eye And a nod of his head Soon made it so Ness knew He had nothing to fear

He spoke not a word But went straight to his work And fill’d all the stockings in a single second And vanished suddenly; “trrk!”

He went back to his sleigh Laughed about the fact he got to do this For St. Nicholas not he was Rather one could call him… SANS-TA CLAUS!

But still could you hear him exclaim As he ran out of sight “Merry christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Thanks for reading this, probably the longest it took me to make a blog ever. Well, I hope you enjoyed!

Coldsith Out, Peace! (Ho-Ho! Gotcha!)

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