It's not a Beyellogee. IT'S A BLOGAROONIE! Huh... 

Star Struck was my original guess for TMMLWG's least favorite episode.

But the "Next:" on the analysis is rather.... forboding.

Is Disaster of my Dreams the closest thing to a disaster MML can get to to TMMLWG?

Anyway, Krill Skill, Bill, Dill will bill Jill, Sill(y) Mill Quill.

I just felt like a tie-in blog was needed.


Safety first!

DK! Disney DK!

Huh! H, h, here we go...

So it's finally back,

but nope, not for you,

If you know what happens, 

You've watched Season 2!

put your hands together, if you try so hard,

to make me break my board!



Disney DK!

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