Piranha Plant swooped in, Granted, They were with Banjo and Kazooie, the legendary bird and bear. “Guh-Huh!”  Exclaimed Banjo somewhat triumphantly. “Yes! There we go! Gotcha, Green Beauty-Stealer!” Yappled Kazooie. “Oh no, It’s that horrible bear and bird! It’s been a long time since about you I heard!” Grunthilda disappeared in a puff of smoke, with three of the heroes going along with her. The only one left said, “Oh dear. Where did they go? Oh. I am the Luminary. Or a reincarnation of the luminary, I should say.” The Group, still cautious, soon made their way through the back door of this mysterious building to find a man standing just outside.

“Hey, You. The Name’s Terry.” He said in a rather serious voice. “What are all of you doing here?” 

They told him his mission.

“Hmm… Trying to save the world? You’re going to need a lot more than just all of you.” 

Suddenly, one of Dharkon’s tentacles rushed towards the gang, not noticed by any of them!

It was stopped in its tracks by a laser. It was the exact same skeleton that was in the jail cell in the building. How had he escaped? What was on his arm? hey. the name’s sans." He reached his free hand out. Banjo was quick to shake it, but this was unwise. “PRRPP!” hahaha. the old whoopee cushion in the hand trick.Piranha Plant put the letter in front of him, believing him to be next. whoa, whoa, whoa. i’m not fit for that. I can still take part, but i’m not full-on fighter material. why don’t you give it to the big guy in the red hat?Piranha Plant shook its head and snarled. “He says, ‘No. I don’t like big guys in red hats.’ No, no, I think he’s it, Plant. Y’know what? I’ll give it to him.” said Joker, before handing the 4th letter to Terry. “Great! Glad you came around. But you may need more than 1 more letter. I think I know a place.” Terry said before walking off, with the rest of the gang close behind.

“okay, see you guys. I’m going to go get Papy out of there. And that’s the end! Thanks to all of you guys for waiting so long. and if i see any of you saying there were major plot holes here, you’re gonna have a bad time. heheheh… just kidding.”

P.S. (I guess), Hey guys! I’ve been working on this for a while. But Sans. Sans. Of all the things in that direct, a Mii fighter costume of Sans was my most hype announcement. I bought it basically as soon as I could and now Smash is just so big, but it’s also been confirmed to keep getting bigger! Yeah! Terry seems pretty neat. Home-Run Contest, too! It feels complete, but it’s not! It just keeps getting bigger and better!

Peace out, Goldsith!

P.S. Every line from Sans was in comic sans on the google doc, but it didn't copy over at first. But Arend commented in comic sans, so I copied that and used that code to turn it all into comic sans. Thanks, Arend!

"and peace out from me too."

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