Okay, here's the real thing.

After that happening, Piranha Plant and Joker walked towards the remains of Bowser’s Castle. About a hour in, There was snarling coming from a locked dungeon. They both knew only bad things could come from that, so they decided not to investigate.

They found nothing of interest in the rest of the castle, so they began to leave. But Plant noticed the lock of the dungeon was missing. Plant and Joker ran for the door before being stopped in their tracks by a trio of forgotten Mario villains. Dark Bowser, Wart, and Tatanga.

Piranha Plant had met Dark Bowser and Tatanga before-- but had no clue who Wart was. He kept thinking his name was “Mamu”. Dark flames spread over the floor like butter on toast! Laser guns fired from Tatanga’s cannons! And… Bubbles slowly, one by one, came out of Wart’s mouth. Plant laughed hysterically at this before noticing a giant dark flaming laser bubble heading towards his face. After an intense battle, they walked outside and immediately fell unconscious. From what they could not have imagined.

Peace out, Goldsith!

P.S. What's your favorite Mario game and character? For me, my favorite Mario game is Mario Kart Wii and my favorite character is Waluigi.

Happy Mar10 Day!

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