PREVIOUSLY ON SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE: Three of four heroes disappeared. Sans went back inside a dungeon. Terry said he knew where to find more letters. All this and more happened on SEPTEMBER 5TH. Whoops.

Terry brought Plant, Joker, the Luminary, Banjo, and Kazooie to a large wooden building that was labeled ‘King of Mailers Express’. “Well, here we are, King of Mailing. You should be able to get a couple extra letters from this place.” Terry said. “Good. That may have been 3 hours, but it felt like 3 months.” Joker said, tired. Terry gently opened the door. There was not a sound. “Uh… Is it not open today? Hello?” He asked, looking around the dark and silent building. “Well, we could come back later, I guess.” Joker said. “Yeah. Doesn’t seem terribly urgent.” Terry agreed. But as they turned back to leave, Crazy Hands and Dharkon tentacles were flying towards them at an alarming speed! They quickly dashed inside the building. “Oh, right, yeah, them. Forgot about them. How did they find us?” Joker looked at Plant, who was just as confused as he was. Terry shouted through the dark walls, “Um, Is anyone there?” For several minutes, it seemed like there would never be an answer. “Yes. I believe there is. You.” an unknown voice to most of them said, but Terry recognized it. “Is that… Ken? Hey, Good to see a familiar…face?”

Ken stepped out of the darkness, but he wasn’t normal. His eyes glowed purple, and his entire complexion seemed completely grey. He stared at them, and they stared back. Terry broke the silence. “Oh.” The luminary and Banjo-Kazooie were too confused to speak. Plant went down into his pot. Joker grabbed his grappling gun, and whisked himself away. The darkened Ken walked towards them. “I see you. You wanna fight, don’t ya? Then come and get one.” Terry said, cocky and confused. Ken and Terry began fighting. It wasn’t long until the others joined the fight as well.

Joker, higher up in the building, found a room filled to the brim with unique kinds of letters. Normal letters, Letters with the letters “SG” stamped on them, and finally, letters with two intersecting lines. The type of letter they needed. There were very few, but Joker took as much as he could find. He quickly jumped down and landed the final blow on Ken, shooting him in the head.

“Did..did you just kill him?” Terry said, dumbfounded, and confused. “Not a real gun unless you think it is. He didn’t know I had it, so he didn’t think about it. But that still knocks him unconscious, apparently,” Joker replied. “Anyway, I got the letters we need.”

They all walked out of the building and sat down on the sidewalk. Plant showed the final letter he currently had. Joker looked at it. “Right. Next one goes to- Wait, you still had another letter? Then what was the point in that? Ugh. I guess if whoever that is isn’t enough, it would be important to have more horsepower...” he sighed.

“Well, ugh… any idea how to get there?” Hey! I’m back?! So, uh, hey! Um… so, this is how I’m going to start my FULLEST return… Well, I feel like I’m somewhat obligated to make some kind of christmas special. So, expect that on maybe Monday-ish or so? (heh heh heh, referencing the development of PnF Effect.)

I, Goldsith, am currently leaving this situation, and are hoping you do not have any anger-based thoughts or feelings. Or, ahem, whoops, I mean…

Goldsith out, peace!

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