Alright, Part 2!

Piranha Plant had begun his journey. First Stop: Japan. He knew that’s where Joker would probably be. But before long, He felt very lonely. So lonely he started thinking somebody was following him. Or perhaps it wasn’t out of loneliness. He wandered through the ruins of a Pokémon Stadium. A place once almost daily filled with the enthusiastic yells of fans had fallen completely silent. Piranha Plant saw a shadow jiggle past in the darkness. He looked around. Nobody there. Then he fell asleep.

When he woke up, unclear how much time had passed, There was crude, aggressive marker all over him. He glanced around. The shadow appeared, and then rolled off. Piranha Plant saw it again in the main field of the stadium. It was Jigglypuff! Corrupted by darkness, it jumped at the plant. Jigglypuff used pound! It wasn’t very effective. The plant thought that wasn’t the best attack to use, however It couldn’t finish the thought as they were cut off by Jigglypuff’s rest! After an unknown amount of time Plant woke up. Jigglypuff was halfway across the room. They seemed as if their soul was out of their body.

“Persona!” A voice called from across the room.

The plant wasn’t sure how, but it knew whose voice it was. Joker’s. Plant then questioned how Joker survived the darkness. So he scrawled out on the floor with his teeth, “How are you alive?” “Well, you got me. By all accounts, it doesn’t make sense.” Joker responded.

They climbed down the stadium until they reached the bottom.

It was a long way from Kanto to Joker’s home city.' 'And they both knew it.

Goldsith Out, Peace!

P.S. I've had this written for a couple days now, the timing with the Pokemon Direct was unintentional. Pokemon "Sword" and "Shield". What in the world? Those aren't very Pokemon-y.

See ya!


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