Oh, boy, guys! I was.... right?

The figure stepped out of the darkness.


Joker began to float. He wasn’t sure why.

Space appeared around them.

(Play for this, at 2x speed)

Suddenly, Hamosaur appeared. He had a rocket launcher.

“Taste my cannon of relevancy!”

TMMLWG appeared. “Hello.” He blinked.

Then dropped in Goldsith, presumably to take TMMLWG back to the wiki, confused by his own fanfic.

He tripped on his pile of The Emperor’s New Groove references. “Ah!”

Suddenly, Pineapples.

This did not help.

A third, somewhat melted skeleton, twitched between existing and not.

A golden glove appeared in the room. Oh, snap.

Joker took a piece of paper and gave it a rend.

The void creeped closer.

Goldsith, utterly dumbfounded, decided to stop typing and delete this.

He decided he would use it for an April Fools’ Special.


No, I wasn't. 

Well, who might be the next Smash character?

Since they may reveal it this month!

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