Warharharharhar! Here we go! Wrote this about a hour ago. Enjoy!

Plant and Joker woke up in a dark, seemingly abandoned cell. There was noone around. “Alrighty Then, What now?” was the only thing Joker could think to say. The door was locked. There was no way out. The door slowly slid open. A hooded figure walked inside. “There’s somebody who wants to see you.” Joker and Plant glanced at each other. They walked out of the cell. There was multiple other cells, including one with a skeleton with spaghetti, a man who seemed to have tried to break a wall with an odd-shaped head, a bearded man who seemed talented at every sport, and multiple others. They walked into a new, even darker, room. A figure was standing in the middle of room. A different skeleton in one of the cells said, “I guess they’ll be there or they’ll be…. How does that go again?” The other skeleton started yelling, so the cloaked figures had to shut the door. Joker stared at the figure. “Hello? Who… are you?” He then noticed Plant was gone. “And where’d the plant go?” The figure stepped out of the darkness.

I'm made this as I'm predicting a Smash-themed or normal Direct in April featuring a new character.

Other than  that, Stay tuned today for something with TMMLWG.

Sorry if this was a bad time.                                                                                                                              Peace out, Goldsith!

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