Piranha Plant and Joker had been walking for about 1 day. Piranha Plant realized where they were. The Mushroom Kingdom, In ruin and darkness. He tried to tell this to Joker, but he didn’t understand. Plant was ready to give him gestures to get his point across, when there was  the faintest noise.


Joker stared at Piranha Plant. Piranha Plant stared back. Waluigi stared at both of them.

“Hello. I was just eating spaghetti and playing Sma--- I mean, games, and uh, then everything went dark. I thought it was just because I forgot to pay my electricity bill, so I ignored it. Then, after a few hours, I felt like walking towards some kind of force, as if I wasn’t in control of my own mind. Then, Later, I snapped out of it. Now I’ve lost my house.”

Joker looked dumbfounded at this comment. But then he realized something. “Wait a minute. If I survived this, maybe it’s a special power only the ones with invitations have! Maybe this guy has the next letter!”

Piranha Plant looked at his letters. None of them were addressed to Waluigi.

Plant and Joker walked away.

Gotcha! I... didn't intend to make this part so long.... It was supposed to be a short joke...

Actual one coming up...

Peace Out, Goldsith!

(I did a Mario series CPU tournament in Smash and my Piranha Plant amiibo won. On Mushroomy Kingdom. With that one victory pose where he chomps Mario. Now that's chance.)

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