I’m at a lack of words here. Joker, Stage Builder, Shared Miis, New Spirits? WHY CAN’T IT BE OUT ALREADY?! Now, about the battle..

Joker and Plant, stunned to the forgotten Mario enemies, stood stiff. Countless projectiles were thrown at them, when Joker tore off his mask.


He fired three shots out of his gun, quickly hiding behind a box with Piranha Plant. “Alright, Plan of attack.”

“Ptooie at them, and I’ll show them Eigaon.”

Plant didn’t know what that meant, but he followed Joker’s directions.

They were sent in flames before Arsene broke them and stole their hearts. This quite a sight for Plant.

And that was the rough battle.

Goldsith out, Peace!

Oh, I’m excited! Nintendo, You can’t just drop something like this, I went crazy yesterday!

*quietly sings Last Surprise*

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