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    Here's chapter 7! In this chapter, Milo realizes his true feelings for Melissa. But is he too late? And what's the deal with Drakken? What are his true intentions? ROLL IT!

    We now find ourselves in Tokyo, Japan. Nakasumi Corporation Chairman/Founder/CEO Hiroto Nakasumi was casually walking down the streets of the city that he took over with his toys when he stopped at a Bueno Nacho only to find that his character, Little Diablo, was everywhere.

    "That is my character!" Nakasumi said in a shocked tone as kids flooded out of the Bueno Nacho, bowing to their idol. At the sight of the kids bowing to him, Mr. Nakasumi couldn't help but smile. But he was still infuriated that his character was being given away.


    It wasn't just …

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    Next up...Milo and Melissa rescue Mr. Dr. Chase and change is in the air at Bueno Nacho! ROLL IT!

    We find ourselves back at Melissa's house. Milo hasn't touched his pizza and Mr. Chase's pizza was getting cold.

    "Dad's pizza is getting cold..." Ferb remarked.

    "Can we heat it up?" Phineas asked.

    Mrs. Chase was quick to close the box. "NO! The fire department said...NO FUSION EXPERIMENTS!" She then looked to Milo and noticed that he wasn't being his usual self.

    "Milo, what's wrong? You seem out of it."

    "Uh, Mrs. Dr. Chase, I think I have the, uh...belly flips."

    "Got my endoscope in the car!"

    Milo flinched at hearing this.

    "Kidding! Why don't you stay?"


    "Later, Milo!" Melissa and Mort said together. "JINX!" Melissa called out.

    "Aw! Again?"


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    Here we go! In this chapter, Milo considers his true feelings for his ginger cheerleader best friend as a new kid works his way into Melissa's heart. Oh...and Mr. Chase gets nabbed by Drakken. ROLL IT!

    Mort, the new kid, had just arrived at Danville High. The first person he met was none other than the resident jinx - Milo Murphy.

    "Name's Milo...Milo Murphy," Milo introduced as the marquee fell.

    "Does that happen a lot?" Mort asked, referring to the falling marquee.

    "Yeah...that's Murphy's law. Whatever can go wrong will go wrong...around me," Milo explained as Chase bit at Mort's foot.

    "Is that a naked mole rat?" Mort asked. "So cool! I've always wanted one!"

    "That's sweet because, I, you know, have one! You know, most people just think Chase i…

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    Last time out, Drakken and Shego escaped with info on cybertronic technology! Add to that, Melissa has some major issues of her own to deal with! ROLL IT!

    The next day, we find Melissa at her locker at Danville High. She overheard Candace gushing over Jeremy and saw Amanda with Chad. After putting her books in her locker, she saw Milo standing right next to her.


    "Hey, Milo."

    "I got great news! Naco Night will be coming back!"

    "Really?" Melissa asked, shocked before giving an unenthusiastic "Great..."

    "Ya know, nothing's for sure, but when they see this..." Milo held up a piece of paper.

    "A piece of paper with your name on it?"

    "It's a petition. Probably gonna need more signatures."


    "Well, when we hit up Bueno Nacho, I'll work the r…

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  • GreenHornet

    Chapter 3 brings us to the Bermuda Triangle! Let's hope no ships vanish, alright? ROLL IT!

    We pick things up at Bueno Nacho #582 - prime hangout for Danville High School students. It's here that we meet up with Melissa Chase and her best girl friend (and Milo's sister) Sara Murphy. Melissa had just told Sara about what Candace told her about cheerleaders and 'The Food Chain'.

    "Girl, that is majorly messed up!" Sara said to Melissa.

    "I know, but what if Candace has, in her own stupid way, a point?" Melissa asked, causing Sara to gasp.


    "What if there's something wrong with me?"

    "Because you're not dating a jock?"

    "I'm weirding guys out, Sara! They see me on TV, roundhousing some goon out a window! It's a vivid image.…

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