Now that I'm rebounding from my debacle of last month, I think it's time to give you a little preview of the Fourth Grade Arc of 'How I Met Your Mother'! This snippet is from Part 2 - 'Superstorm'.

October 29th, 2012 - the day began like any other, but just before 11, the sky began to blacken. Melissa quickly took note of the situation as she watched it unfold from outside one of the school windows.

"I don't know about you, but I'm not liking those clouds, guys!" she warned her classmates.

"Yeah, those clouds look pretty scary..." Milo concurred.

"Almost as if a dark presence has engulfed the world..." Amanda added in a serious voice.

Mayor Doofenshmirtz issued a state of emergency soon afterwards, which was announced on the John Trystate Elementary School loudspeakers. Due to the state of emergency, school was to be let out at noon to allow families enough time to prepare for the impending storm.

(Fast Forward)

Later that night at Melissa's house, Milo and Melissa were huddled together, worrying about what might happen as Hurricane Sandy drew closer. That's when the duo saw their respective fathers in their work attire.

"Dad, didn't you just get back from work?" Milo asked.

"I did. But with this hurricane coming, I know I'm going to be called in to aid with the relief effort," Milo's dad said. "So I'm going to need you to be the man of the house while I'm out helping the disaster relief."

"That goes for you too, Melissa. Your mom can't do everything on her own, so I'm counting on you and Milo to help her out," Mr. Chase told his ginger daughter. "This is a big responsibility and you two will have to prove your maturity to handle it. Think you can do that for us?"

"You got it, Mr. Chase!" Milo confirmed.

"No problem, dad!" Melissa added.

"That's our kids!" Mr. Murphy said, messing up Milo's hair.

"Milo...take care of Melissa. As for city needs me...and Melissa needs you."

Well...that's your preview! I must warn you, the full version of 'Superstorm' is just a little more intense, so....STAY TUNED!

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