Yep. Another AU! This time, it's based off the recently-rebooted 80s crime drama series 'MAGNUM PI'! Some facts here:

  • Milo, Zack and Mort are former Navy SEALs who served in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Zack runs the Island Hoppers helicopter tour company
  • Mort's got connections throughout Hawaii and the mainland
  • Amanda is former MI6, disavowed after a failed mission. She's now majordomo of the Robin's Nest - hideout of famed author Robin Masters
  • Milo does have a personal car - a red 1985 Camaro Z28 (so that he's not always wrecking Robin Masters' Ferraris)
  • Instead of being a Detroit Tigers fan, like Magnum was on the original show (and 2018 reboot), Milo is a huge New York Yankees fan.

Milo as Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV

Zack as Theodore Calvin (T.C.)

Mort as Rick Wright

Amanda as Jessica Qwayle Higgins

Melissa as Michelle Hue, Magnum's girlfriend

Bradley as Detective Katsumoto

Chad as Sebastian Nuzo, Magnum's fellow SEAL friend who gets killed in episode 1

Lawrence Fletcher as Francis 'Icepick' Hofstetler, Rick's father figure

Jeremy Johnson as Luther Gillis, a shady private investigator

Coltrane as Lieutenant Tanaka

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