(Also Part 7 of the Oblivious To Love Arc)

The Challenge arc continues as 1st grade draws to a close for Milo and Melissa! Do they score straight A's and continue on their quest to complete the challenge put forth by their parents? Or will one bad teacher thwart their plans? We're about to find out! ROLL IT!

June 17th, 2010 - it was the last day of school at John Trystate Elementary. For Milo and Melissa, it was the end of their first grade year. If you had told Milo Murphy and Melissa Chase before the school year started that they'd end up being best friends, they'd say you're crazy. Now, the duo is practically inseparable! This was also a very stressful day as their report cards for the year would come in today as well. They had that challenge put forth by their parents on their mind - straight A's on their report cards throughout elementary school. If that happens, the duo would be in Times Square for New Year's Eve.

"You nervous at all, 'Liss?" Milo asked.

"Yeah, I am!" Melissa responded. "You heard the challenge our parents put for us! What if one bad teacher had out for us and gave us a B? Then what happens?"

"Chill, Melissa. If there's any confusion on the grades, we'll tell our parents. We'll tell them who was responsible for the confusion and they'll call the school, perhaps get that teacher removed."

"You thought of everything, haven't you?"

"I'm not gonna let one bad teacher wreck your dream and wreck my promise to you, Melissa!"

Tears welled up in Melissa's eyes as the now 7 year old kids hugged, Melissa crying into Milo's shoulder as they walked into Ms. Jennings' class.

It was a pretty pedestrian day - everyone talked about their plans for the summer, from travelling to camping trips with family to just plain taking it easy over the summer. Milo and Melissa, on the other hand...they were gonna do it all. They were going to be at San Diego Comic-Con with Milo's sister Sara, the MLB All-Star Game in Anaheim and the July 4th fireworks spectacular along the East River in New York...and that was all within the span of a month! Their first stop of the summer was coming up that Tuesday in Canada - the Cavendish Beach Music Festival. Melissa wanted to go there because her new favorite singer - Taylor Swift - was going to be there.

"Can you believe it, Milo? We're actually going to see Taylor Swift on Tuesday!" Melissa squealed as they had their pepperoni pizza lunch.

"I had a feeling you'd like my birthday present to you, Melissa. It was Taylor Swift's 'Fearless' was all you were talking about over the winter!"

"I'm glad you took a hint there, Milo. I can't stop listening to that album now!"

"What's your favorite song on it, 'Liss?"

"Definitely 'Fearless'! 'You Belong With Me' is a close 2nd, though."

The rest of the day passed by without incident...then came the moment of truth - report card time. Milo opened his first.

Social Studies - A

Reading/Language Arts - A

Math - A

Science - A


Straight A's for Milo! Melissa, it's on you now!

Her report card reads:

Social Studies - A

Reading/Language Arts - A

Math - A

Science - A

and Gym...A!

Consider 1st grade conquered! 1 year of straight A's down...4 to go. The bell rang soon afterward and with that, Milo and Melissa's first grade year came to a close. While everyone ran out to their buses, Milo and Melissa calmly walked to their bus hand in hand.

"So...1 year of straight A's down..." Milo commented.

"Just another 4 to go," Melissa retorted. "2nd grade is gonna be just a little tougher."

"Melissa, we got this! I know we do! But now, it's time to relax and enjoy our summer!"

Melissa smiled as she and Milo took their seat on the bus, snuggling close together. As they drove off for home, Melissa thought to herself 'Milo, you are the best thing that's ever happened to me.'

As Milo held her tight, she blushed. Melissa thought 'What is this I'm feeling? Is No! That's just plain gross! Milo's right, we can't think about that now. Now's the time to relax and not think about that. It's summer...AND IT'S GONNA ROCK!'

1 year of straight A's down and 4 to go! And...oh, Melissa; you've really got it bad for your best friend! You just don't know it yet! The Oblivious to Love Arc continues next time as Milo and Melissa go on an epic summer of adventures! STAY TUNED!

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