Fellow Milo fans, welcome to the start of my Danny Phantom AU! What better place to start than when Milo gets his spectral abilities! ROLL IT!

Time stamp: August 10th, 2017. Today is Milo Murphy's 14th birthday. Little did he know that today, he would get a birthday present that would change his life forever. We see Milo with his parents in their lab, which was set up in what used to be the basement of the Murphy house.

"What's this, mom and dad?" Milo asked his parents, pointing out a large, circular, metallic contraption.

"Your father's on his 'ghosts exist' kick again," his mom, Brigitte, told him.

"And I intend to prove it by shattering the barrier between our world and the ghost dimension, with this..." Milo's dad Martin began, introducing his latest invention. "The Murphy Portal! It's designed to bridge our world and the Ghost Zone!"

"Seriously, dad? Ghosts aren't real!" Milo told his father with a skeptical look in his eye.

"Ye of little faith, my son. All I need to do is plug it in and I'll have successfully broken the barrier between our world and the Ghost Zone!" Martin exclaimed as he plugged in the Murphy Portal. "BANZAI!"

Nothing happened.

"Perfect...just perfect..." he scolded himself. "The family curse strikes again," he added, walking off as Milo's friends - the goth gal Melissa and tech wizard Zack - entered the fray.

"What's all the ruckus, Milo?" Melissa asked.

"Dad's on a ghost kick again."

"Let me guess...that big, round thing is his latest invention?" Zack asked Milo.

"It is. It's supposed to be a portal between our world and what he calls the Ghost Zone, but it doesn't work."

Melissa smiled and tossed Milo a white and black jumpsuit. "Hey Milo, I dare you to go inside and turn the portal on!"


"She dared you, Milo!" Zack retorted. "You gotta take it!"

"Scared of your family curse?" Melissa taunted.

"Okay, that tears it!" Milo barked as he put on the jumpsuit. "But I'm so getting back at you guys later!" he added as he went into the portal and pressed the green 'ON' button.

All of a sudden, a green beam of light hit Milo.

"What is happening to me? AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Milo screamed.

"MILO!" Melissa and Zack shouted as Milo's body was being infused with the ectoplasmic energy of the Ghost Portal. Not too soon after he hit the 'ON' button, the Portal threw him out.

"Nice goin', Melissa! You killed your boyfriend!" Zack chided the redhead.

"HE'S NOT MY BOYFRIEND!" Melissa called out.

"I'M NOT HER BOYFRIEND!" Milo added as he got up. Actually, he flew into the air and was now invisible. His light brown hair was now colored white, his eyes had changed from a deep brown to a piercing green and his jumpsuit had also switched color scheme. It was now a black and white jumpsuit.

"I heard a crash!" Milo's sister Sara called out as she ran down the stairs to the lab. "Are you alright, Milo?"

A pair of bright rings flashed around Milo, transforming him back to his human form, causing him to fall to the ground...just in time for Sara and his friends to see.

"What was that?"

"Sara, Melissa, Zack...can you guys keep a secret?" Milo asked.

"Sure, Milo!" Melissa confirmed.

"I don't know how to put this...but I think that portal gave me ghost powers..."

Oh boy...Milo's gone ghost! How will Melissa, Zack and Sara react? Find out next time and remember...


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