So...I'm still caught in the middle of the ship war because of my mentality of 'my way or the highway'. Allow me to explain how I ended up getting that mentality.

My grandfather on my dad's side worked as an automobile dealer in a General Motors dealership for....about 30 years. It was way before my time, so that's just an estimate. Anyway, he had a saying - 'My way or the highway'. He always had to get his way or he would find those responsible for stifling him and remove them from his organization. He was just that ruthless. Heck, he had connections across the entire Northeastern United States!

Anyway...that's where I got my 'my way or the highway' mentality. I always told myself one of these days it would get me into trouble and sure has. I'm sorry that I ended up ticking my fellow fans off with my mentality and I hope that we can all unite to save Milo Murphy and friends for a 3rd season, no matter what avenue we have to take to get it done!

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