Before the story truly begins, allow me to explain myself on why Candace and Jeremy's youngest son Xavier is in this. Candace was 35 in 'Quantum Boogaloo' and her daughter Amanda was 15, which would put Candace at age 20 when she had Amanda - 5 years after 'Phineas and Ferb' and 'Milo Murphy's Law'. Xavier and Fred were 12 in that episode, so that makes Candace 23 when Xavier and Fred came into the picture. Add 6 and you get to this point - 14 years after 'Phineas and Ferb' and 'Milo Murphy's Law'. Now...we begin. Author's note: The original version on had some coarse language, but I will be bleeping that out for the MML Wiki version. ROLL IT!

The date - September 8, 2009. We begin at the home of 6 year old Milo Murphy and his 10 year old sister Sara. Tomorrow would begin a whole new chapter for the youngest Murphy - his first day of first grade at John Trystate Elementary. We see Milo in 'Star Wars' themed pajamas, just about ready for bed...but he seems concerned.

"Mommy? Daddy?"

"What is it, sport?" His dad Martin asked.

"I'm nervous about tomorrow," Milo told his parents. "I'm heading into 1st grade and I haven't even made a single friend. Am I really that off-putting to everyone?"

His mother Brigitte put a hand on his shoulder. "Honey, don't say that! You're just...different from everyone else."

"Yeah...different in the way that I cause chaos for everyone near me," Milo snarked back at his parents.

"Calm down, little brother..." Sara began. "It's only the first day of school! I'm sure you'll make plenty of friends, despite your difference!"

"Now get yourself to bed, young man. You've got a big day tomorrow!" his mom implored as she tucked him in.

"Okay, mom. Good night!" Milo said to his parents as they turned out the lights in his room. Milo soon fell into a contented sleep, ready for his debut at Trystate Elementary the following day. Meanwhile, just a few doors down at the home of 6 year old Melissa Chase, the nerves had already set in and she too was concerned about not having made any friends.

"What's got you down, my Little Spark?" her mother, Pepper Chase, asked of her young daughter.

"It's just that tomorrow's the first day of first grade and I haven't made a single friend," Melissa answered as her father, Lieutenant Richard Chase came in.

"Try not to focus on that, Melissa. Just do what you do best. Just be yourself. That's all your mom and I can ask."

"Thanks, dad!" Melissa said, now clad in Hannah Montana-themed pajamas. She was soon tucked in by both of her parents.

"No problem, Melissa. Now get to sleep, young lady! Tomorrow's the big day!" her dad implored, turning out the lights of her room. Though they were just a few doors apart and didn't know each other just yet, Milo and Melissa both thought 'Tomorrow, I'm gonna meet someone special...tomorrow, I'll meet my best friend.'

The next day after breakfast, both Milo and Melissa saw each other at the bus stop and introduced themselves. In that moment, a precocious redhead met a dangerous brunette - blue eyes met brown...and a bus stop sign fell from its post, only to be deflected by an umbrella that came out of Milo's backpack. Melissa initially had reservations about sitting near Milo but soon saw heartbroken he was about not having made a friend. Having felt the same way herself, she quickly made her way to Milo's side, startling him.

"Sorry I startled you, Milo," Melissa apologized. "So, what's in the bag?" she asked. Milo then showed a teddy bear, small jar of vinegar, a wrench, a big piece of oak...but Melissa soon found a grappling hook.

"YOU HAVE A GIANT HOOK? Way to bury the lead!" Melissa marveled. "So what do you use a grappling hook for?" she asked as the bus pulled away, leaving the emergency exit door behind with the hook attached, taking Milo and Melissa with it...and inadvertently starting the rivalry between Milo and Bradley.

"I'm not sure I like this!" Melissa freaked.

"You'll get used to it," Milo reassured his new friend. They rode through anything and everything, including the World's Largest Aquarium...on stilts! They didn't know it, but they ended up being saved by Cavendish and Dakota, who used the Time Deliniation Gear on their Time Vehicle to get them to Trystate Elementary quicker than normal time. As everyone exited the bus, Milo and Melissa stopped short of the door.

"So...Murphy's law - things happen and you just roll with it?" Melissa asked.

"That's pretty much it," Milo answered Melissa.

"Cool. I'm in!"

"You mean it?"

"Yeah. It was scary at first, but you made it look so easy! You're really nice, Milo."

"Does this mean we can be friends?"

"After that adventure...WE'RE GONNA BE BEST FRIENDS!" Melissa exclaimed as she took Milo's hand and they both walked into the school...leaving Bradley in the dust!

That first day was eventful. Everything that could go wrong around Milo and Melissa...did go wrong. Heck, the entire first week was pretty eventful. That Friday, after Melissa told her dad what had happened that week, he told Melissa that he would be cutting Melissa off from Milo. Suddenly, something inside Melissa snapped. She had to tell her dad off...and she had some choice words for him.

"NO, DAD! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND, YOU LYING, CHEATING __________! FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE, I HAVE A FRIEND WHO LIKES ME FOR WHO I AM! MILO'S SO SWEET, HE'S A VERY NICE GUY! WHY CAN'T YOU ACCEPT HIM LIKE MOM DOES, YOU SON OF A __________?" Melissa mouthed off to her dad as she stormed off to her room. "I'll be upstairs in my room...and you CAN'T cut me off from Milo, you ungrateful dirtbag!"

Needless to say, Melissa's rant startled her fireman/paramedic father.

"Pepper, did you know Melissa had such a sharp tongue?"

"No. It was like you even attempting to cut her off from Milo caused her to unleash her anger and frustration out on you."

Richard sighed deeply. "I'm gonna head over to the firehouse. You talk to her."

Pepper nodded as her husband drove off to Danville Fire Co. #1 to try and calm his mind. She walked up to Melissa's room to try and calm down her daughter. "Melissa, I never expected you to mouth off like that to your own dad."

"Well, he caused this. I can't believe that __________ tried to cut me off from Milo! Who does he think he is?"

"Your dad's only trying to look out for you, Melissa," her mom said calmly.

"Then why doesn't he understand that being with Milo, having him as my best friend, makes me happy? Why can't he understand that and look past his family curse?"

"Your dad just seems to look at things in black and white, Melissa. I warned him one of these days it'll get him in trouble. Never thought it'll get him in trouble with you."

Melissa sighed and hugged her mom. "Right now...I just don't want to talk to dad. When he's ready to talk, when he's ready to apologize, I'll listen. But for now, I'm not speaking to him."

"Understandable, my Little Spark. Why don't you come on downstairs and watch 'Boy Meets World' with me?" her mom asked.

"Sure thing, mom!"

Milo and Melissa just became best friends, but Melissa's dad is trying to cut them off from each other! What he didn't account for was Melissa mouthing off at him! Now Melissa and her dad are in the midst of a falling out! Will they be able to make up? FIND OUT NEXT TIME! And remember...


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