(Note: This also begins the Oblivious to Love Arc)

When last we left our young best friends, they had just gotten off of their first week of school, full of adventure and starting what was sure to be a wonderful friendship. However, Lieutenant Chase was trying to get in the way by separating Milo and Melissa. What happens now? ROLL IT!

Lieutenant Chase had just tried to separate the budding friendship between his daughter Melissa and the walking disaster area, Milo Murphy. After watching a marathon of 'Boy Meets World' with her mom, Melissa rushed upstairs to her room, turned on her computer and went right to her Instant Messenger. The first name she saw...was that of her new friend Milo.

Precocious_Ginger: Hey, Milo.

Melissa sat back in her chair as an episode of 'Kim Possible' played. Her computer soon pinged, signaling that Milo had jumped on and answered back to her.

DangerousMilo: What's up, 'Liss?

Melissa smiled as she saw Milo's sweet, smiling face on her computer. She immediately got to typing.

Precocious_Ginger: Just mouthed off at my dad. He was being a total jerk and tried to separate us, so I had to speak out against him. I did utter some...unpleasant words.

DangerousMilo: *GASP!* Melissa! Language!

Precocious_Ginger: Sorry, Milo. I had to do it. You know why?

DangerousMilo: Why, 'Liss?

Precocious_Ginger: Because you're worth it, Milo. You're worth fighting for.

A few doors down, Milo blushed as he read Melissa's reply to him. He may be at that age where he thinks girls are gross, but to him, Melissa is no ordinary girl. To Milo Murphy, Melissa is a special girl - the first person to ever look past his family curse and call him their friend. That to him meant more than anything in the world. He quickly jumped back on and typed his response.

DangerousMilo: Aw! Melissa! Want me to come over?

Precocious_Ginger: Mom says it's okay if you do. Dad's not gonna be back until late tonight.

DangerousMilo: Cool! My backpack's all packed, just told my mom and I'm on my way! Be there in 10!

Sure enough, it was a short 10 minute walk for Milo to get to his best friend's place. Melissa opened the window, giving Milo the signal. He grabbed a ladder out of his backpack and laid it against the window sill before climbing up.

"Hey, Milo," Melissa greeted as Milo climbed through the window, throwing the ladder to the ground. "Where did you get the idea to climb up into the window of your best friend's room?"

Milo giggled. "It was on a show my sister watches - 'Clarissa Explains It All'," the jinx explained.

"Milo, your sister has some weird tastes," Melissa remarked.

"Hey, I gotta live with her. So, whatcha watchin', 'Liss?" Milo asked.

"Oh, I just started watching this show called 'Kim Possible'," the ginger started. "It's about this basic, average teenage girl who tries to balance school, cheerleading and her home life with the life of a kick-butt crime fighter, aided by her best friend Ron Stoppable, the blonde buffoon who provides the comic relief and brings chaos where ever he goes. Joining them is Ron's pet naked mole rat Rufus as well as their tech genius assistant and child prodigy Wade, who provides Kim's gadgets," she explained. "I'm watching from the very first episode."

"AWESOME! Mind if I join in?" Milo asked.

"Climb up on my bed and snuggle up to me, Milo! You're in for quite the ride!" Melissa answered as she took off her hairband. Milo climbed up onto Melissa's bed and snuggled up to her as a particular character on 'Kim Possible' caught his eye.

"Who's that blue guy?"

"That's Dr. Drakken, one of Kim's enemies. Something tells me he has a personal connection to Kim's family, but I'm not sure what that connection may be," she explained as Ron Stoppable lost his pants, causing Milo to laugh.

"Oh my gosh! Ron really needs a belt! I like him already!"

"I absolutely LOVE Kim! I want to be her so badly!"

By the time they got to episode 10, Melissa's mom came in with pizzas for both Milo and Melissa. Of course she closed the window to Melissa's room before taking her leave. Just as the duo finished the first season, Melissa's mom came in again and got the duo prepped for their bath. While in the tub, Milo snuggled up to Melissa, who ended up crying on his shoulder.

"What's wrong, Melissa?" Milo asked his sobbing best friend.

"I don't want us to be separated, Milo! We've had so much fun together this past week...I don't want anyone getting in the way..."

"Me neither, Melissa. Your dad's just being a flat-out jerk," Milo told his ginger best friend.

"What are we gonna do?"

"How about this? Next time we see your dad, we tell him point blank how much fun we have with each other and how we don't want to be separated," Milo proposed.

"And you think that will work?" Melissa asked.

"I know it'll work, Melissa. We can get through this..." he said, hugging his best friend.

"Thanks, Milo," Melissa whispered as Mrs. Chase got them out of the bath. Melissa got into her Hannah Montana pajamas while Milo got into his Star Wars pajamas as they both climbed into Melissa's bed.

"Hey, 'Lissa..."

"Yeah, Milo?"

"Thanks for sticking by me..."

"You and me forever, Milo..." Melissa said to Milo, pulling him close.

"Best friends forever, Melissa..." Milo responded as he turned out the lights and they both fell into a contented sleep, knowing full well what they would encounter the next day - a fight against Mr. Chase to save their budding friendship.

Next time: The battle to save the Milo/Melissa friendship is on! Can Milo and Melissa fight back against Melissa's strict disciplinarian father? FIND OUT NEXT TIME! Remember...


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