The next arc is about to begin as Milo, Melissa and friends head for 4th grade! ROLL IT!

September 6th, 2012 - the Thursday after Labor Day. Today was the start of 4th grade for Milo Murphy and Melissa Chase. This also marked the start of part 4 of their quest to get straight As all throughout their years here at John Trystate Elementary School. If that should happen, Milo, Melissa and their respective parents would be headed to Times Square for New Year's Eve. First thing's first...conquer Ms. Vetere's 4th grade class. Milo had gotten an intelligence briefing on Ms. Vetere from his sister Sara the previous night. She said that Milo and Melissa's new teacher was a young woman, no more than 30. She loves kids and always strives to get the best out of her students. When the duo walked into Ms. Vetere's class, they were greeted by a young, tall brunette with green eyes. This was their teacher - Ms. Colbie Vetere.

"Ah. You must be Milo Murphy!" Ms. Vetere greeted. "I had your sister when I first started teaching here. She was a real sweet girl and one of my best students," she said. "I'll be expecting great things from you and your friend here, Milo!"

As Milo and Melissa took to their seats, Ms. Vetere introduced herself and took attendance.

"So, Milo...what do you think of our new teacher?" Melissa asked.

"I think we're gonna like her, Melissa..." Milo responded. "She had my sister and said that she was one of her best students!"

"You've got a lot to live up to, Milo. But don't be scared...we'll handle this together, you and me!"

Milo smiled as he hugged Melissa. He didn't leave her side the whole day. The entire first day was dedicated to catching up with classmates, getting to know the new teacher and just hanging out. The school assembly movie this year was 'The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie' and if there was one part of the film that was emotional for everyone...the entire school would agree that it would be the part where SpongeBob and Patrick were caught by the Shell City diver cyclops and were nearly turned into trinkets.

"That...that's the end of SpongeBob and Patrick..." Milo said, sobbing and pulling Melissa into his arms. "Come here, Melissa!"

"Milo, don't go off the handle yet..." Melissa snarked.

"She's right, Milo! Look!" Amanda said, turning their attention to the screen. "It's the Tear of the Goofy Goobers!"

"Oh my gosh! That was the most emotional movie scene I've ever witnessed!" Milo called out. "How about you, Melissa?"

"Ditto, Milo! How about you, Amanda?"

"Never seen anything like it, you guys. Plankton's days in charge of Bikini Bottom are numbered!"

And with some help from David Hasselhoff, SpongeBob and Patrick did indeed beat Plankton, saving Bikini Bottom in the process and netting SpongeBob the promotion he so longed for.

"I had no idea that was supposed to be the series finale of SpongeBob! That was amazing, Milo!" Melissa cheered.

"Agreed, Melissa! Best first day of school movie EVER!"

"Well, it WAS supposed to be the end of SpongeBob," Amanda began. "Hillenburg had gotten tired of working on the show amidst declining ratings and decided to leave after the movie, marking it as the intended series finale. But after impressive box office totals for the movie came out, know the rest."

Milo and Melissa flinched at hearing this.

"THAT IS SICK AND WRONG!" Milo freaked out.

"That is just messed up, Amanda!" Melissa added.

"TV networks don't care about anything but money..." Amanda responded, walking off.

"Uh, I'm scared of what 4th grade is really going to be like..."

If you're afraid of a little corporate greed, Milo...just wait until Part 2 of the 4th Grade Arc, which will be the most intense chapter I've ever written...SUPERSTORM! See ya then and remember...


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