Part 3 of the Fourth Grade Arc is here (read this before reading 'Luck Of The Irish')! This time, Milo has a little Christmas Wish...but will it be granted? We're about to find out!

'Twas two weeks before Christmas and all through John Trystate Elementary, everyone was stirring...including Milo and Melissa! It was Friday, December 14th and the dynamic duo were discussing their plans for the upcoming holiday.

"So...any plans for Christmas, Milo?" Melissa asked.

"Just gonna be with the extended family for Christmas Eve," the jinx of John Trystate Elementary said. "I'd love it if you were there too, Melissa."

The next words out of Melissa's mouth would break Milo.

"I'll try to, Milo. But I can't make any promises..." she started. "I'm gonna be in Florida all next week," the ginger told her jinxed friend. "I'm supposed to be back on Christmas Eve, though, so I'll try to make it."

Hearing that his best friend will be out all next week broke Milo's spirit. This was the first time he was going to be without Melissa since they first met.

"I feel like Ron when he went to Camp Wannaweep..."

"I know...the poison ivy, toxic lake, ticks in the cabin, mother stopped accepting Ron's calls..." Melissa ran down.

"You know the worst part about that?" Milo asked.

"What was that, Milo?"

"Worst part about that was that Ron had to spend a whole summer away from Kim," Milo answered. "Now I have to spend a whole week away from you, Melissa."

"Milo, you got it easy. It's only a week, Ron had to survive 3 months without Kim."


"No buts, Milo...I know you,'ll be fine. Just trust me on this, okay?"

Milo was on the floor. The thought of potentially being without his best friend for Christmas left him sobbing. "O-Okay, Melissa..."

That night, Milo was having pizza with his family...

"What's wrong, Milo? You haven't eaten a bite..." his mom observed.

"It's Melissa, mom. She's gonna be away all next week and might possibly be away on Christmas Eve..." Milo told his mom in a forlorn tone. "I miss her already..."

Milo's mom, dad and sister Sara huddled up.

"It's worse than I thought..." Mrs. Murphy said.

"What do we do?" Mr. Murphy asked.

"I don't know..." Sara started. "This goes beyond anything any of us know how to fix..."

"It's as I thought...Milo's starting to fall for for his best friend..." Mr. Muphy said.

"Best thing we can do right now is support Milo. That's all we can do..." Mrs. Murphy assessed before breaking the huddle.

Sara was the first to act. "Milo, I know it's going to be tough without Melissa. I've been through all this before. You may feel like it'll be slow going this upcoming week, but trust me on this one,'ll fly right on by. You'll see Melissa again before you know it..."

Crying, Milo pulled his sister into his arms and hugged her. "Whatever did I do to deserve you as a sister, Sara?"

"Just keep being yourself, Milo..."

That week was a drag for Milo. He tried to stay focused as best he can, but nothing worked - not even Lydia's imitation of Melissa or watching the first 'Home Alone' film in class the day before Christmas Break started.

Sure, Milo and Melissa IM'd each other every night, but it wasn't the same. Finally, Christmas Eve came. The entire extended Murphy family was over for Christmas Eve dinner. As for Milo, he was in his room keeping watch for Melissa.

He had been at this all day, to the point to where Sara would check up on him every half-hour. It was now 5:30 PM and Sara was with her brother again.

"Still no sign of her?"

"No..." Milo said, now on the brink of tears. "Now I'm not sure what happened to her..."

"Maybe her flight got delayed or something..."

"Don't say that! She was supposed to be home tonight! I'm worried, Sara! Melissa was the first one who ever saw past my curse and wanted to be my friend. I don't know what I'd do without her..."

For the first time in her life, Sara was stumped. She now had no idea how to help Milo. He really missed Melissa. Then it hit her - it was Christmas! The perfect time for miracles to happen! A thought - however absurd and Sara-like - came to her.

"Milo, I've got an idea..."

"What is it?"

"I once heard that if you wish upon the first star in a Christmas sky, your wish will become true..."

Milo scoffed. "That sounds absurd."

"Just do it, Milo! You never know what could happen!"

"If you say so..."

Milo looked into the night sky, snow falling steadily as the first star appeared. He then uttered the words...

"I wish Melissa were home...I miss her so much..."

Milo suddenly felt a hand on his shoulders. Yes, it was his sister's. She was soon joined by their parents, grandparents, Cousin Nate and the rest of the extended Murphy family.

"What are you guys doing here?" Milo asked.

"Your dad told us what's been going on with you this past week, Milo," Aunt Laura said.

"So we figured you could use family support..." Cousin Nate added.

"We've all been through what you're going through, Milo. But let's not forget Murphy's golden rule..." Uncle Joey stated.

"When life gets you down, get right back up!" his parents finished.

The entirety of the Murphy family huddled around Milo, all awaiting Melissa's arrival. No sooner than Milo's family offered their support, guess who showed up?

"MELISSA!" Milo called out. "My Christmas wish came true!"

"There goes my brother..."

Milo was quickly out of the house, where he ran right straight into Melissa. "I missed you so much, Melissa!"

"I missed you too, Milo!" Melissa said, hugging Milo. "Sorry I was late, my flight got delayed over an hour. But as soon as my parents and I got home, I raced on over here!"

Milo smiled, never leaving Melissa's embrace. "I'm so glad you're back, Melissa..."

"Me too, Milo...Christmas just isn't the same without you."

After dinner, Milo and Melissa headed back outside as snow continued to fall.

"You know, sister told me something absurd..."


"She told me that if you wish upon the first star in a Christmas sky, your wish will come true..."

"Yeah, that definitely sounds like Sara alright. Did you listen to her?"

Milo nodded. "I did...and somehow it worked."

"Did you get what you wished for?"

"I did. Now my to have more memories with you, Melissa..."

As the Christmas Eve sky over Danville lit up, there was but one thing left to say...

"Merry Christmas, Milo..."

"And a Merry Christmas to you, Melissa..."

The duo held each other as an all-too-perfect song from the 'Home Alone' series played:

Candles in the window,

Shadows painting the ceiling,

Gazing at the fire glow,

Feeling that gingerbread feeling.

Precious moments,

Special people,

Happy faces,

I can see...

Somewhere in my memory,

Christmas joys all around me,

Living in my memory,

All of the music,

All of the magic,

All of the family home here with me...

And that does it for Christmas of the 4th Grade Arc! I'll be pushing 'Green Flag' - the Daytona 500-based story of the arc to the 5th Grade Arc and skipping right ahead to St. Patrick's Day. Will Milo have The Luck of the Irish? Find out next time and remember...


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