Okay, I know I should've done this first...but what do I know. The ending of 'Sphere and Loathing' shocked and dismayed me, so I had to get some of my Milolissa stories out there.'s Michael, I recently graduated from Fairliegh Dickinson University with a degree in Communication Studies and my ultimate goal is to work for either ESPN or NBC Sports. I'm a major Dwampyverse fan, but the first cartoon pairing I ever shipped (before I knew what shipping was) was Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable on 'Kim Possible'.

My main pairings from Phineas and Ferb are Phinbella, Ferbnessa and Canderemy. When it comes to MML...I'm a Milolissa guy through and through!

I'm currently working on a story called 'How I Met Your Mother', in which Milo and Melissa tell their kids the story of how they met. I've taken a cue from MMLWG's AU and split 'How I Met Your Mother' into multiple story arcs. Here's what they are so far:

First Week Arc:

1. When Milo Met Melissa
2. Milo Comforts Melissa
3. A Father's Change of Heart

Oblivious To Love Arc (So Far):

1. Milo Comforts Melissa
2. A Father's Change of Heart
3. Holiday Fun
4. Happy New Year
5. Snow Day
6. Be Mine
7. Conquering First Grade
8. Summer of Adventures
9. Summer's Here

Challenge Arc (So Far):

1. Happy New Year
2. Conquering First Grade
3. Second Grade Starts
4. Summer's Here

Second Grade Arc:

1. Second Grade Starts
2.Lost In New York
3. The Milo Who Stole Christmas
4. A Murphy New Year
5. Bake Sale Shenanigans
6. Spring Fever
7. Summer's Here

And you can read that story here (though I may put it up on my blog fairly soon):


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