I just can't keep these in my head anymore! Here's the first set of Melissa headcanons!

1. Full name - Melissa Sabrina Chase

2. She and Milo first discovered 'Kim Possible' at age 6. She wanted to go as Kim for Halloween that year with Milo as Ron, but their parents nixed that idea - so they went as Drakken and Shego

3. She is a huge Taylor Swift fan - reason being is that Milo got her Taylor's 'Fearless' album for her 7th birthday.

4. She loves the Harry Potter books!

5. Pokemon? Yeah...she's into that, too. Even plays Pokemon GO! She's on Team Instinct, by the way.

6. She got into journalism from watching Peter Jennings on 'ABC World News Tonight' when she was just 2 years old.

7. She harbors a secret crush on Milo, but is too scared to admit it for fear of wrecking her friendship with him

8. There was one teacher she hated - Ms. Dontrelle in the 3rd grade.

9. She hates her because she got a bad grade on a report she had to give for that class. It was the only non-A grade she ever got.

10. She's also big into NASCAR. As a little girl, she was a big Kurt Busch fan, but after he flipped people off at Miami in 2011, she changed loyalties to Dale Earnhardt Jr. and upon Jr.'s retirement, she moved on to his successor - Alex Bowman.


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