Chapter 4 is here! This time, we got Cavendish and Dakota offering some assistance in Milo's internal struggle! ROLL IT!

Milo had just gotten a text from Melissa telling him to meet her at Googolplex Mall. Milo couldn't have been happier to get that text, thinking that this would finally be when he'd tell Melissa how he truly felt about her. However...a Time Limo zoomed in at the worst possible moment.

"HEY! Watch where you're going! You almost ran me over!" Milo called out.

Out of the Time Limo came Milo's time-traveling friends: Balthazar Cavendish and Vinnie Dakota.

"Oh hello, Murphy!" Cavendish greeted.

"What goes on, Milo?" Dakota added.

"I was just on my way to the Googolplex Mall when you guys zoomed in," Milo told the duo. "Just got a text from Melissa telling me to meet her there."

'It's finally happening...' the time-traveling duo thought.

"You guys...did you catch what Melissa did after we saved Octalia from the Sphere of Calamity?" Milo asked Cavendish and Dakota.

"We did, Milo," Cavendish confirmed.

"Melissa planted one on you...big time," Dakota said, looking back at Milo as the jinx returned to questioning himself. "What's wrong, Milo? Still shocked that Melissa did that?"

"I am. I'm still not completely sure if I like her THAT way. Add to it...I'm crushing on Amanda, or at least...I think I am."

Cavendish took a deep breath before getting down to Milo's eye level.

"Look, Murphy. Throughout our travels through time, Dakota and I have seen this situation play out many times. Guys like you have used someone else to cover up their true feelings for their real love interest. So perhaps you may be using your crush on Amanda as a cover to hide your true feelings for Melissa," Cavendish explained.

"You really think I've just been using Amanda as a cover story to hide my feelings for Melissa?" Milo asked.

"It's possible, Milo," Dakota told the cursed teen.

'Man...what's Amanda gonna think when she finds out about this? I don't think she'll ever forgive me...there's no fury much like a woman scorned, is there?' Milo asked himself through a long train of thought.

"I've really got much to think about, don't I?"

"Afraid so, Murphy..." Cavendish told Milo.

"Thanks, you guys. I still have one more person I gotta see..." Milo said, heading off to Googolplex Mall. 'And that someone is the magenta queen herself...Amanda. I hope she's not too furious with me when she finds out that she was a cover to hide my true feelings for Melissa...'

Next chapter - Amanda makes her appearance! See ya then and remember...IT'S MILO'S WORLD AND WE'RE ALL LIVING IN IT!

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