Well, here's part 2 of my Milolissa headcanons! Trust me, I've got a lot of 'em!

Who messes with the other's stuff?

Both of 'em. Once, Milo put on Melissa's makeup and tried to replicate Star's 'Stuck In A Fish' gambit when Melissa was having a down day. While it had disasterous results, Melissa did feel much better afterwards.

Who buys candles for dinners even if there's no special occasion?

Melissa does. If Milo does it...have Chief Chase on standby.

Who surprised who first and with what?

This goes back to before Milo and Melissa started dating. For Melissa's 7th birthday, Milo got Melissa a surprise birthday gift, which turned out to be Taylor Swift's 'Fearless' album. Melissa's been a Swiftie ever since.

Have they ever done any Halloween costume pairs?

Every year since the first grade!

Age 6: Drakken and Shego

Age 7: Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus

Age 8: Cory and Topanga ('Boy Meets World')

Age 9: Arnold and Helga ('Hey Arnold!')

Age 10: Yugi Moto and Joey Wheeler

Age 11: Richard Castle and Kate Beckett ('Castle')

Age 12: Kurt and Kyle Busch (That was Melissa's idea)

Age 13: Ash and Pikachu

Age 14: Buzz Lightyear and Woody

Age 15 (this is when she and Zack split): Drake Parker and Josh Nichols ('Drake and Josh')

This year, they're going as Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable.

Any sports rivalries?

They're divided...or used to be divided...when it comes to Major League Baseball - Milo is a huge New York Yankees fan and Melissa, having been born in the Philadelphia area, supports the Philadelphia Phillies. But that changed when Melissa took a foul ball to the face (no teeth were knocked out, though) at a Phillies game when she was 10 and the fans there nearly trampled her to get the ball. Milo wrestled the ball out of their hands and gave it to Melissa. Since then, Melissa renounced all ties to Philadelphia area teams and has since switched her loyalties across the country, now supporting the LA Dodgers.

Who kissed who first?

It was a mistletoe kiss when they were both 6 years old - Melissa kissed Milo first. To paraphrase took Milo '10 stinkin' years' to kiss her back!

Who made the first move? was Melissa with the mistletoe kiss all those years ago.

Whose baby pictures got shown to the other first?

Milo's baby pics got shown to Melissa first. DOGGONE IT, BRIGITTE MURPHY!

What's their relationship like?

Having known each other since they were kids, Milo and Melissa are the kind of couple that can play off each other without any issues. They know what the other is thinking and can sense when the other is in trouble. Plus, since they've known each other so awkward moments!

Who's guilty of being the 'Instagram Boyfriend/Girlfriend'?

BOTH. OF. THEM! Melissa loves doing the 'sunset heart hands' and her 'Outfit of the Day', Milo's the one who takes 'couples' selfies' and Instagram Live streams what events he and Melissa are at that long as his family curse doesn't wreck things.

I've still got some more to come, so watch out!

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