Next up for Milo and Melissa on their Pokemon GO journey - a trip through Downtown Danville! ROLL IT!

July 7th, 2016 - Pokemon GO had only been out for a day, but already, Milo and Melissa's YouTube channel had gone viral. Their first ever video had gotten 52,000 likes within the first 24 hours. They had gotten 3,000 subscribers within the first 24 hours of their first video's release as well!

"Melissa, I think this is the start of something big for us..." Milo remarked.

"Big? Try MAJOR!" Melissa retorted. "This Pokemon GO is gonna be the next big thing! We just happened upon it at the best possible time - right when it got released!"

Milo gave a nod as he and Melissa headed out on their bikes. "So what's the plan for today?"

"Well, I checked on some of those Pokemon GO map simulators, looks like Downtown Danville is pretty lit. I'm also thinking that we can do a full week from Midtown Manhattan and Central Park, those places are pretty lit..."

"1 - Never say 'lit' again. Street talk is not your thing. 2 - Downtown Danville sounds like a plan for today, Melissa! And 3 - We can hit up Midtown Manhattan starting on Monday. I've already got an idea for this weekend. We got the transporter phones that Phineas and Ferb made, right?"


"I was thinking we hit up Santa Monica this weekend."

Melissa smiled "Great idea, Milo! Santa Monica sounds like an awesome place for Pokemon GO!"

"Let's go, Melissa!"

The duo parked their bikes by the Googolplex Mall and turned on their phones.

"We record...NOW!" Melissa cued as she and Milo turned on their screen recorders.

"What is up? Team Milolissa back at ya! I'm the king of chaos, Milo..."

"...and I'm the Ginger Snap - Melissa! We are in Downtown Danville and just look at this map!" Melissa called out as she and Milo looked at their Pokemon GO maps. There were PokeStops and Pokemon Gyms as far as the eye could see.

"This is just flat-out amazing! Beautiful map!" Milo marveled. "Melissa and I were checking the comments and we saw that we gotta go to Midtown Manhattan, right around Times Square; saw that we gotta go to Central Park - those two places appear to have a lot going on. We'll be getting to those next week. We also saw that we gotta hit up Santa Monica..."

"...and that will go down this weekend. And there is our first spawn of the day! It's a little puppy! A little Growlithe!"

Melissa happened upon a 596 CP Growlithe. Milo's Growlithe came in at a 570 CP.

"1, 2, 3..."

Milo and Melissa flicked up on their phones, throwing their PokeBalls...

"BOOM!" Melissa exclaimed. "We got Growlithe!"

"Last video we were Level 5, now we're Level 8. How'd that happen, you may be asking..." Milo started. "Good question! It happened in a night time session at Danville Park, there was this area around the park where there were 4 or 5 PokeStops within a 3 meter radius of each other, Pokemon were spawning like crazy..."

"...we were throwing down the Lucky Eggs, throwing out the Incenses, everyone was throwing out the Lure Modules, it was crazy! Milo got his Beedrill, he got Butterfree too, as did I. We both got to Raticate, have our Paras close to evolving, we got our Weepinbell and we're close to Pidgeot. Got just a few more Pidgey to catch before that happens."

"We also have some strong Eevee, too! Melissa's going for the Flareon and I'm going to be Vape-cheesing! Melissa named her 426 CP Eevee 'Pyro' and I named my 440 CP Eevee 'Rainer'. There's this little Easter egg in the game where you can manipulate your Eevee to evolve into the Eevolution that you want - it's Pyro for Flareon, Rainer for Vaporeon and Sparky for Jolteon. Only works once each, though."

Their screens then said 'Oh?' with a picture of an egg on it.

"Oh boy! Our eggs are going off!" Melissa called out. "But I think these are 2 kilometer eggs. Hard to get hype for 2 kilometer eggs."

"It is, Melissa. First one...Aw, my's a Weedle! Hate these things!"

They then got 6 Pidgeys in a row!

"Really? 6 Pidgeys in a row?" Melissa questioned. "If you're gonna say 'Oh?', you better be ready to bring the fire and not hit us with the Pidgey cheese!"

Next 2 eggs...back to back Zubat!

"Zubat cheese now...just fantastic." Milo remarked. "This is what happens when you have nothing but 2 kilometer eggs," he added as he and Melissa exchanged all the Pokemon that came from those 2 kilometer eggs. The eggs they got from the PokeStops were much better - 5 and 10 kilometer eggs.

"At least we're level 9 now. At least we leveled up, so that's good..." Melissa said as the duo found their first Krabby. Milo happened upon a 560 CP Krabby, Melissa's Krabby was at 599 CP. It took a Razz Berry and a PokeBall, but they got their Krabby.

After a day through Downtown Danville and some time hanging out at Googolplex Mall, the duo signed off.

"Guys, this weekend, we'll be in Santa Monica! Stay tuned for that! Remember, YOU GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL!" Melissa said, signing off the video and turning off the duo's screen recorders.

The video went into edit that night and was posted soon after. By the time the duo would head to Santa Monica...they would be recognized by everyone there.

Pokemon GO Glossary:

CP - Combat Power: How strong a Pokemon is.

Razz Berry: A berry that makes a Pokemon easier to catch.

PokeStop: A landmark on the map where one can restock their items

You heard it! Next chapter will send Milo and Melissa to SANTA MONICA! See ya then and remember...IT'S MILO'S WORLD AND WE'RE ALL LIVING IN IT!

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