Welcome to my latest story! This time, Milo and Melissa are gonna be playing...POKEMON GO! This'll be done like the Let's Play videos by a YouTuber I like to watch - Trainer Tips. HERE WE GO!

It's the middle of summer - July 6, 2016. 14 year old Milo Murphy and Melissa Chase are just hanging out, holding each other close, when Milo's phone buzzed.

"It's here..." Milo said in a hushed tone.

"Pokemon GO is live, Milo?" Melissa asked, squealing.

"It's finally here!" Milo celebrated.

"Well, we just gotta download it!"

"And we will!" Milo responded as he and Melissa took out their phones. "In 3, 2, 1...NOW!"

And just like that, the new Pokemon GO game was on their phones. "You know, we should make videos about our Pokemon GO adventures," Melissa suggested.

"What should we call our new channel?" Milo asked.

Melissa thought of it for a while, then came up with the perfect name - 'Team Milolissa'. And with that, the adventure was about to begin.

"Where to, Milo?" Melissa asked.

"How about Jefferson G. County Field?" Milo suggested.

Melissa smiled, taking Milo's hand as they walked to Jefferson G. County Field. Much to their surprise, all of their friends were there - Lydia, Bradley, Joni, Mort, Chad, Amanda...EVEN ZACK!

"Et Tu, Underwood?" Melissa questioned.

Zack knew he was busted. He turned to face his 2 new friends. "Okay, you caught me. I've been ensnared by Pokemon GO!" the former boy band front man called out. "So what's this I'm hearing about you two starting a YouTube channel chronicling your Pokemon GO adventures?"

"Mine and Melissa's idea," Milo confirmed. "As a matter of fact...we were just about to start recording! You got everything set up, Melissa?"

"Everything is all set up! Okay, Milo! We're recording in 3, 2, 1!" Melissa called out as she started the recording.

"What's up, everyone? It's Milo..."

"...and Melissa! We are Team Milolissa and today, it's the moment we've been waiting for - POKEMON GO HAS BEEN RELEASED IN THE US!"

"So why don't we get things started, Melissa?"

"I couldn't agree more, Milo!"

Milo and Melissa started their new Pokemon GO apps and chose their Pokemon GO names - Milo went with MurphDogg and Melissa chose LissaLove. With that, the adventure truly began.

"So...there is a bit of an Easter egg here," Milo pointed out. "You can start your journey just like Ash did, with Pikachu as your starter. All you gotta do is walk away from Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander 3 times, kinda like what Melissa and I are doing."

"Do that and Pikachu will appear..."

Sure enough, after 3 cycles of walking away from the main 3 starters, Pikachu did appear!

"GAME ON!" Milo and Melissa said in unison. It was only a 20 CP Pikachu, but they both caught it.

"Let us show you how this works..." Milo began as a Pidgey spawned on his screen. "I tap a Pokemon on my screen, this Pidgey for instance, then I touch and hold this PokeBall. I wait for the circle to get to where I want to be, then I swipe up on my screen...SWEET! A GREAT THROW! There we go! Got a Pidgey! 126 on the CP! That's how you get a Pokemon in Pokemon GO!" the jinx explained.

Milo and Melissa caught everything - a few Rattata (Milo's strongest was a 328 CP, Melissa had a 350), some Pidgey (Milo's strongest was a 310, Melissa's strongest hit 300 on the nose), some Caterpie (Milo's strongest was 228 CP, Melissa had a 210) and even some Dratini (Milo happened upon a 550 CP Dratini, while Melissa hit a 532 CP Dratini). But the rarest spawn for both was a Hitmonchan at 790 CP for Milo and 838 CP for Melissa. Milo and Melissa evolved their strongest Rattata into Raticate, their strongest Pidgey into Pidgeotto and their strongest Caterpie into Metapod. They are currently building towards the Weedle, Paras, Bellsprout, Magikarp (which takes 400 candies to evolve) and Geodude lines.

The duo had gone from Level 1 to Level 5 in a single day and were both on Team Instinct.

"That, friends, is Day 1 of POKEMON GO!" Melissa said as the day drew to a close.

"Stay tuned tomorrow for Day 2 of what's sure to be a grand adventure!" Milo added as the duo closed out their video. They would edit their recording and post it to YouTube that night, not knowing that they would hit upon something big.

Let the adventure begin! Milo, Melissa, Zack and all their friends have now started playing Pokemon GO! What new adventures will Milo and Melissa go on and what new Pokemon will they find? Find out...AS THE JOURNEY CONTINUES!

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