Here was the one that started it all, written back when the show first began 3 years ago. The situation was based off the CBS Emmy Award-winning reality series 'The Amazing Race' and the 'Boy Meets World' episode The Happiest Show On Earth.

The day began like any other for Milo Danger Murphy - car crashes, fires, oil spills and concrete drainage pipes out of nowhere and all before school started at 8 AM. As usual, he was with Zack Underwood, one of his best friends. But wait a second...Where's Melissa?

"Hey, Zack. You ever get the feeling something's missing?" Milo asked of his friend.

"Now that you mention it...something is missing from our day," Zack began. "Make that a someone."

"MELISSA!" They said in unison.

That's right! Melissa Chase had gone missing! Question now became...where was she?

"I haven't seen her all week, Zack. I hope she's okay," Milo worried. When he opened his locker, he found a black and yellow envelope with his name on it, but the 'i' in his name was dotted with a tiny heart. Only Melissa would do that. Perhaps Melissa wanted him to find her. Perhaps this is a clue to find her. Milo decided to open the envelope. Inside there was a blue packet marked 'Route Info' with a clue inside. The clue read...

Milo, my cyclone of calamity,

If you're wondering why I've been out this week, it's because I fear for you. What if you find yourself in a situation you can't get yourself out of? That's why I've decided to go to a secret location and I want you to find me. Get to Phoenix, Arizona on the double! Once there, make your way to Camelback Mountain to find your next clue.

"Doesn't this sound eerily familiar to you, Milo?" Zack asked. "Like, oh, I don't know...'The Amazing Race'?"

"Familiar setup or not, Zack, Melissa's in trouble and it's up to us to find her! The journey begins after school."


As soon as the final bell rang, Milo and Zack immediately rushed to Milo's house, where he grabbed the starter remote to his dad's 1996 Chevy Camaro and started the car, but not before writing a note to his parents and sister.

The note read:

Dear Mom, Dad and Sara,

If you're reading this, it means Zack and I are on a journey to find my girlfriend Melissa. We don't know when we'll be back but we will return...with Melissa.

Wish me luck, family.

Your loving son and dear brother,


So the journey began. Milo and Zack reached Phoenix and Camelback Mountain just as night fell. This time, Zack read the clue. It was a red folder, signifying a Road Block.

Welcome to Phoenix! Who's ready to scale to new heights?

A Road Block is a task only one person my perform. In this Road Block, one person must use the provided equipment to climb Camelback Mountain. Once that person reaches the top of the mountain, they must climb back down to pick up their next clue.

Milo quickly volunteered to do the Road Block. Despite the bungee cord snapping and the suction cups on his hands losing their grip, Milo made it to the top of their mountain. Then, he took out a skateboard from his backpack and slid down the mountain and picked up the next clue envelope from Zack who just happened to be holding it. The clue was more Route Info.

Congratulations on completing your first task! There's still a few more tasks to go until you find me, though. So drive to Austin, Texas and the Circuit of The Americas as soon as possible!

Milo and Zack started for Texas almost immediately. Meanwhile, back in California...

"This can't be good! MILO!" Sara shouted as she read the letter.

"What is it, Sara?" Her mom asked.

"My brother and his friend are searching for his girlfriend! And they're not coming back until they find her!" Sara explained.

Martin and Bridgette Murphy, Milo and Sara's parents, just smiled when they heard the words 'Milo' and 'girlfriend' together. "I always knew this day would come," Martin said.

"So who is it? Who's Milo's little girlfriend?" Bridgette asked.

"I bet ya it's that Melissa girl," Sara said. "I just think it's so romantic how Milo's goin' through all this trouble to find her!" she gushed.

The next day, Milo and Zack reached the Circuit of the Americas. Their clue was waiting for them at the start/finish line. It was a Route Info clue.

Welcome to the Circuit of the Americas, home of Formula 1's United States Grand Prix! One of you must now climb into an F1 car and complete a lap in less than 1:40. Once completed, make your way to Middleburg, Virginia and the Wellbourne Manor.

Without hesitation, Milo climbed into Sebastien Vettel's race-winning car from last year's United States Grand Prix and proceeded to tear up the track, finishing his lap in no less than 1:32, 8 seconds under the mark Melissa had set, allowing Milo and Zack to proceed. Little did they know...someone was following them, a certain pessimistic genius who wanted Melissa to himself.

"That's it, Milo. Lead me to Melissa. I'll have my girl soon and it'll all be thanks to you!"

The shadowy figure was revealed to be Milo's classmate, Bradley Nicholson. Apparently he took his dad's vintage car and had been following Milo and Zack across the country. The next day, Milo and Zack reached Virginia, where they'd find a yellow clue folder, signifying a Detour task.


A Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. In this Detour, you and Zack must choose between 2 military duties common during the US Civil War. Your choice: HEAT OF THE BATTLE or HEAT OF THE NIGHT.

In HEAT OF THE BATTLE, you and Zack must go into a full-scale Civil War re-enactment and use the provided stretchers to transport 5 wounded soldiers off the battlefield into the surgical tent.

HEAT OF THE NIGHT requires you to roll a barrel of oil to a work station, where you'll have to fill up 20 oil lamps. Once the lamps are filled, you must take them to a table and light all 20 for the quartermaster.

Once you've completed your task, you'll be handed a regimental flag that you must take to a meadow, where you can exchange it for your next clue.

Zack turned to Milo and decided on their task. "We'll do HEAT OF THE BATTLE," they said.

Milo and Zack soon were thrust into a Civil War re-enactment. Whenever a soldier was hit, be it Union or Confederacy, they rushed to that soldier's side, lifted him onto the stretcher and transported them to the surgical tents. They found and transported their compliment of 5 soldiers in no time at all and were then presented with a flag, which they carried down a winding road to a meadow outside the manor. They handed the flag to someone dressed as a Union soldier, who handed Milo and Zack their clue.

Get yourselves to Orlando, Florida at once! Once you arrive, search for me at your final destination - EPCOT CENTER.

"I'm comin', Melissa!" Milo shouted as he and Zack ran off. Little did they know, Bradley was right behind them.

"Perfect...first to Epcot Center gets Melissa," Bradley said to himself as he set out behind Milo and Zack, bound for Disney World and Epcot Center...where they'd all find Melissa Chase.

The very next day - after 6 days, 5 states, 5 cities and over 4,000 miles across the country, Milo, Zack...and Bradley, reached Epcot Center, where Melissa was waiting.

"There she is!" Zack exclaimed.

"MELISSA!" Milo shouted as he, Zack and Bradley.

"Melissa's mine, Milo!" Bradley said, jumping out of his dad's car, that he'd been controlling with his starter remote, initiating a footrace to Melissa.


Milo and Zack got a running start and easily pulled away from Bradley as they reached the centerpiece of Epcot - Spaceship Earth.

When Melissa saw that unmistakable cowlick, she knew it had to be Milo who got to her first. Almost instantly, she ran up to hug the descendant of Murphy's law.

"MILO! I missed you, my cyclone of calamity!"

"I missed you too, Melissa. I wanna understand why you fear for me."

"It's because of what you have to live through. What if something terrible happens to you that you can't figure a way out of? I wouldn't be able to live with myself if anything ever happened to you, Milo! Do you know why?"

"Why's that, Melissa?" Zack interjected.

"Because I love you, Milo Murphy!" She said.


"You heard me, Milo! I LOVE YOU! I'M OVER THE MOON, HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH YOU! I've been in love with you since 4th grade! You and Zack scaled Camelback Mountain, you drove a Formula 1 car, threw yourselves into a Civil War re-enactment! And to see you here at Disney World just puts a smile on my face to know that you weren't gonna give up no matter what!"

Milo just put a finger to Melissa's lips. " talk too much."

Milo and Melissa wrapped each other in a warm embrace and kissed each other passionately as the fountains went off just outside Spaceship Earth. Seeing this scene, Bradley was left to say "CURSE YOU, MILO MURPHY!"

When they all got home that Sunday night, Milo, Zack and Melissa finally made their debut as a couple in front of Milo's parents and sister. Sara ran up and hugged Milo as soon as he got home, soon being joined by Bridgette and Martin Murphy.

"So, where's the GF, Milo?" Milo's dad asked.

"You're lookin' at her!" Melissa said.

"Is it true, Milo? You and Melissa are finally a couple?"

Milo just smiled, pulling Melissa close and stroking her hair.

"Don't just stand there, Milo!" Zack started.

"KISS HER!" Sara added.

Milo and Melissa re-did their Disney World kiss, with Zack saying to the new couple "I better be Milo's best man at his wedding."

Now, Zack...don't go jumping the gun on us! Remember, Milo and Melissa are only 13.

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