Notice: If you're reading this, that means...THE ST. LOUIS BLUES ARE STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS! To celebrate, here's another Milolissa short to commemorate a St. Louis sports achievement 52 years in the making!

We find Milo and Melissa back at Enterprise Center in St. Louis. This time they're joined by their friends Zack and Amanda as they find themselves at a watch party for Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Tonight, it's winner take all. Winner gets the Stanley Cup! Melissa and Amanda were dressed the same way in terms of their makeup - top lip done in blue, bottom done in yellow with blue and yellow eye shadow. However, while Melissa had her Vladimir Tarasenko jersey on, Amanda opted for her blue Jaden Schwartz jersey. Milo had his lucky retro Chris Pronger jersey and as for Zack, he went with his favorite player - Alex Pietrangelo.

"Oh my gosh, you guys!" Zack freaked out. "Can you believe this? My St. Louis Blues are one win away from the Cup!"

"Someone's mega-amped for tonight..." Amanda snarked at the former boy band front man.

"I can't help it, okay? I've been a Blues fan practically since the day I was born! I can't believe this is actually happening!"

"None of us can," Melissa began. "Especially considering their horrible start."

"I'm thinking it was their new victory song that turned things around," Milo remarked.

"Oh, you mean Laura Branigan's 'Gloria'?" Amanda asked. "If you ask me, that should've stayed in the 80s."

"Well, no one asked you, Amanda," Melissa retorted as the quartet took their seats just before the opening face-off.

It took a while before the first goal of the game was scored. It came off a deflection off a shot by Jay Bouwmeester after he took a pass from Alex Pietrangelo. The goal was credited to Ryan O'Reilly, setting a new record for points in the playoffs for the Blues.

"YES! 1-0, BLUES!" Melissa cheered.

"I've got the marker ready, Melissa!" Milo informed his girlfriend. "Zack will get to do the honors tonight."

"Don't jinx it, Milo!" Amanda warned.

3 minutes later, the Blues would tack on another as Alex Pietrangelo took a feed from Jaden Schwartz and fired it right past Bruins keeper Tukka Rask.

"BOOM! PIETRANGELO!" Zack cheered.

"JADEN!" Amanda chimed in.

"2-0, BLUES!" the duo said in unison.

That's where the score would stand after the 1st period. The 2nd period had plenty of chances for both teams, but nothing would come of them.

"I have 'Gloria' ready to play at the final horn!" Milo informed.

"Milo..." Melissa started.

"DON'T JINX IT!" Amanda, Melissa and Zack said in unison.

"Spoilsports..." Milo said under his breath.

Halfway through the 3rd period, Brayden Schenn all but sealed it as he got in between a trio of Bruins and fired it past the keeper!

"3-ZIP! WHAT NOW, BOSTON?!" Melissa taunted as Milo got out the sign and his blue marker.

"Everything's ready. Just need that final horn," Milo told everyone.

"DON'T JINX IT!" his friends warned.

"I'm not THAT big of a jinx, you guys!"

"Uh...the Llama Incident, Milo..." Melissa reminded her boyfriend.

"What's the Llama Incident?" Amanda asked.

Milo, Melissa and Zack smiled and told Amanda all about the Llama Incident.

"Wow...and you and Melissa brought it up that much?" Amanda asked.

"It was legendary," Melissa remarked as the clock reached the 5 minute mark.

"Five minutes left..." Milo calmly remarked. "Whoever's been ahead with five minutes left in regulation in every game of this year's Stanley Cup Finals has won the game."

Upon hearing this, Zack reached for Milo's countdown sign and blue marker, but Milo slapped his hand away.

"Not until the final horn, Zackary."

No sooner than he said that, Zach Sanford made it 4-0 in favor of the Blues!

"You might want to give Zack the board and marker now, Milo," Melissa told Milo.

"Blues are about to win the Stanley Cup!" Amanda added.

"Like I said, girls...NOT. UNTIL. THE FINAL. HORN!"

Melissa flinched. She just did the one thing she swore to never do - peeve off her own boyfriend.

The latest Blues goal forced the Bruins to call for the extra attacker and open up their net with under 4 minutes to go. The shutout was then taken out of the question with 2:10 to play as Matt Grzelyck slapped one past Blues keeper Jordan Binnington to make it 4-1. was too little, too late as the clock ticked down to the final minute.

"ONE MINUTE LEFT IN REGULATION!" The quartet screamed.

"Milo, can I have the sign and marker now?" Zack asked.


"This Blues team was dead last on New Year's Day, caught fire to start 2019 and now are on the brink of the Stanley Cup!" Melissa ran down.

"10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!" The quartet chanted. The final horn sounded.

"PLAY GLORIA! THE ST. LOUIS BLUES ARE STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS!" Zack called out as Milo handed him his countdown sign and marker. Zack crossed out the picture of the Stanley Cup on the sign and flipped it over to the #PlayGloria side while Milo revealed his new sign that read 'New Blue Champions'.

Tears welled up in Zack's eyes as he took in the scene on the Enterprise Center jumbotron - the Conn Smythe Trophy given to Ryan O'Reilly and then...the Stanley Cup being awarded to the St. Louis Blues.

"Zack? You okay, man?" Milo asked.

"16 years...16 year dream come true. I can now say that I lived to see my favorite hockey team win the Stanley Cup!" Zack said to Milo. "I'm better than okay! This is the best 16th birthday present a guy can ask for! Thanks, you guys! Because of you, I got to witness my Blues win the Stanley Cup!"

Milo, Melissa and Amanda hugged Zack; the girls even took pictures of his reaction - Melissa adding the caption 'Who says there's no crying in hockey? Congratulations to the St. Louis Blues on their Stanley Cup championship!'

Amanda's caption read - 'That's our Zack! Enjoy this one, buddy...Congratulations to the St. Louis Blues - Stanley Cup Champions! Keep Calm and #PlayGloria!'

The next day, Milo used his transporter phone to flash back to St. Louis and pick up Blues championship gear for him, Melissa, Zack and Amanda. Little did they know, they were gonna be the talk of the school soon enough.

I simply had to do this after the Blues' Stanley Cup title! Congratulations to the St. Louis Blues on their first Stanley Cup in team history! As Amanda's caption read - Keep Calm and #PlayGloria! As always...


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