This is a subject I've gotten into trouble for in the past and it's high time I cleared everything up (hopefully) about who I ship. Instead of just the Dwampyverse ships, I'm casting my net wider to all shows that I watched as a kid until now. So let's go in order from earliest show to the most recent.

1. Tommy Pickles and Kimi Finster (Rugrats/All Grown Up!) - They basically balance each other out with their sense of adventure and with how they laugh in the face of danger. Plus, looking at it from Chuckie's standpoint - who better to trust with your sister than your own best friend?

2. Arnold Shortman and Helga Pataki (Hey Arnold!) - This was the original Jeremy and Candace...except that Helga was much rougher than Candace will ever be. I also shipped Gerald and Phoebe on 'Hey Arnold!', but that pairing's a bit too obscure for this list.

3. Twister Rodriguez and Reggie Rocket (Rocket Power) - That one moment in 'Channel Surfing' when Reggie saved Twister really did it for me when it came to this pairing. I also shipped Otto and Clio on 'Rocket Power', but they're the same as another couple on this list.

4. Timmy Turner and Trixie Tang (Fairly OddParents) - What can I say? I love a good underdog story. As much as I like Drake Bell, I see the live-action movies as more of their own universe.

5. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable (Kim Possible) - Yeah...I think you saw this coming. Before I even knew what shipping was, this was the pair I wanted to hook up so badly! Ron's weirdness, his laid-back personality, is balanced by Kim's Type A, do-it-all personality. They've been best friends since Pre-K, they take down the worst of the worst...they're next door neighbors, for pete's sake! Schooley and McCorkle revealed that in a season 4 episode! Ron is Kim's destiny, Yori said it herself!

6. Matt and Inez (Cyberchase) - I'm sorry, but I just love how Matt and Inez tease each other! It's so cute! And this is on a PBS cartoon!

7. Danny Fenton and Sam Manson (Danny Phantom) - Basically Kim and Ron but the male has the superpowers and saves the world. Need I mention the 'Not My Girlfriend' moments they had? Those were always funny!

8. Canderemy (Phineas and Ferb) - Candace was as obsessed with Jeremy as Helga was with Arnold, but unlike Helga, Candace matured and as she did, so did her feelings towards Jeremy and that's what makes them perfect. I flipped when they kissed in 'Summer Belongs To You!' Let me just get that one out there.

9. Ferbnessa (Phineas and Ferb) - Vanessa, the snarky goth; Ferb - the quiet Brit. Put them get what I like to call the Magical Mystery Duo! (points if you get the reference)

10. Balinger (Phineas and Ferb) - Smart guy meets smart Fireside Girl with a bit of a mean streak. What else can be said?

11. Coltacy (Phineas and Ferb) - Best friends of the main teen couple...enough said.

12. Phinbella (Phineas and Ferb) - I lost count of how many times I lost my voice over Phineas's obliviousness towards Isabella! I thought they were finally going to hook up in 'Summer Belongs To You!', but no dice there! I flipped when they kissed in 'Across The 2nd Dimension'...but then Carl had to ruin things and that seriously peeved me off! But all was redeemed in 'Act Your Age'!

13. Starco (Star vs. The Forces of Evil) - Basically Kim and Ron...but with magic.

14. Pennashi (Penn Zero: Part Time Hero) - Optimistic Part-Time Hero meets tough as nails Part Time Sidekick. To tell the truth...Sashi still scares me.

15. Milolissa (Milo Murphy's Law) - Levelheaded, ginger action girl + adorkable boy who causes chaos where ever he goes. Hmm....oh yeah! That's Kim and Ron!

16. Sara and Neal (Milo Murphy's Law) - Those two are the next Candace and Jeremy! Enough said.

Only Cartoon Network couple I shipped was Robin and Starfire from Teen Titans '03. Those two are in a league of their own, so out of respect...they're not on this list. Anime couples...they'll have their own list.

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