Next up - Part 5 of the 'Oblivious To Love' arc, Milo and Melissa's first snow day together! ROLL IT!

It was the middle of January 2010 - just past New Year's, but not quite MLK Day...though the exact date can be called into question, but we can say it was a Friday. The previous night, 16 inches of snow blanketed Danville. We see 6 year old Milo Murphy awakening from his sleep to find his 10 year old sister Sara right in front of him, bouncing like a super-ball.

"Milo! Milo!" The blonde called out.

"I'm up, sis! What's up?" Milo asked.

"Guess what? SCHOOL'S CLOSED!"

Milo smiled and rushed downstairs to his parents who gave him the news he just heard from Sara. After a breakfast of cinnamon french toast, bacon, orange juice and milk, Milo ran back upstairs and got dressed in his winter gear, grabbing his sled in the process.

"Going to have some winter fun with Melissa?" Milo's mom asked.

"Yeah, mom! The snow turned Mt. Danville into a giant sledding slope! Melissa and I planned to go down it for our first snow day together. I'll be meeting up with her right there!"

"Have fun with Melissa, Milo!" his dad said as Milo ran off to meet Melissa at the summit of Mt. Danville. By 8 AM (Milo and Melissa get up at 6, by the way), Milo had reached the summit of Mt. Danville, where his best friend Melissa was waiting.

"Hey, 'Liss! Sorry it took a while...getting to the top of this mountain is not easy!"

"No kidding...took me half an hour to get here!" Melissa said to her jinxed friend as she joined Milo on his sled.

"Ready, Melissa!" the jinx confirmed as they pushed themselves down the mountain, the force of gravity taking them down at what seemed like light-speed.

"WAHOO! What a rush, Milo!"

"Was this worth waiting for the snow?" Milo asked.

"So worth it!" Melissa cheered.

"What do you wanna do next?" Milo asked.

Melissa could only smile as Milo put on his backpack and she started sculpting. It took her the better part of an hour and a half, but when she was done, there it was - a snow sculpture of Milo Murphy. On the snow pedestal, there was an inscription reading 'My Chaotic Angel'.

"What do you think, Milo?" Melissa asked.

"Melissa, you've outdone yourself! I love it!" Milo said to Melissa, hugging her. His attention then turned to the snow pedestal where the snow sculpture of himself stood. "'My Chaotic Angel'? Why'd you put that there, Melissa?" he asked.

"What? I never put that there!" Melissa quickly denied, blushing. "You wanna head back to your place, get some hot cocoa?" the ginger asked.

"Sure thing, 'Liss!" Milo affirmed as the duo headed back to Milo's place for some of his mom's hot chocolate...but not before Melissa snuck out to her backyard and carved 'Murph + 'Liss 4-Ever' in a heart in a tree. After some hot chocolate, Milo and Melissa went back out and got embroiled in snowball fights with all their classmates. While they never got hit by a snowball...we really can't say the same about Bradley Nicholson. He appeared to be the target of many of Milo and Melissa's attacks...with a few headed straight for Amanda Lopez and a few that went Lydia Brooks' way.

By 5 that afternoon, it was back to Milo's place for pizza.

"Milo, this was the best snow day EVER!" Melissa said to her friend.

"And we're gonna have many more just like this...count on it!" Milo assured Melissa.

"With you and your Murphy's law...anything's possible!"

That night, just before Milo and Melissa went to bed, Melissa went to Milo's backyard and carved 'MM + MC' in a heart in a tree.

With the greatest snow day of their lives now behind them, Milo now in his Jeff Gordon pajamas and Melissa now in her Kurt Busch pajamas, the duo took to Milo's bed and snuggled up to each other.

"I had fun today, 'Liss..."

"As did I, Milo..."

"Here's to much more adventure..." Milo began.

"And to many more epic snow days to follow," Melissa finished, snuggling up to Milo as Milo's parents turned out the lights. The duo soon fell into a contented sleep, awaiting the long weekend to follow.

Oblivious, are we, Milo Murphy? Just wait until you find out what's next in store for you and Melissa, Milo! Next up in the Oblivious To Love arc - Milo and Melissa's first Valentine's Day together! After that, I'll continue the Challenge arc with their last day of 1st grade! SEE YA THEN! Remember...


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