Let the epic summer of adventures for Milo and Melissa begin! Our two besties are about to embark on a summer filled of amazing experiences that will cross even the US/Canada border! Let's ROLL IT!

The date - June 22nd. School had ended less than a week ago and now the dynamic duo of Milo Murphy and Melissa Chase were in Canada for the Cavendish Beach Music Festival. Reason being...Melissa's favorite singer was going to be there. 3 guesses as to who Melissa's favorite singer is and the first 2 don't count. You guessed's TAYLOR SWIFT! Back story on that one: Milo got Melissa Taylor Swift's 'Fearless' album for her 7th birthday back in March and she ended up getting hooked on T-Swift. She now knows every single song on the 'Fearless' album.

"Oh my gosh, Milo! Can you believe it? We're actually going to see Taylor Swift live!" Melissa gushed, screaming out loud.

"Jeez, Melissa! You almost blew out my ears!" Milo told Melissa. "I get that you're excited, but please...tone it down until she takes the stage, okay?"

"I'm sorry, I can't help it, Milo! I know all the songs on her 'Fearless' album! I'm totally stoked!"

Milo quickly placed a hand on Melissa's shoulder. "You need to calm down, Melissa," he told the ginger.

"Milo, one of these days that phrase - 'You Need To Calm Down'...that's gonna be a Taylor Swift hit song," Melissa deadpanned.

"From your lips, Melissa," Milo responded. "With Murphy's Law in's probably gonna happen."

Come 9 PM, Melissa got all jittery as her new idol took the stage. Melissa even got called up on stage to sing 'You Belong With Me' with Taylor! It ended up being the greatest night of the 7 year old's life, but the summer...was only just getting started as the following Sunday, Milo and Melissa found themselves with their parents in New York for the 4th of July fireworks show along the East River! As the fireworks popped, Milo and Melissa snuggled up to each other...

"Hey, 'Liss..."

"Yeah, Milo?"

"Have I ever told you that you're the coolest girl I know?"

Melissa giggled before responding "I'm the only girl you know, Milo."

Milo smiled as he took off Melissa's hairband, undoing her ponytail. "I like your hair better like this."

"You do, Milo?"

"I do..." he said to Melissa, stroking her hair. "I've heard what your parents have been saying about us."

"About us eventually being a couple?"

" gross!"

"That's what Ron thought when people talked about him and KP that way," Melissa said with a giggle.


Melissa just shook her head and pecked Milo on the cheek, thinking to herself 'Still oblivious, Milo...'

The next week, they were in Anaheim for the 81st Major League Baseball All-Star Game. This actually ended up being Milo and Melissa's first ever MLB game and how did they score tickets to the All-Star Game? Thank Mrs. Chase for winning them in a contest put out by the league!

"We're starting 'em young, Richie..." Mrs. Chase told her husband, using one of her pet names for him.

"Better that than to not have them know of baseball at all, Pep..."

"Besides...look at them!" Milo's dad interjected.

"They're having so much fun together!" added Milo's mom as the game began.

In the bottom of the 6th inning, with the American League leading 1-0, Yankees 3rd baseman Alex Rodriguez launched a ball foul behind home plate...right where Milo and Melissa were sitting! It slammed into Melissa's mouth, knocking out her two front teeth in the process.


"You okay, Melissa?" Milo asked, taking Melissa by her right hand and snuggling up to her, picking up the foul ball in the process and giving it to her.

"A little shaken, but I'll be fine, Milo," the ginger responded as she saw Milo give her the foul ball that hit her. "What's this?"

"It's the foul ball that came our way. It hit you, so it's only right that you should have it."

Melissa smiled. "Aw, Milo! That's so sweet!" she gushed as she hugged her jinxed friend.

"Thanks, Milo!" she said, pecking him on the cheek. Again, Milo did not respond. Once again...Milo - oblivious to love.

The National League All-Star squad scored 3 times in the 7th inning en route to a 3-1 win in the All-Star Game. This summer of adventures is going fabulously for Milo and for the fake teeth Melissa has to wear until the permanent ones come in.

Next came San Diego Comic-Con with Sara! Word to the wise - NEVER CHALLENGE MILO OR MELISSA TO YU-GI-OH! They'll destroy you!

There ended up being a Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament there - Milo brought his trusty Elemental Hero deck, Melissa brought a Yusei Fudo character deck and Sara had her Morphtronic deck. All 3 made Top 8, but Melissa made quick work of Sara, taking her down 2-0. Milo faced Bradley and his Red Dragon Archfiend deck in the quarter-finals...2-0'd him! Next up - Milo had to face Amanda Lopez and her Reactor Deck. It was the Heroes that won the day 2-1. Melissa took on Mort Schaeffer and his Earthbound Immortals next. The result - Melissa won 2-1, setting up a battle between friends: Milo's Elemental Heroes vs. Melissa's Synchro monsters. Not wanting to duel each other, Melissa decided to thank Milo for giving her the foul ball that hit her the previous giving him the tournament championship.


"You don't need to say a thing, Milo. Just consider it extended thanks for giving me that foul ball from last week in Anaheim," Melissa said as she hugged Milo. "By the way...where's your sister?"

"My guess...anywhere there's Doctor Zone gear."

"Oh no...not again!"

"Better go round her up!"

After rounding up Sara, both the Murphys and the Chases headed back for Danville. The epic summer now almost behind Milo and Melissa, the duo can now focus on their next challenge and the next step in the road to Times Square New Year's Eve...2nd grade.

Another part of the Oblivious To Love Arc is in the books!

A little note - Milo had his eyes covered when he was helping Melissa up, so he didn't know that Melissa had her teeth knocked out. All he knows is that she got hit by a foul ball.

Next - the Challenge arc continues as Milo and Melissa enter 2nd grade! See ya then and remember...


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