It's time now to finish up the Second Grade arc as the calendar flips to June and the start of summer! ROLL IT!

The calendar's flipped to Saturday, June 25th, 2011. The previous Friday, school let out for Milo and Melissa as they completed their 2nd grade year at John Trystate Elementary. Once again, they finished with straight As. They're now 40% of the way to completing the challenge set forth by their parents 2 years ago of getting straight As throughout their elementary school years. It was a bright, sunny Saturday and today was Sara's 12th birthday. All of her friends were here, including her crush - Mickey Gordon.

"Looks like most all of Sara's friends are here, Milo..." Melissa remarked.

"Especially that brown-haired, blue-eyed boy she keeps talking about - Mickey Gordon."

"She is so crushing on him!"

"I know, it's gross!"

Milo and Melissa giggled as they both changed into their swimsuits. Milo was now in his solid red swim trunks and Melissa was now in a pink one-piece with a lily in the center (Note: Think Candace's swimsuit from 'De Plane! De Plane!', but smaller).

"Race ya to the pool, Milo!"

"You're on, Melissa!"

The duo ran to the pool, jumping in at the same time. Milo attempted to pull the 'Jaws routine' on Melissa, but to no avail. After what seemed like hours of splashing each other and relaxing in the pool, Milo's dad put out a buffet of barbecue-style food from burgers to ribs, even barbecue chicken.

Milo and Melissa dried off and were the first to hit the food buffet, getting some of everything. They then found a table all to themselves...Melissa's idea, by the way.

"I knew you'd pull this kind of stunt, Melissa!"

"Aw, I just want to be alone with you, Milo!" Melissa responded, giggling.

"Whatever, 'Liss," Milo deadpanned as the duo ate. After the duo stuffed their faces, waiting an hour before they jumped back into the pool, they played in the water until around 7, when Sara's Marvel Avengers-themed ice cream cake came out.

After the song, everyone got a piece of Sara's double-decker cake - the birthday girl making sure Milo and Melissa got some as she unwrapped her presents.

Milo and Melissa snuggled as everyone else left, looking back on the day of fun that they had.

" was amazing..."

"It sure was, Milo."

"And this summer's only getting started."

"If last summer was any indication, I can't wait for this summer of adventures, Milo. I can't wait for our next adventure!"

"Me neither, Melissa..."

And the next adventure you'll see...will be the start of the Third Grade Arc! See ya then and remember...


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