Welcome to Part 4 of the Second Grade Arc! Here, Melissa spends her first New Year's Eve with the Murphy clan! Boy...oh boy...expect some Murphy shenanigans! ROLL IT!

December 31st, 2010 - a Friday. The euphoria of Christmas was still there, but for the most part it had worn off for another year. Tonight, Milo and his family was having Melissa over for a New Year's sleepover! Milo...couldn't be more thrilled. His best friend was coming over for New Year's Eve and who knows? He might end up getting another kiss from her at midnight!

Melissa arrived at 4 PM, just as the crowds were filing in to Times Square. "Hey, 'Liss! What's up?" the jinx greeted.

"Milo!" Melissa chimed, hugging her best friend as she hung up her jacket. "How was your Christmas?"

"Amazing, Melissa! How about you?"

"Cousin Candace pulled her usual shenanigans. I can't believe I'm related to that whacko!"

"At least you don't have a major league fangirl for a sister..." Milo deadpanned as they headed straight for his room. "Up for a Kim Possible marathon until 'New Year's Rockin' Eve' comes on?"

Melissa giggled "You know me all too well, Milo Murphy!"

"Where were we in the series again, 'Liss?"

"I think we were at episode 8 of season 2 - 'The Golden Years'."

"Ah! That's the one with Debbie Reynolds guest-starring as Nana Possible!"

Milo snuggled up to Melissa in his bed as the show started.

"Now we know where Kim got her martial arts skills from..." Melissa deadpanned.

"Who would've ever thought Kim's grandma was a Shaolin Warrior?"

"Not to mention having served in the Navy!"

By 6 PM, Milo and Melissa had reached the first of the Kim Possible movies - 'A Sitch In Time'.

"Milo, something's off with this whole 'Ron moving' sitch..." Melissa assessed.

"I agree, Melissa. Starts with Mrs. Stoppable's boss - Ms. Ogehs," Milo began. "WAIT A SECOND! 'OGEHS'?"

"THAT'S SHEGO!" Milo and Melissa called out.

"Shego's behind it all! She wants to split Kim and Ron up to remove Kim from being a threat to her plans for world domination!" Melissa said to Milo.

"And I bet that Time Monkey statue is a big piece of the plan!" Milo added in.

"Kim's gotta stop Drakken, Monkey Fist and Duff Killagen before they piece together that statue!"

"But how's she gonna pull it off without Ron? Monique was basically useless! Only ones who could prove useful to her are her mom, Nana and her twin brothers!"

"Aw, man...Kim's in trouble! And now you add in the fact that Drakken, Monkey Fist and Killagen are gonna use the Time Monkey to mess with Kim's past!"

"SO NOT GOOD!" Milo and Melissa said in unison as Rufus 3000 appeared on screen.

"Wow...that is one buff naked mole rat..." Melissa said to Milo.

"Ditto," Milo responded. "Villains' first stop - Kim's first day of Pre-K!"

"That was when she met Ron!"

"And even at age 3...bullies were no match for Kim Possible! It was here that a life-long friendship was forged."

"Reminds you a lot of us, don't you think, Milo?" Melissa asked her jinxed friend.

"Totally..." Milo answered, snuggling up to Melissa. "I bet Drakken and his band of idiots are gonna go for Kim's first mission next."

Survey says...Milo's right.

"What was Kim's first mission, anyway?"

"It was something about a billionaire collector of Cuddle-Buddies being trapped in a high-tech laser grid."

When Kim's cheer tryout was shown, Melissa found herself entranced. It was here that Kim Possible became her role model.

"Milo...I think I've found what I want to do when I hit high school."

"What's that, Melissa?"

"I want to be a cheerleader by day, crime-stopper by night...just like Kim Possible."

Milo smiled. "Can I be your Ron?"

"You'll always be my Ron, Milo."

When Kim's first mission came up, Melissa was once again entranced by Kim's moves, but yet couldn't help but sing along to LMNT's 'It's Just You'! Same went for Milo! (Note: Only a small snippet was played in 'A Sitch In Time', this was the snippet that was used.)

It's just you

doing the impossible

It's you, you're practically unstoppable

It's you, totally untoppable

It's you

It's you

It's you


"BOO-YAH, KP!" Milo and Melissa cheered as the Kims of past and present teamed up to take down the Stone Monkey idol...with the help from the Rons of the past and present. However...

"Milo, you called it again! SHEGO HAS THE TIME MONKEY!" Melissa called out.

"Now it's time to take the fight right to her green wickedness..." Milo responded in a serious tone.

"Man, conceited much?" Melissa asked as she looked at the scenery. Everything was centered around Shego, even Club Banana was renamed Club Shego!

"Oh no...SHE DIDN'T!"

She did, Milo...Shego wrecked Bueno Nacho.

"Wait...isn't that the high school those security droids are shipping Kim and Ron off to?"

"Yep. Totally high school. And...brunette hair, teal eyes...BONNIE'S WORKING FOR SHEGO! AND SHE'S GOT KIM AND RON CAPTIVE!"

Not for long!

"NAKED MOLE RATS, ATTACK!" Milo called out as the scene played out in front of his and Melissa's eyes. "Hicka-Bicka-Boo?"

"HOO-SHA!" Melissa responded. "Jeez! The Tweebs are ripped!"

"Fighting an evil dictator will do that to you...and now with Kim on their side, Shego's done for!"

"Let's see...Wade's buffed out, the Tweebs are ripped, Rufus now has an army to command..."

"Time travel - it's a cornucopia of confusing concepts," Milo said, imitating Ron as Team Possible stormed Shego's Citadel of Doom.

Monkey Fist into retreat? CHECK!

Duff Killagen caught in a permanent sand trap? CHECK!

All that's left is to beat Drakken and Shego and destroy the Time Monkey to set history back on track! But even with Monique's newfound combat skills, Kim was no match for the newly buff Drakken. Shego then explained that she made money off the 90s stock market boom, used it to offer Mrs. Stoppable a well-paying job overseas and in effect, split up Team Possible.

"But you made one fatal mistake, Shego..." Melissa began.

"NOBODY. TRASHES. BUENO NACHO!" Milo and Melissa said together as Ron unleashed his anger out on Drakken, throwing him across the room before defeating Shego single-handedly and destroying the Time Monkey.


"But how does Ron still remember Norway?" Milo asked.

"Probably a ripple effect in the space-time continuum, Milo. Ron remembers what happened to him because of Shego's interference, but Kim doesn't."

"Like I said, 'Liss...time travel - it's a cornucopia of confusing concepts."

"I second that, Milo. So...who's performing tonight?"

Milo took out his laptop and looked up the performance schedule for 'New Year's Rockin' Eve 2011'.

"We have Taio Cruz, Kesha, Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block in Times Square. Hollywood has Far East Movement, Natasha Bedingfield, Ne-Yo, Kesha, Willow Smith, Jason Derulo, Train, Mike Posner, La Roux, Jennifer Hudson and Avril Lavigne. I'm betting the Hollywood segments are taped."

"I'm with you on that one because unless Kesha has some kind of superpower, there's no possible way she can be in two places at once."

The pizzas came at 8, just in time for 'Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve' - 2 pepperoni, 2 cheese.

"You know,'re much cuter than Seacrest..." Melissa said, smiling at the jinx.

"Are you flirting with me?"

"Me? Why, whatever gave you that idea?"

Melissa giggled, snuggling up to the jinx as Kesha came to the stage to preform 'We R Who We R' and 'Tick Tock'.

"Aren't these performers cold in New York? I mean, it's 40 degrees out there in Times Square!" Milo remarked.

"Relax, Milo. I'm sure they've prepared for the cold weather."

After Taio Cruz took the stage with his hit song 'Dynamite' and New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys took the stage separately, Milo and Melissa got into their pajamas and watched one more KP episode - 'Blush' - before New Kids and Backstreet Boys combined for one mega-performance.

"Gosh, Melissa...Ron went to such great lengths to save Kim..." Milo said, referring to the Kim Possible episode they watched during the local news break.

"I know, Milo! Wouldn't surprise me much if Kim and Ron hooked up before the end of the series," Melissa remarked, snuggling up to Milo once more as the clock hit 10 minutes to midnight.

"'s to another year together."

"And to many more years - just you and me."

11:59 PM - the ball had begun its descent in Times Square. Milo and Melissa were still snuggled up together, Melissa was ready for her New Year's kiss with Milo - but Milo was unaware of what was about to come to him. When the ball was halfway down the flagpole, Melissa let her hair out of its ponytail and fluffed it, making sure it was perfect for her 'not-boyfriend'.

At the 20 second mark, she finger-walked up Milo's right arm. At 15, she pulled Milo closer to her. At 10, she batted her eyelashes sweetly at her best friend.

"Melissa, what in the world are you doing?" Milo questioned. No answer from Melissa. Nothing was going to stop her from getting her New Year's kiss.

At the 5 second mark, she tilted Milo's head so that it was even with hers. Right on cue, the 2011 sign atop One Times Square lit up on TV. That was Melissa's signal to kiss Milo, her lips crashing into his, just like last year. Also just like last year, Milo didn't resist, kissing Melissa back as this time, his parents snapped the picture and put it into the 'Milolissa Forever' scrapbook.


"Happy New Year, Milo..." Melissa sweetly whispered in Milo's ear, pecking him on the cheek.

"Same to you, Melissa..." Milo responded, pecking her back as his parents thought 'Those two are just so perfect together! A sign of things to come, perhaps?'

Might be, Mr. and Mrs. Murphy...might just be! Next up - we got some BAKE SALE SHENANIGANS! Stay tuned and remember...


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