Time for Murphy's law to cause some bake sale shenanigans in part 5 of the Second Grade Arc! ROLL IT!

Saturday, March 5th, 2011 - the annual John Trystate Elementary School bake sale was to take place that Monday and with that in mind, Melissa's mom - Pepper Chase, and Milo's mom - Brigitte Murphy, have their hands full trying to put out whatever is needed for the day. While the duo is working together in the kitchen of Melissa's house...Milo and Melissa are nowhere to be seen.

So where are Milo and Melissa, you may ask? Not helping their moms, of course! Instead, they're in the living room watching the NASCAR Nationwide Series race from Las Vegas Motor Speedway on ABC.

"Not even 4 laps in and we have a caution!" Milo called out.

"Looks like Josh Wise in the 39 got a little loose off of 4, saved it and just took a ride through the some major hangtime, too!" Melissa said, dissecting the replay.

"He's a talented driver, no doubt. He just needs the right team and the right ride to be successful." Milo began. "You take a look at a guy like Austin Dillon at KHI, Justin Allgaier at Turner Motorsports, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. at Roush, even Brad Keselowski at Penske - they have the sponsors, the backing and the engines to be successful. Wise has the sponsors, but doesn't have the engines or the backing yet. If he can get the other two-thirds of that equation...look out!"

Melissa smiled at Milo's dissection of Josh Wise's situation, then offered up some insight of her own. "I just happened upon clips of this guy driving in the K&N East Series - he's only 15, his name's Chase Elliott, son of former NASCAR champion Bill Elliott. Man, he's amazing! He's a Hendrick development driver and I can tell you this, the time we hit middle school, he will be a champion in one of NASCAR's top touring series!"

"Bold prediction there, Melissa..."

When the race went for its first round of stops around lap 35, Milo and Melissa went into the kitchen to see what their moms were cooking up. Milo's mom was baking up batches of her raspberry swirl brownies while Melissa's mom was making her oatmeal raisin cookies. Of course, they made sure to save some batches for Milo and Melissa! However, the first time (and only time) that our dynamic duo ventured into the kitchen...

...a pair of cookies went astray, knocking over a chair, which opened a cabinet door, which caused an avalanche of cooking materials to fall on Milo and Melissa as the cookies landed right in their mouths.

"Nice goin', Milo..." Melissa deadpanned.

"How was I supposed to know Murphy's law would cause that? It's unpredictable!" Milo responded.

Cleanup would take until the lap 100 mark of the race. By the time the checkered flag flew at lap 200, with Mark Martin coming home first, Milo and Melissa's moms were just about finished. They had been at it all day.

"You think we can get a Kim Possible episode in while our moms finish up?" Milo asked.

"I'm game! How about a return to Camp Wannaweep?"

Milo smiled as he and Melissa walked up to Melissa's room. "Close the curtains and turn out the lights...we are in for a scare-fest!" Milo said as they closed the door to Melissa's room, closed the curtains and turned out the lights.

"Camp Gottagrin? Nope! That's a front for Wannaweep!" Melissa pointed out.

"Has Ron been put on this Earth to suffer?" Milo called out, mimicking Ron's sentiment as Kim found out who her cabin mate was going to be.

"Oh no! Not her!" Melissa freaked.

"BONNIE ROCKWALLER!" the duo said in unison.

"Can't stand that chick for the life of me, Melissa."

"Ditto, Milo! For real, who smuggles tanning lights into a summer camp?"

"Not to mention the fact that she's so annoying with her snoring! Kim's right to get even!"

"Unplugging her alarm clock, using up all the hot water in the shower..." Melissa scoffed. "Please, that's child's play! I can think up way better pranks than that! Also, what up with Ron's cabin mate, Gil? Something's off with him."

"Like maybe he's trying to get his powers back and turn everyone into his mutant minions?" Milo ran down.

"NOT IF RON CAN HELP IT!" Milo and Melissa said together.

And sure enough, Ron mutated into a beaver, taking down Gil/Gill and saving the Middleton cheer squad again! Just in time for pizza, too!

"Right on cue, Milo!" Melissa called out. "I've been waiting to try your mom's raspberry swirl brownies!"

"And I've been waiting for your mom's cookies, Melissa! Race ya downstairs!"

"You're so on!"

Milo and Melissa ran downstairs quicker than the scent of pepperoni could reach their noses. They each grabbed a cheese slice and a pepperoni slice. In addition, Melissa grabbed one of Mrs. Murphy's brownies while Milo grabbed one of Mrs. Chase's cookies.

"I gotta say, Melissa...your mom's cookies rock!"

"Same goes for your mom and her brownies! I just hope there's enough left for us after the bake sale Monday!"

"Oh, there'll be plenty for you kids," Mrs. Murphy reassured the duo.

"We made sure of it!" Mrs. Chase added in as 'NCIS' started up.

Milo snuggled up to Melissa, right arm around her.

"Melissa, I for one can't wait to see what Murphy's law brings us next..."

"Same here, Milo...same here."

Aw! You kids are just so adorable! Spring Fever's about to overtake John Trystate Elementary and you'll see time! Remember...


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