The calendar has flipped to April and Spring Fever is about to take over John Trystate Elementary! How will Milo and Melissa handle things? Let's find out!

The calendar has flipped to April at John Trystate Elementary. April 4th, 2011, to be exact - 2 weeks after the official start of the spring season. This only means one thing...SPRING FEVER! Everyone wants to have class outside, wants to be close to someone they've longed to be closer to...or is cleaning out a winter's worth of clutter. One duo that has not fallen victim to the fever - you guessed it! It's Milo Murphy and Melissa Chase.

"Spring Fever is here once again..." Melissa deadpanned.

"I could tell by how Bradley was chasing after you," Milo responded as Bradley came behind Melissa. Milo's response...A SUCKER PUNCH TO BRADLEY'S FACE!

"I'll never understand how you're so accurate with that!"

"Plenty of practice, Melissa. By the way, Mr. Murawski is having the whole day outside today. You bring your Yu-Gi-Oh! cards?"

"Got my Morphtronic deck right here!" Melissa said, patting her backpack. "You bring yours?"

"Right in my backpack! I also packed a picnic basket just for us, Melissa!"

Melissa blushed and pecked Milo on the cheek. "You rock, Milo!"

"I know, Melissa...let's head out and have the best Spring Fever day ever!"

"Last one to the swing set's a shoobie!" Melissa called out, quoting 'Rocket Power' as she ran off.

"NOT ON MY WATCH, CHASE!" Milo retorted, running after the ginger, both of them hitting the playground and touching the swing set at the same time.

"I got here first, Milo! Looks like you owe me a peck on the cheek!" Melissa goaded, giggling as Milo pecked her on the cheek. Melissa then sat down on one of the swings. Milo got behind and pushed her. With each push, Melissa giggled. "Just like that,'re so sweet!"

"So are you, Melissa!" Milo responded, bringing the swing to a stop. "Hang on. First...let's get this hair band off you," he said, removing Melissa's bright green hair band, letting her hair flow to its natural length and sliding the hair band around his right wrist before starting to push her again. "Now we go again!"

"Aw, Milo!"

"I wanted to see your hair flow in the wind..."

Melissa giggled. "You're such a charmer, Milo!"

Milo blushed as he pushed Melissa on the swing. Was he really charming a girl, his best friend, in the 2nd grade? Milo quickly pushed that thought out of his head. 'No, that's absurd!' he thought. 'Melissa's my best friend! No way she could ever like me like that!'

At 11:30, Milo sat down next to Melissa on the same swing and snuggled up to her.


"Yeah, Milo?"

"This has been the best Spring Fever day ever...and it's only just getting started," the jinx answered as Bradley tried once again to get close to Melissa...only to be met by yet another sucker punch to the face by Milo.

"Let that serve as a lesson - no one better dare get to you, Melissa!"

"Aw! Who's my Red Ranger?"

"I don't know..."

"It's you, Milo!"

The duo giggled as Mr. Murawski called for lunch break. Milo dug into his backpack, took out the picnic basket and set everything up. He laid the red and white checkered blanket down and opened the basket, revealing 4 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches - 2 for him and 2 for Melissa, 2 bottles of raspberry iced tea and plenty of napkins.

"This is amazing, Milo..."

"All for you, Melissa..."

Milo and Melissa snuggled as they ate. After lunch and a solid 3 hours of playing on the playground, the duo grabbed their things and headed for the bus at 3:30, again snuggled up to each other and dreaming of plenty more spring days ahead. Hopefully, they'll have some spring days as a couple someday soon.

Well, you never know what the future holds, now do you? Spring Fever is in the books, now time to flip the calendar to the end of 2nd grade and close out this arc...NEXT TIME! Remember...


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