(Also part 5 of the Challenge Arc)

2nd grade is complete, on to 3rd grade and the next step in Milo and Melissa's challenge as we open up the Third Grade Arc! ROLL IT!

Time stamp: September 6, 2011. Today was the start of another year at John Trystate Elementary School. For 8 year old Melissa Chase and soon to be 8 year old Milo Murphy, today was the first day of 3rd grade. They had Ms. Savage (after Mrs. Jennings went on maternity leave) for their first grade year, then Mr. Murawski for 2nd grade. This year, they'd be with Mr. Mosley. Their new teacher was a tall, relatively buff man, at least 6 feet tall. You could tell that he loved kids because he had pictures of all his past classes on the walls of his classroom.

"Welcome back, everyone! I'm Mr. Mosley and I'm excited to be your teacher and guide through your third grade year!" he introduced. "Let's start by taking attendance, shall we? Lydia Brooks?"


"Melissa Chase?"

"Present and accounted for!"

"Precocious one, too! Joni Daniels?"

"Right here!"

"Amanda Lopez?"


"Bradley Nicholson?"

"Over here!"

"Milo Murphy?"

Upon saying that name, a big 'oh no' expression came across his face.

"Here, Mr. Mosley!"

Mr. Mosley chuckled, looking at Milo. "My dad had your dad, Milo. He was an excitable one...made every day an adventure. Looking at you...I can tell you're gonna be just like your dad - a chip off the old block, if you will."

Milo smiled at hearing his new teacher's praise. He was liking this guy already!

"Milo?" Melissa called to her friend.

"Yeah, Melissa?"

"I think our teacher likes you already!"

"You're telling me! And his dad had my dad as a student!"

Melissa giggled. "I guess the legacy continues..."

After the traditional 'What I Did Over Summer Vacation' exercise and a 'Getting To Know You' exercise, they had the rest of the 3rd grade class for a showing of the 'Toy Story' trilogy right before lunch period! In honor of the first day of school, the lunch menu featured...PEPPERONI PIZZA!

"Man, Melissa! 3rd straight year that they're taking easy on us on the first day of school!" Milo remarked.

"First day of school is always easy, Milo," Melissa retorted.

"It's only going to get tougher from here, you two..." Amanda warned. "I should know. Yes, I may have gotten straight As last year, but I had Mr. Barkley last year and he was tough, especially for a 2nd grade teacher! Luckily, we got a major league teddy bear this year!"

"How would you know, Amanda?" Milo asked.

"My older sister Daniella and my oldest cousin Victoria both had him. I think we'll have it made this year."

"We'll just have to wait and see how this year plays out, Amanda..." Milo remarked.

After lunch, the rest of the day passed by basically harmlessly - especially recess. Kickball was the first recess game played on the year - Milo and Amanda were team captains. It came down to a bases loaded, 2 out situation with Milo at the plate facing down Amanda. The score was tied at 4 - Lydia was at 1st, Mort at 2nd, Chad at 3rd.

The pitch...RIGHT DOWN BROADWAY! Milo unleashed a powerful kick over Amanda's head!

"That one's going back! Way back! THAT BABY'S GONE!" Melissa called out as Chad crossed the plate, Mort and Lydia soon followed. The first to greet Milo was Melissa, who quickly glomped him.

"That was incredible, Milo!"

"Aw, Melissa!" Milo gushed, hugging his ginger best friend.

After what turned out to be a great day for all involved, the final bell of the day rang at 3:30. That was the signal for Milo and Melissa to climb aboard bus #93 for the ride home. Now snuggled up to each other, the duo thought 'Man, 3rd grade is gonna rock!'

How's that to start 3rd grade? Unfortunately, someone's about to have themselves a sick day! Find out who...NEXT TIME! Remember...


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