Written by Jim Bernstein (2)

Storyboarded by Calvin Suggs (2)

Directed by Bob Bowen (6)

When the academic decathlon and the athletic decathlon are mixed together, Milo, Melissa, Zack and their friends need to work together to win. Meanwhile, Martin shows Brigette his old trophy at the school trophy room.

Fun Fact:

This episode begins the running gag that Chad (an acquaintance of Milo, Melissa and Zack) believes that Mr. Drako is a vampire.

Comedic Highlights:

"I used to be a movie marquee, but now I get to give back", Melissa's opening line, "Mind blown, man.", every joke about Mr. Drako being a vampire, Chad running away and avoiding the light, Mr. Drako's entrance, "Hello, children!", "They are pictures of my ex-wife. Stop looking at me, Agnes!", "Then where would I hang my sheets?", the S.S. Indulgence gag, Melissa knowing Lincoln's blood type, "You're the best remaining!" (not a great song, but some great lines), "Eh, it was the 80's", "What do you know? Your guy's a mascot in a suit!" "Our mascot is Murray the Middleman, who buys products from wholesalers and then sells them to retailers at a hefty profit!" "Actually, that sounds kind of impressive.", Melissa's facial expression when she hears that the Athledecamathalon was announced three months ago, "Imagine what you would have been like if you had known about it all this time!", Melissa's epic fail throw, "O negative, James Garfield and William Henry Harrison. Boom!", the ceramic trophy and "They give trophies for anything now a days." gags, "Your haircut?" "Oh, meow! But I'll accept the answer." (best gag in the episode!), Milo's constant observations on the chaos, Milo's monologue (he's had better ones, but I still like it), Mr. Draco's face on the computer screens, "Funny story, for another time.", "Fly, you fools!", "Nooooo... You're okay.", "You're definitly not getting your 5 dollars back!", "Soccer playing robot!", Scott's cameo, "Athledecamathalon playing robot!", and the people knowing James A. Garfield's blood type gags.

Dramatic Highlight:

Milo’s speech is pretty good.

Aesthetic Highlight:

This episode has some nice jokes and a nice teamwork message.

Cavendish and Dakota:



“You’re the Best Remaining”.

“Athledecamathalon”. Both okay songs.

Best Character:

Milo and Mr. Drako. Melissa almost makes it, but she's too cranky in this one for me.

Worst Character:


Worst Moment:



“No, everybody wait. Don’t you see? Before we were playing on an uneven playing field. It was physically even but it was figuratively uneven because the middlemen had time to practice and we didn’t. But now the field is literally uneven which makes it figuratively even for us because I’ve spent my entire life learning to deal with things that are uneven, physically! None of these guys have had to deal with Murphy’s Law. I have! Which means that we have! Are you with me?

This episode is a bit of a hard one to rank. It’s not bad, or meh, but it’s not that good. It’s funny, but there are funnier episodes. Milo's speech is nice, but he has nicer ones. There really should have been more focus on Melissa and Zack’s struggle with areas of intelligence, or at least to show Melissa’s struggle, but it ended up being a bit of a mess, moving from one plot to the next (something that will be discussed in the analysis). Again, not meh, but very weak compared to other episodes. I would recommend this as a sometimes watch.


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