Written by Jim Bernstein (3)

Storyboarded by Edward Rivera (3)

Directed by Robert F. Hughes (9)

Milo helps substitute science teacher Miss Baxter rediscover her love of teaching, while Cavendish and Dakota try to save a pistachio plant and get out of the school building. In the end, a pistachio plant starts growing because of some chemicals, and a “the end?” is seen, foreshadowing our big story arc.

Fun Fact:

This episode confirms who Cavendish and Dakota are: time travellers protecting psitachio plants. Yep.

Comedic Highlights: The marquee, Diogee skating, Zack's drawings (good likeness!), Miss Baxter's opening monologue (and in general. When she's cynical or in utter shock, she's great), Milo's enthusiasm at holding a grenade launcher, the zoetrope gag (never would have seen that coming), Milo's glasses, Cavendish and Dakota first moments, "And that's how a zoetrope works... Apparently.", Cavendish and Dakota totally calling attention to themselves, Milo enthusiastically working, the desk collapsing, Cavendish crawling on the floor, Chad rising up from behind Melissa's desk, Cavendish gets the wrong device (of course!), the entirety of "Substitute Science Teacher in Space" (what else is there to say?), Zack only pointing out Miss Baxter's messed up hair and Melissa's disbelief that that's the thing that jumped out for him, Milo just accepting the situation, "Everyone's looking at me, aren't they?" (Not a big fan of that moment because I don't think that Melissa would not volunteer to help Milo, but I like it cause Zack's voice actor delivers that line superbly, as he usually does, to be honest), "And we have to check out that new mall, apparently" (never change, Dakota), "Give me that!", Zack's protective gear (Normally I wouldn't like it, but it is Milo with dangerous chemicals, and Zack is the careful type. Maybe that's why Melissa doesn't want to volunteer, "Actually, that's two more things, so I guess three more things!", The entire Diamino-hexene, Diamino-hexane joke, "How could you possibly know that?", Zack's panic, all the students panic... Except for Melissa, Milo seeing Cavendish and Dakota in the closet, Milo leaving slowly, "Do you think he noticed us?", Everything with The Sentient Blob, The Sentient Blob throwing Chad, "It's not a friendly blob!", the ponytail gag, "I'm already pretending this didn't happen!", the heavy metal music, the second pony tail gag, The Sentient Blob actually texting in class and Amanda telling on it, Cavendish's body movements and voice when he's explaining the situation to Dakota (isn't it amazing? He's not even saying anything funny, yet he's funny. Those two should be in the comedy duo all of fame or something), Cavendish's surprisingly neutral reaction to The Sentient Blob, Dakota slowly catching on, The Sentient Blob closing the door, The Sentient Blob taking Miss Baxter's sun glasses off, Miss Baxter snapping back the moment she sees The Sentient Blob, Milo's action mode and voice, "Quickly, Dakota! To the courtyard!" (One of my favorite Cavendish lines and MML lines. Ever. I have actually uttered it in real life!), "Get out of here, you beast!", Cavendish stepping on the plant, Milo and Melissa back to back (not funny, but did you think I could resist writing down a Milo and Melissa moment like that? Especially in an episode where they barely interact), "Are you gonna keep talking like that?" "I'm thinking about it.", Milo transitioning back to his lovely voice, the chorus, "Like my dad always says, all's well that ends well with a sentient blob making a teacher remember why she loves teaching!" and "Wow, your dad's sayings are weirdly specific."

Dramatic Highlights:

Though not really dramatic, the song sequence “Substitute Science Teacher In Space” is lovely. I also liked Milo, Melissa and Zack taking the blob down with science. And of course, the cliffhanger! Also, there's a moment where Milo looks sad when he thinks that Miss Baxter's day was ruined. Don't worry, Milo! We're all here for you!

Aesthetic Highlights:

“Substitute Science Teacher In Space” and that final battle.

Cavendish and Dakota:

They try to get out of the school so that they can protect a pistachio plant in the school yard. Cavendish steps on it, but some chemicals spill on the plant after they’re gone which kickstarts the Pistachion story arc.


“Substitute Science Teacher In Space”. Great song.

Best Character:

Milo, Cavendish, Dakota, Sentient Blob. Miss Baxter and Zack are honorable mention.

Worst Character:

N/A. But I think Melissa's a little off.

Worst Moment:



“I managed to teach you the three phases of matter: Solid, Liquid and Gaaaaaaaaas! I taught you something!”

Miss Baxter and Chorus.

This is an episode that's a little hard to review. At first glance, what's not to love? Miss Baxter an interesting character who learns something great, the song is brilliant, the blob battle is excellent and hilarious and Cavendish and Dakota are at their usual quality. And who can forget the cliffhanger! But there are some minor problems: Melissa's a little off, the episode's plot is a tab boring at first, and it takes it a bit to really get going (the jokes get really good by the third act). But in the end, it's clearly a great episode, if a little off from being a clear shout for the top ten. But still, great!

Lawfully Great (11)

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