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One-Shot: A Change Doesn't Hurt

The sweet thirteen-year-old girl was standing right there, staring at the boy who was around the same age as her, requested for a thing that is totally asked for in this kind of romantic day called ‘Valentine’.

She was in her usual outfit during the Valentine: a pink sweater with darker stripes and a long light yellow pleated skirt. The difference was being the magenta jacket which she was wearing during a windy day.

The dark-skinned boy, meanwhile, wore a red shirt like usual days with the exception of sleeves, along with a lighter-colored jeans he was wearing. He still made that pose with his hands: keeping inside his pocket the whole time. You thought in this kind of situation, he would bring out a gift for receiving a deep impression.

At this certain time, she wasn’t sure what to say next. She wasn’t certain if her best friend at that moment would brought out a piece of candy or he was supposed to keep his hands in like that. The pose always grows on her suspiscions whether it’s obvious or not.

But the phrase ‘Be my Valentine’ even surprised her more. She stated she had been his friend for such a long time and saying she’s NOT his Valentine. The poor girl wouldn’t even spit that out in his face but... she tried to stay away a romantic relationship with him.

A force inside urged her to keep it, by keeping stating they’re nice for who they are. But sooner and later, they couldn’t avoid it. It was so obvious at some moments that they’re like a couple, in a boat, hanging an umbrella and singing acapella through bays and rivers.

The teenage boy, with the warmth of one of his hands he has always kept in his pocket, holding one of hers, being ready to make a move which seems so small for lovers who are ready to love each other to death. There were many questions in her mind, and the main question was: “Am I ready to make a move?”

This fortunate girl from an unknown place in the Danville, Lola, received a date from a boy and also two of her best friends. His name is Zane. They had been best friends for such a long time – seven years. For that long! And you thought they would have some romantic moments. Yes. Yes, they had.

Months ago, probably at September, someone in the school was stupid enough to shot a photo of them hugging and almost getting into a kiss in public. Now, she would have questioned how could have they possibly done that in such a place.

She remember being comforted once by her best friend that they shouldn’t have scolded ourselves for it. ‘Scold’, he always had the best choice for weird words.

They had been drained too much energy after two Science periods. During their conversation in recess time, it wasn’t even a conversation. In fact, that girl who took a screenshot and a video (almost forgot that) was smart enough to caption the picture as ‘These two are in Cloud 9!’ Yep, that happened.

That girl is Ivy, who is known as a number two fan (if anyone doesn’t have guts to be number one) of Zane for his taste of fashion since birth, which he once stated things could have been worse if he practiced it every day. Many times she caught up with him about fashion – a topic even Lola couldn’t bear it as Zane’s best friend.

Since that time, she developed a fear of romance. Being scared of public is a small problem. All those flirts, and teasing, and the words being cheesy as hell. “Heck, I think those acts will lead to our friendship some kind of unhealthy eventuality. Zane, I like you for who you are, and what we are showing.” Lola didn’t see their friendship like those romantic charms. If there were one thing she wished to come true, it was Zane would not be one of those boys.

And the girl trusted in depth that he wouldn’t be. Being Zane’s best friend, she has developed too much of a crush to his kind acts. He isn’t the kind of generous guy who talks a lot. “He’s more of a silent and complex guy,” stated Lola, “You have to think what he wants because he won’t open to anybody else. Well, except for me, per se.”

Somehow she could firmly believe Zane wouldn’t be one of those boys at school. That was relief to say at least. And there he came in front of her, asking to be his Valentine. Now that’s unusual.

In this very touchy day, Lola might tell him how she felt of him after all those years. And that part scared her the most.

“Will he ever accept what I’m feeling right now?”

“Will this romance thing change our friendship?”

“What if Zane told me it wasn’t fair to say I couldn’t accept any kind of act that could cause some fortunate eventuality?”

Lola can state as hard as rock: she’s afraid of… romance.

“I know. Sounds crazy!” stated Lola, “But it’s not because I’m afraid I would be abandoned, or afraid of interactions.” While speaking of interactions, they have had way too much of it.

“Heck, I’ve grown up old enough to believe things will bounce back to me whether I want it or not. It is some kind of mysterious force.” The author would explain further if he had good enough admission from various audiences.

“I’m sorry… The reason I’m afraid of it… is because it will break our long lasted friendship,” she sighed before confessing to the readers who are reading her mess, “You see the photos right? And that video Ivy posted on social networks?”

“He was too embarrassed to say anything. I blame Ivy for being his number two fan and not knowing what he (and I) has to face after that act of her. (she said he would be fine when I asked, I was like ‘lol’) It took me a day to convince him back to class. And I felt like a loner you know.”

Lola continued, “Secondly… trust me, you would never want Zane to act like one of those boys in my class when it comes to Valentine. He is way too smart, too kind to do that.”

There was a backstory they would like to tell each other for life. It’s their first meeting at a primary school, a rather simple one.

A six (or seven) year old girl would be totally fine while she was longing for the bus at the bus stop. And a biker appeared out of nowhere, driving his bike towards me right on the sidewalk for who knows. She thinks he was drunk back then.

She didn’t notice that until a boy who was sitting near the bus stop, “I told you I was longing, which means I was standing.” Zane pushed her from behind, made her nearly plant her face on the ground.

The girl couldn’t calm herself and she immidiately yelled to the person who saved her from a crash. After stopping it, she realized it was that boy who saved her.

But what weirder was the crash. Zane was supposed to have a direct hit, but to her prediction, the falling out bus stop post covered him from the crash of that bicycle.

The poor boy who was at the same age as her, couldn’t believe what had just happened. He sat there with a confused look. The way he tilted his head made her laugh and at the same time, feeling regretful.

“I’m sorry for yelling at you just now,” The girl examined him, “Do you hurt anywhere?”

He simply smiled and shook his head, “No… not at all of those odds.”

The reply made her feel from regretful to confused. Who would say such words? But more importantly, he was fine and that was relieved.

Their friendship was lasting longly. And when they grew up, it felt like they were being foreshadowed about their upcoming future. Romance. “How could it even a thing?”

She was seeing Zane was about to be one of those boys. With all the embarrassing things he had been holding, one thing in his head that he would jump out to conclusion about how their relationship would be. That’s what the author assumes.

“Zane…” She whispered his name, deep red blushes appeared in her cheeks, “I… I don’t know how to react.”

They hadn’t moved anywhere from the front and behind of the front door of Sunderguard’s residence. It was quicker when they hang out like kids playing cheese football. That was weirder than Zane’s surprise act.

“Silly Lola…” said Zane, “You think I won’t realize you have been thinking about how romance would ruin our mutual friendship and how I would change when romantic relationship came around?”

Now the girl was a fool. ‘A cute fool’ in front of his best friend. She was hiding her feelings for nothing, “But how do you know-“

“I just want you to know something, Lola,” he said, giving out both of his warm hands to hold both of hers. Holding hands is a way to concentrate to the main conversation.

“What is it, Zane? Are you going to be one of those boys?” Now the girl felt dumb when asking that question in such a warm interaction. She was just riffing.

He didn’t say anything. Instead, he leaned the hands they were holding tightly and pumped to her chest or more precisely, the position of her heart, before he leaned those back to his.

“Our hearts are pumping or we’re just tickling or…” it took her a few minutes to figure it out. Lola remembered doing this with Zane at some point in the past.

“No matter best friends, or lovers…”

Zane filled up the sentence, “…we’ll always remember each other…”

They stated in unison, “from one heart to another, forever!”

The two released each other’s hands and joined in for a hug. It had been a long time since that embarassing moment, but in this kind of day, they could do any kind of love, romantic or platonic. It’s your choice.

“Be my Valentine, Lola!” He requested once again. Much to his plan and her joy, she accepted it.

“Be my Valentine… Zane!”

This hug was pretty romantic. Not like other ones. The day was Valentine. The speech had grown on Lola.

She could get used to this kind of thing after all.

“A small change doesn’t hurt. You should go for him once,” said Madge – another best friend of Lola – in her flashback.


  1. I've never written fanfic here before, so maybe I'd exclusively share you guys this story I've been planning for a week.
  2. LOLA! And of course you know who Zane is and who he is based on. Madge, too. :v
  3. As of right now, I'm doing sort of one-shot series. The main idea is spotlight for underrated characters (one-off, mentioned or minor characters) and to say how much I love this wiki, I will release that series here. Let me know if you support this idea (I may reveal who Madge actually is, Lola's mysterious force, Zane's past, Victor Verliezer dominating the world, who knows what's more)
  4. Finally, let me know what you think of this one-shot. And Happy Valentines!

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