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So with the Crossover episode a.k.a. "The Phineas and Ferb Effect" has officially released in the US, I figure out that I should list out a list of my favoirte characters in the episode, from least favorite to the best.

Some of the roles are pretty epic, and developing a major point to the story, but there are a few (and yes, a few of P&F big characters) that I find a bit disappointing. It's whether because they don't have enough timeslots to shine, or their role is just unimportant or out-of-character.

But anyway, this is just my opinion! Let me know what are your thoughts on this in the comments below. Let's start!

14. Elliot and Amanda

These two are one of the most favorite characters in the show, yet they don't have a big role in this. It's pretty bad, I blame the time slots.

13. Isabella and the Fireside Girls

They're also one of the favorite characters but in a different show. And heck, we even had a poster in Japan with Isabella on it, BUT what? She just has two lines, which are all including her catchphrase?

Joshua Pruett has said something about the cut in the episode, and I think it's for a reason. That's why we don't see Isabella as much in this episode, but... the plot is much more important so...

12. Sara

The reason I put her down is same as above. She only appears to sing Chop Away at my Heart and I doubt she has sung the song there. At least there's a sweet moment where she looks at her Time Ape shirt after being recovered.

11. Martin, Irving and Bradley

To be honest, I did wish for Bradley and Phineas interaction from the beginning. But seeing the plot growing, I don't hope for it anymore. And yes, we don't have that.

They don't have big roles, but what's funny to me is Bradley now having a plant arm, and Irving just... walking away from it. And Bradley interrupts Dakota and Cavendish's chat in the end. I praise the comedy here!

“Wait a minute, why am I still part-planted?”
—Bradley Nicholson

And the scene with Martin is pretty hilarious as well. A small role of him but I'll take what I can get.

10. Candace

I think you can agree with me after watching the crossover - Candace's role is a bit lacking.

I'm not talking about the time when she's introduce in the crossover, or it's rush to see her quickly get in terms with Milo. Those are fine to me. The thing that makes her lacking is her personalities!

Out of character, I'd say. We don't get to see her actual personalities here: the eager of busting. With the progression of repeating her true personalities in episodes of Phineas and Ferb, it's hardly for her to be "glad to see one of her brother's big crazy contraptions." And we know that with Candace's character of being a girl to focus on her goals, she woud hardly feel that.

Overall, I'm not really sastifying with her role in this episode. I wouldn't be surprised if Melissa and Zack's theory was proven to be correct.

9. Perry the Platypus

As a wise inventor would say, "He's a platypus. He doesn't do much."

In this episode, we do see Perry not doing much like he was used to. You can see him having an adventure with Milo and Diogee, that's pretty epic! And Perry plays Go-Fish with Doofenshmirtz, that's simply adorable! But from the second half of the episode, we barely see Perry doing anything. He doesn't appear as much when the time-travel gang stucks on an island. And when Perry and Diogee appear in the end, they meet their owner before disappearing somewhere for the whole ending.

8. Diogee

He does have a major role: adventuring with Milo and Perry at the beginning. Unlike Perry, we see him more in-character. He's a super delightful dog, and we see him very happy to see Doofenshmirtz. (again?) He's also very helpful. He's the one to deliver the clock outside first before Milo grabbing him after a successful mission.

And from here, we may see more of my sastifaction, promise! ;)

7. Buford and Baljeet

At first I didn't think they would have a big role as Isabella and others. But in here, we see them as main characters, and they're revealed from the beginning of the episode.

Baljeet and Buford are apparently fans of Lumberzacks. To me, that makes sense, and a good way to combine these shows together, with Baljeet taking over Zack singing. That's indeed a pretty good combination that I almost forget how to sing the original song.

And of course, their frenemies bond reappear. That's a bonus!

“Here! We offer our nerd in sacrifice!”
Buford and Baljeet

It's interesting that Buford is a hardcore Zalissa shipper! It was never asked for, but I am glad to see ti here because Buford, I'm also... the same!

6. Derek

Of course, this guy has a major part in the story, as a main villain. He has more revelation (for example: the change from producing masks to mulching, and the part I like most is they contain SPECIALLY a scene for Derek wearing a Dr. Zone mask, after stating he has been wearing it for 50 years. A solid writing!) and although we don't see him for the most part, he appears in the end to threaten the gang after all the pieces of defeating him has been found.

Overall, a great villain, and the Pistachions genrally! And the Giant Pistachion as well. I wish he could be alive after all of this.

“Prepare to fall for my M.U.L.C.H. machine, which stands for Machine Used for Literally Converting Humans... To Plants.”

5. Zack and Melissa

Surprisingly, while being two of the three main characters in every episode, we don't see much of them here. But a bonus, what we can see them in this episode is pretty hilarious.

Buford ships them. It's out of nowhere, so their reactions are just like...

“Ew! We?”
“What? No!”
Melissa and Zack

Although they deny it, their interactions say otherwise.

“Hey, somebody recognizes me.”
“Yeah, in plant jail.”
“I'll take what I can get.”
Zack and Melissa

They go for an adventure of finding Candace and Milo. After mistaking Candace as a pistachion, Zack gives her a complain and as a result, she punches his arm. We'll see that much in later episodes of Season 2.

Overall, they don't have much time to appear, but the two still have fun moments, and their roles are pretty sastifying overall.

4. Orton Mahlson

We always see 1965 Orton as a young writer seeking for materials of anything, anywhere. He writes down everything he can think of, and there's a time he doesn't notice the danger and Dakota has to come in to help.

But what makes his role a majority is: the sympathy with Doofenshmirtz. Like the evil scientist, Orton already knows what the future will be covered for him, but he's in the middle of the flow, with no idea how to be that future's self. It's just a lot of pressure, I love that song to death. It's the first time we see Orton sing, and likely be the last.

There's another moment that makes me actually drop my tears, because I have to wonder "How long have I been a fan to the show to enjoy this epicness?" Here it is now.

“Time for danger!”
“Time for action!”
“Time for... Doctor Zone!”
Professor Time, Milo and 1965 Orton

From now on, it's a pretty tough race, but I have finally picked the best of the list.

3. Cavendish and Dakota

Their mission apparently, to save the world, is to find Professor Time to make another time machine for them. At first, they're impressed with his talent of inventing, but later on, they find him to be lack of skill to prevent bad luck. But finally, they're in good term, and there's nothing else to worry about.

While Cavendish is just there with the time travel gang including Professor Time, revealing that he wears Doof's underpants... sorry... Professor Time brand underpants, and it has his picture on it;

“I'm wearing your underpants. What... no! Not your underpants. They're Professor Time brand. They have your picture on them. Do you want to see?”
—Balthazar Cavendish

Dakota's role is more bigger. The Isle of Dakotas story arc comes to a conclusion: Cavendish has figured out Dakota's biggest secret of his life. And without the Dakotas, the war with the Pistachions won't be happening, and the world will be... you know. I should stop foreshadowing.

“You died a couple hundred times, and each time, I changed the time stream to come back and save you, and each time, that's created another Dakota, and since there's... there's only supposed to be one of us in any one timeline, the extras had to go somewhere. So... we found this island.”
—Vinnie Dakota

Overall, their roles like always, get more and more intersting throughout episodes!

2. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

I think we can all agree - Doof being Professor Time is A BIG TWIST! A scientist invents time-travel and gets credited for it? That makes sense or no? Is it destroying P&F's canon? NO! We're NOT going to discuss about that. I'm talking about the role he has given to the episode.

In this show, he's the father of time travel and Doof right now, doesn't know anything about that. He does know how to make a machine to time-travel, but it's lack of moderation. The look of it is pretty childish. Year, month, cupholder? And yet he has room for false beards? That's the Doof we know. He's the main source of comedy in P&F, and now he contributes that to MML. Seeing Doof again is obviously an opportunity!

Like Orton, he's a normal guy who doesn't know how to become his big future's self, and it's just a lot of pressure. Doof sings again, and Dan Povenmire knows how much we love Doof raps, so he gives us one.

His role won't stop here. He's now a housemate and crashing on Milo's couch. We'll see how intersting it is.

1. Phineas, Ferb and Milo

No... I'm not personally loving the kids. It's just a tough room. I don't mean to overpraise the kids for their knowledge.

ANYWAY, their roles in this episode are definitely deserved to be the best in the whole crossover episode.

Milo is a simple kid with Murphy's Law and an endless, realistic optimism. While Phineas and Ferb are neighbour inventors with endless energy. They meet each other, and soon to realize that they're triggering a force that can beat the major threat - Pistachions!

At first, Phineas is struggling on how to work with Murphy's Law ("We have no reference of that) but soon, with the robot Milo they have built, they can push the negative ions in a desired direction. Overall, we still see real Phineas and Ferb from the show with the same name. We can see them interacting with their new friends in a delightful way.

Meanwhile Milo... I don't need to mention anymore. If I have to pick seperately one to one, Milo is the only best in this list. He's still our sunshine boy and a delightful character, and in one aspect, his optimism is greater and more realistic than Phineas and Ferb themselves.

“And remember, we're just from the other side of town, so feel free to crossover anytime.”
“We wll. See you soon!”
Milo and Phineas

And that is my list of favorite characters, from least to most! Agree or disagree? Leave your opinion in the comments below, and hope I'll get into more blog posts like this. In the meantime, see you soon!

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