1. Hey guys! If you're reading these notes, you probably have read all three parts of the unintentional trilogy (I will explain later) and thanks for reading it all. Hope to hear all of your thoughts. Or mostly, you probably just want to hear me talking about my story and stuffs. That's totally fine! It might be confusing by the way.
  2. Phew! Finally I finish the story. It's even longer than I planned it to be. It was planned to be a one-shot with my normal length: 3-4 thousand words. But I thought it wouldn't be grand enough. Since it contains Victor and Clyde, and they will be important to the plot in the future, I wanted to give them a big start in my series.
  3. I can't tell you in details right now, but it takes a lot of writes and rewrites in the 1st and 2nd part to form a big trilogy, including characters from two dimensions. And I have recently finished the end of the 3rd part. And it takes me 2-3 months to finally finish the ending.
  4. So if anyone knows my idea about "Victor Verliezer takes over the world," this is it now. From taking over the world to becoming a ruler in another dimension, taking some twists, eh?
  5. Norman is a one-off character. So far... I haven't planned him to appear in the future but I'd love to. He's such a cutie!
  6. Lola watches "The Smurfs."
  7. The "20 things to do" thing, it is just something Lola likes to do and it isn't that matter.
  8. Man, I love writing Victor. He's such a dork, yet sometimes he's a jerk and I made him a Grumpy in the 7D somewhere... This goes with King Victor too. Unlike normal Victor, he's a total DIFFERENT person. I did regret it because I made him another king Arthur and not king Victor, but with the other dimension remote, anything is possible.
  9. In this story, I try to be as descriptive as possible than my usual writing. It still needs improvements of course. I'm still a normal Vietnamese after all.
  10. Okay, let's talk about Lola and Merola:
    1. With Lola, I write her slightly different to some previous stories. Lola's more of a friendly and carefree teennager. As of right now, I'm writing events happening before "A Change Doesn't Hurt". The first one-shot comes after the final moment in the plot, so we'll see her character development eventually.
    2. Merola is also a pleasure to write. Just like in some king Arthur related stories and movie, I choose Merola, who is Lola's counterpart, to be a princess. "Great power comes with big responsibilities." I want to test her out and see what a princess who learns to be responsible and mature like Lola would be like.
  11. Another matter you may have noticed: will this be important to the plot from the main dimension? I doubt it. I want to make an AU series with two plots running seperately but who knows. With Clyde giving a free remote for Lola to use, two dimension might collide.
    1. So there will be a big addition to my series. Some stories will take place in the main dimension, while there will also be some stories coming from the Royal dimension. It's the first time I run something grand like this.
  12. Lola's counterpart is a daughter of Victor's counterpart? This should be interesting... something you guys should look for.
  13. More teasings for "Math Super-Duper Ultimate Quiz."
  14. Ha! We need more from Zane and Norman's relationship.
  15. Zane really talks much and confesses much for a day.
  16. Perry as a royal secret agent, yeah baby!
  17. Imagine 24K Magic with Victor Verliezer. Man, I'm down for this short songfic.
  18. Vlad and Igor from "The Dog Who Knew Too Much" also appear, but in my original dimension. And being defeated in the old-fashioned way.
  19. More parrallels! What do you think about farmer Milo?
    1. Firstly, Brigette remains as a sweet mother. Martin is the Murphy man. Sara is a fan of the Professor Zone opera. Milo, I love writing him in the main dimension but in royal dimension, I love him even more! He tries to be distant to Merola because they are friends but the gap between their classes aren't small at all. There are so much to be discovered about him
  20. Normal Milo and Amanda refer to "Star vs. the Forces of Evil." And during the fight, the music from River's disc jockey plays.
  21. About Amanda as a wizard: sometimes it's hard to fit all of your favorite characters in a big story event, but it's true that Amanda is an important part of the story. At first, I picked Amanda and made her the best student in all of the kingdom. With that, she's a villager just like Milo and his friends. But that would make Merola so lonely, while a straight-up prince Zane would be no fun at all. So I thought of a twist "What if Amanda were a smart wizard and a friend to Merola." So yeah, farmer Milo and wizard Amanda have been through so much, and they are my most favorite characters to write in "The Biggest Play Yet."
  22. The names... I'm not proud of it but I couldn't think of anything else. "Dwampymoore" is the kingdom, and "Milowee" is a forest. I think I'm gonna need help at this.
  23. Lola's absence during the chase between Lola and Victor, Vlad and Igor, and Perry. If you know TMMLWG'S Character Bracket, you'll see why.
  24. The Knight Squad are my heroes! I give my sincerest thank to Serendpitacely, TMMLWG, Arend, Goldsith, PhinFerbFan5 and WaffleTail. The knights like in folk stories is the ultimate purpose for me to fit all of you guys in, because you have been by my side during the days I have been in the wiki. If you spot any out-of-characterness, please forgive me. XD
  25. One-Armed Willie also has a new version in the other dimension. Yep, that is one true bad guy.
  26. Madge appears as the Lady of the Lake. The main one will appear very soon, and she won't be as nice as her alternated self.
  27. I feel like wizard Amanda shares some personalities from Ai Haibara in Detective Conan: Case Closed. There are hints and ship teasing spreading around.
  28. This story has almost 30.000 words total (not including the end credits part). There are many new characters introduced to the series and I'm proud of this one-shot overall.
  29. Next up for this story arc, we'll have farmer Milo and Merola's origin in full. And also the continuity to the after credits. That's all I can summarize. The rest is for you guys to find out. Thank you for you time and please share your thoughts!

- Tugiacat666

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