Okay so I plan to get "Men Selling Inventions - The Biggest Play Yet!" aired soon in my Spotlight AU. In case you don't know what the AU is about, my profile has pretty much every information about it.

There's one thing about the one-shot that makes me wondering. I planned this story to be longer than expected. From an idea of Victor Verliezer and Clyde Rickenbacker starting to sell inventions to an adventure of Victor and Lola to take part in the biggest play they have ever been. So far it has consisted nearly 15000 words and when I'm done with all of the details in the story, this baby will probably increase to 20000.

My question is: would you guys prefer a two-parter release or do it in one-go?

  • If most of you guys agree me seperating this story into two parts (or three, tell me in the coments!) then I will deliver the part 1 very soon, and the second part will be a week later.
  • If it's the second choice then I'll guess it will be delivered a week later, in full story with about 19 to 20 thousand words.

Yeah, that's how the story goes so bear with me. Share your thoughts below! I'd love to hear them all.


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