Narrator: Our main characters move to the Murphy sector...

Milo: (concenred) Lola! What are you doing here?

Zane: We pay you a visit.

Amanda: What the-?


Lola: He wants to see you guys, in normal English.

Narrator: They are prepared two treats for this day. Cardboard box and caculators...

Milo, Lola, Zane and Amanda: Shhh! No heavy spoilers.

Narrator: Okay then.

Meanwhile, Chelsea - Lola and Zane's adopted mother - has her own business to take care.

Ghost: I was assigned by my boss to prevent you from whatever you’re planning.

Chelsea: (smirked) And how are you gonna do that when you’re a ghost?

Ghost: Actually...

this is a hologram.

Narrator: The next story of the Spotlight AU... "Moving"

Lola: (to Zane) And do you feel something new between us? It will happen, right?

(Coming in Sunday, March 31st!)

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