("What Do It Do?" instrumental by Zanzibar plays)

Narrator: After an adventure of a lifetime...

Lola: What to do, what to do, what to do today? Any idea, pine tree?

(Pine tree seemingly replies to Lola)

Lola: Great! What about you, Zane? Bursting with any plans?

Zane: (shurgs) It occurs to me that this tree has something. Not like the tree back to our old house.

Lola: Ah, I’ll never get tired of you saying that.

Narrator: Let's just sit back...

Victor: And just look at how much money I receive. They have known about me, because of a Murphy boy and a girl of order!

Narrator: ...relax...

Milo: (blushing) You and me… go for a s-swim at my house?

Amanda: (to Milo) Come on! It will be fun. No need to be shy. Just me and you relaxing.

Narrator: ...and enjoy the...

Lola and Zane: ONE!

Narrator: ...launch! (a rocket flies out and breaks the screen)

Bob Block: Something is still missing...

Chelsea: (to a yet mysterious girl) You all are teenagers after all… Help each other, okay?

(cut to the backyard) Kids, I allow you to meet...



Coming in 10th August!

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