Hi guys!

As I promise, before I go on a short hiatus for some important real life stuffs (and that's boring, it may take 2 to 3 weeks... "23 WEEKS?!" 2... to 3 weeks), I'll give you guys a bomb of five upcoming stories, how they will look like and a question - which of these are you excited for?

In case you don't know much about Spotlight AU, check out my profile. It has pretty much information, released stories there.

So without further adieu, let's get started.

7. Men Selling Inventions - The Biggest Play Yet! (Set after "Moving" a few days)

Honestly, this should be the one you are excited for! But that's just me... Anyway, let's see what it has.

Lola and Victor Verliezer get stuck in an alternated dimension and have to tune in for the biggest, most surreal play (a crucial event in another reality) they have ever been to.

The Wiki Squad, get ready!

8. Make Our Dream Reality (After "The Biggest Play Yet!", one day before "Math Super-Duper Ultimate Pop Quiz!")

A new character will make her debut!

Bob Block and The Arcade Guy start their own organization. (SEE HOW THEY'RE IMPORTANT?!)

Lola and Zane plan to launch a home-made rocket to 300 feet in the air with the help of a new friend girl.

Milo and Amanda... relax on the Murphy swimming pool before their showdown starts. (okay...) And Murphy's Law never leaves the two alone.

9. Math Super-Duper Ultimate Pop Quiz! (After "Make Our Dream Reality!", before "Two Science Periods!"

It has been foreshadowed twice and you guys will get to see it. Lola and Zane, Milo and Amanda will compete in a Math competition that doesn't even Math dude. Hilarious stuff to come!

10. ¿Dónde están Zack y Melissa? (Where are Zack and Melissa?) (After "Math Super-Duper Ultimate Pop Quiz!" a day)

Pretty much a filler and it raises a question: where have Zack and Melissa been all the time?! Won't be a long story though but WE HAVE ZACK AND MELISSA JOIN MY UNIVERSE!

11. Two Science Periods!


This is my last story of the bomb.

And the first one has been already excited.

Then how will your emotions be?

When this story comes in our knees (okay, that doesn't make much sense, does it?)

To say this has greatness fulfilled

When it comes out, you will be...

Guess what?



Okay, not that thrilled but Lola and Zane's drama really starts here. It's picture day, Zane is a fashion guy. (Get it? Get it?) He suddenly meets Ivy, a young girl shares his interest. But she then realizes Lola is a more important girl in Zane's life, and Ivy plans a dirty plan to embarass both of them.

Sounds like triangle love but:

  1. Only Ivy feels it that way.
  2. This triangle isn't a big matter to the canon anyway.

So that's about it for the first bomb. You can expect the first one in 24th April (it's the soonest time but who knows when delays come in).

Share your thoughts!

P.S. Oh, and Chap 10 of Hold My Hand will come out soon (if MML on is your thing)

See you guys later in a short time!

- Tugiacat666

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