Milo received a call from Mr. Chase. Maybe the fireman knew something about his daughter whereabouts. It shouldn’t be questioned.

“Hey, Milo? There’s… something I need to inform you,” Mr. Chase stammered.

“Hey, Mr. Chase. May I ask you first… have you seen Melissa anywhere?” Milo asked.

“Seen her? I’ve been taking care of her since yesterday,” the fireman stated. “You must have no idea, but she, Zack and Bradley had a small accident. I just occurred that I need to tell you.”

“What?! An accident?!” Milo screamed.

“You said it was an accident?!” Amanda, Lola and Zane exclaimed after having overheard the discussion.

There was no reason for Milo and his friends to walk and find for Melissa and Zack anymore. He knew where they had been and they were in trouble so undoubtedly he gotta check them out.

It was easier for them to know where they headed. No need for clues on the way, they knew the Danville Hospital was the place. Except for Lola running steadily, everyone seemed to be in a normal hurry. Not crazily hurry though.

Having passed through the doors, they walked up on the stairs where Milo and Lola first met. After the stairs, the exact place where the two met was the hallway on first floor.

“There it is, the room!” Amanda pointed.

Milo quickly slammed the door with one hand and breathed heavily.

Not as he expected, the scene wasn’t something serious.

“Hey, Milo!” Melissa smiled friendly and greeted him from a bed. Milo realized except the fact that Melissa, Zack and even Bradley were in a same room of a hospital, they didn’t get any injuries or something like those.

“What’s happening?” Amanda stammered. She was surprised to see the scene was more peaceful than she had thought.

“According to the fireman’s tone, I thought the situation…” Zane was about to say when Richard interrupted. “It’s not what you think.”

The man grinned, which Zack explained, “He just wants to scare the heck out of ya.”

“Not fun… Not fun at all…” Lola whispered.

Amanda looked disappointedly at him. She then noticed a weird occasion, “Bradley? How did you even get here?”

“Well, how do you want to know by the way?” Bradley sarcastically shot back. “It’s not like we have been stung by bees yesterday.”

“Wait, bees?!” Amanda and Milo exclaimed.

The word recalled them to the close incident happening the day before. While they were relaxing and swimming in Milo’s pool, they got attacked by a swarm of bees from out of nowhere.

With some fortune, they survived without getting out of breath.

They never expected those bees had attacked their friends in that same day.

Milo revealed slowly, “Those bees… attacked me… and Amanda… just yesterday…”

“And they… attacked us… yesterday as well…” Melissa followed. “It started when me and Zack were going to the park to relax.”

9:00 a.m. Sunday

During that time, most of the friends didn’t know Zack and Melissa were also having a plan for a hangout before the competition. They decided to keep it their own secret.

They bought two ice cream cones. Melissa’s flavor was strawberry while Zack held the predictable chocolate cone.

Zack questioned, “Where to go next?”

“I don’t know. Why?” Melissa shurgged. Her happy simple mind couldn’t care more.

“And I thought you had known the place. You told me so,” the boyband stated.

“It’s because I thought you would help me find one,” she said. “But never mind that. I think you’re gonna like this place I suggest. It’s the Aaron Park. Me and Milo have been here many times. We should try it.”

“Okay but is it weird when there are just us?” Zack stammered. “You know, a boy and a girl, travelling around a perfectly normal space after all the hard work we put on that contest.”

“Oh, you don’t like me hanging around, do you?”

“No, nothing like that,” he looked somewhere else, almost like defending himself by his neutral feelings. And he did. “I just thought we could have one more person, you know, to tag along and make it less… awkward.”

“Huh… that does sound a good point.”

Suddenly, she received a text from Bradley. Lydia had been sick since the other day and he had no choice but to help. Lydia was really easy to get along than he thought. Melissa did help him in many parts so he sent her a thank you message, and asked about her whereabouts, what she was doing.

Combining with Zack’s so-called offer.

That gave her an idea.

Not long after the sparkle had begun to flow in her head (taking about almost one thousand and a hundred footsteps from both of Zack and Melissa, three knocks on a door), the trio were joined in front of a place.

“Aaron Park. The slight accidents occur in this place,” Melissa stated.

“What are you even doing, Melissa?” Bradley questioned. One of his hand was holding another from Melissa. He didn’t positively believe what she just did to him.

Pulling him and Zack out for a hangout.

“You’ve been looking after Lydia restlessly, right? I think it’s time for you to have a rest.”

“I see your point,” the glasses guy agreed. “Lydia is kind of annoying. She was telling me about Infinity War or something sick. Sick, literally!”

“Lydia, that’s who,” Zack said. “You should hear her talk more often.”

“It’s not about she talks much,” Bradley hesistated. “I… I- don’t want to talk.”

The boy hugged himself and hided his face away.

Melissa eased him, “Tell. We won’t blame you. It’s… how you feel actually.”

“Yeah, though I believe it can get terrible though.”


“Yes…” Bradley simply replied. He started to confessed, “She’s kind of like Milo ya know. She tells everyone about her life, her daily schedule, her routine, the time she eats breakfast, lunch and dinner… She also tells me about her friends? Friends, what an interesting topic. I can go on with this all day.”

Zack and Melissa looked at him in confusion, as three of them sat down on a bench inside the park.

“That’s how she tells me about it. You’re gonna see it right now, or you have done already, I don’t care,” he continued. “She has friends and Milo also has friends. What about me?...”

“Bradley, don’t blame yourself…” Melissa calmed him.

He could be a jerk sometimes, but all he wants is friends to talk, interesting things to care. Unfortunately, he can’t have those.

“And why can’t I?” he kept on griping. “I’m terrible, Melissa. I’ve insulted Milo countless times. And I’m just gonna be a trouble to you.”

He stood his palms on the knees, eyes were facing the decent blue sky.

“At least it’s calm out here…”

“Bradley, um…” Zack suggested him. “That’s the main reason we bring you all the way out here. To relax you.”

Bradley started to look up and pay attention to them. It was kind of interesting thing to do. And he does need that..

“And Bradley, you maybe not perfect, but you can change!” Melissa cheered. “Make a fake smile, do stuffs, everything you want.”

“Do you know that I can’t buy ice cream anymore?” he said. “I do feel like a jerk, and this is proof. I dropped the cream after I had bought one cone two days ago. I didn’t allow myself to buy another one.”

“Then it settles!” Melissa exclaimed. “Let us give you the best day ever! We promise that you can do anything you want!”

“Anything! Just… don’t kill us…” Zack joked, at which Melissa growled.

“That lightens my mood though,” Bradley teased. “I guess I can just kill you for requesting boring things.”

“How about eating some ice cream?” Melissa suggested.


“Of course, let us spend half of the day to cheer you up!” Zack stated.

(“Let’s Spend Half a Day” by Kate Pierson was played)

“Hmm, not bad,” Bradley judged one cream. “By the way, Lydia kept telling me about Infinity War, while I haven’t watched its prequels.”

“It can get confusing, I agree,” Zack said. “I haven’t watched all the parts too.”

“I haven’t watched Infinity but I know the rest before it,” the girl said. “I can explain… while we’re buying another ice cream.”

“Oh brother…” Bradley rolled his eyes.

Hey (hey!)

I don’t want to sound half-hearted

I think you already know…

(Melissa and Zack were riding a unicycle. And so did Bradley, and the difference was how struggling he was)

I couldn't be there when we started

But that was half a day ago

We could share a half a cheese sandwich

Or take in half a view

“Hey, what about me?” Zack groaned.

Or we can make it halfway through the zoo!

(The song stopped)

“Are you okay?” Melissa looked after Bradley, concerned.

“Nah, it’s fine,” he smiled awkwardly. “Just hit my head on the zoo sign.”

Melissa gasped.

That’s new. Bradley smiled.

It wouldn’t be grand enough to hold a celebration, so she just smiled along and got used to it.

These moments could be the start.

(The song continued)

Oh, baby!

Let's take half the day to be together

Let's make half the day last forever

(Melissa and Zack were holding the discus together because they all knew how Melissa throwing the discuss had been progressing)

(They threw it away, and Bradley caught in passionately with his hands. Needless to say, he at least had fun, if not mostly)

“You were supposed to use your mouth, Bradley,” Melissa teased.

“In your dreams!” Bradley screamed, at which Zack and Melissa chuckled.

Just takes half a day to make our dreams come true, yeah,

(During the water-skiing time, Bradley and Zack were being riden on the water while Melissa was sitting on their shoulders. They hadn’t tried it once in their life, but they all had done their best before they fell on the cold water)

When we spend half a day with you!

With you…!

Yeah you…

With you!!

“This is wonderful…” Bradley said while he, Melissa and Zack were lying on the grass. “The sun, the sky, things I do hate most of the time, are really enlighted me this day.”

“Bradley… says this is a wonderful day. I’m glad,” Zack said.

“Okay, so it’s fine, at least,” the guy protested. “It’s not like I change for good.”

“SILENT!” Melissa exclaimed.

“Melissa, I’m in the middle of-“

“I said silent!” she whispered. Her tone grew more cautious.

She heard something buzzing. The sound was just like in those pocket monster films she saw a long time ago.

When she was six.

But back to the backstory timeline, she knew what was aiming at them.

“Oh no… Run, run, run! Run! RUN!!”

Melissa grabbed both of the boys’ hands as they ran ahead.

Zack and Bradley looked at each other curiously, had no idea what was happening.

“What’s the matter?” Zack asked. “Why are you pulling us?”

“Just watch your back!”

The boys turned their head around and saw some blurry black dots on the sky. It had been weird already, until it was getting clearer and clearer. The black dots then came with a yellow one.

Only one flying thing had those two colors.


(End of backstory)

“We have been stung hardly. It took a day to fully recover to the state right now…” Melissa stated while stretching her hands and feet.

“That explains why you were missing this morning,” Milo said. “Sorry guys, I didn’t know!”

“That’s fine dude. You were focusing on the competition and Amanda, that’s what important.”

“Speaking of it, what were you and Amanda doing yesterday?” Bradley questioned.

Amanda and Milo blushed. They hided their face from one to another, and both stammered.

“Well… it’s a bit awkward but… we had just been attacked by those bees. I’m sure those were the same one attacking you guys…” Milo defended himself and changed the topic.

“You should have just told them,” Amanda elbowed them and whispered.

“I make the decision around here,” Milo whispered back.

“So…” Lola joined the discussion. “Zack and Melissa, you guys missed the competition this year.”

“I know,” Melissa replied. “But it happened, there’s nothing else I can do. It’s a shame though. But I hope Milanda do well.”

“Well, we reached the second place and…” Amanda then took a recap to what Melissa had just said. “Wait, Melissa? You just said ‘Milanda.’?”

“Nooo!” Milo exclaimed and blushed again.

Lola and Zane couldn’t resist laughing.

And so did the people in the room.

The serious tone in this story was completely over.

All of our friends were having fun like they were meant to be.

“Wait! I think I know how to sort this out,” Lola had an idea.

Later that afternoon…

In Chelsea’s house, the living room couldn’t get any more crowded in the great history. Milo and Amanda, Lola and Zane, the two young couples were back as teams, with the join of the missing legend, Melissa and a new boy around here, Zack.

“Welcome to the make-shift competition called ‘The Math Super-Duper Ultimate Pop Quiz’, boy how I like the irony,” Bradley announced. “In this makeshift version, we have bla bla bla…”

“Yeah, keep going like that, Bradley!” Melissa cheered.

She cheered for him.

This could be some hope for his boring life.

For now, he was just having fun with the things he had.

“Thank you,” he replied. “And now, as strictly as I am, there are a few rules. Three teams will compete in a group all around, which means one team will compete two other ones…”

As the living room kept making the noise and chatter, Chelsea was looking at them while sitting on the stair. Her choice of position was secret enough to not call attention to herself.

She sighed happily, “I’m glad that Lola and Zane have made so many friends….”’

“Unexpected indeed.”

She heard someone whispering from behind.

“Madge, is that you?”

“Yes…” the girl revealed herself before sitting next to Chelsea. “And I thought with those two, it might take a long while for them to actually know someone.”

“Or they are more friendly than we thought they were, or their friends are really nice people,” Chelsea said.

“Mhm.” Madge nodded.

She spoke her last sentence in this story.

“And… things will never be the same after this.”

The dramatic music ended.

Credits Scene 1:

Ivy: It’s weird that you actually get to know all of these.

Zane: I know. I mean, I have watched that channel for a year until now. A year, ya know!

Ivy: Do you usually do things alone? I think it’s boring, and I think I can-

Zane: Nah, I tend to do it, but I have a close friend named Lola. You saw her in the competition right?

Ivy: Oh… but she can’t be there all the time and watch the TV with you, right?

Zane: (chuckling) You have no idea…

Narrator: When it’s well thought that Zane will have a new friend…

Ivy: Zane, I-

(She saw a horrifying scene in front of her.

The making out.

It betrayed her.

How could she not know any of this?)

Ivy: (in her room, plotting) Zane… and just for days, I have known you better. Just… how close are you guys…?

Narrator: …things go unexpectedly.

Zane: (screaming while holding an unconcious Lola on his hands) Lola! Please speak up to me!

Chelsea: (talking to Principal Milder who was just sitting and drinking coffee) How could I not know this school has a girl who’s plotting and planning to embarrass my children?!

(The principal just cared for half of the story. She was paying attention to the list of the substitute teacher, including Ms. Baxter)

Mr. Block: You are assigned to do something real big. Big success, or mess up big time!

(The heart beat got slower)

Cavendish: What do we do now?

Dakota: (fearing) I don’t know.

One-Shot 11: Two Science Periods!

Coming soon to Spotlight AU!

Credits Scene 2:

Ah… the white space…

It’s available on both Lola and Zane’s letters.

Needless to say, it’s something important and mysterious.

And they need to get a hand on it to find the answer.

But what if the white space…

A thing Chelsea had been puzzling.

A thing the parents had been trying to hide.

What if… it was more than just…

A white space?!

Spotlight AU today's proverb:

“You maybe not perfect, but you can change! Make a fake smile, do stuffs, everything you want.”
— Melissa Chase

That’s all!


  1. This story don't have much, really. But Zack and Melissa need some delightful time in my AU. Welcome them!
  2. And Bradley wasn't supposed to be in this. Here's a message for you: Bradley isn't as bad as he is. Nobody is bad totally. Maybe... just maybe, there are some good sides in them.
    1. And the Bradley appearance is inspred by TMMLWG's Sunny and Grey trilogy.
  3. This and the two credits scene... woohoo, it's gonna get real major up here.

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