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The doorbell of the new house rang.

“Open!” Chelsea said from inside the house.

“Hello? Delivery!” Paul the Delivery Guy came in with the last heavy package for the new location.

“Ah yes. The last package of the day.”

Dramatic sound. The audiences were expecting something really big as she opened it.

It was opened.

“Empty, just what I needed. A big empty box.”

The audiences fainted

“My children are about to set a home-made castle with a carboard box.”

“Ah yes, thirteen-year-old kids are as playful as young ones,” Paul stated, “Well, I’m on a clock. See ya later!”

“Later! Still don’t want the delivery job?” the woman goodbyed him.

“Nah, I think I’m getting used to it.”

From the living room…

“So what you’re saying is, you do think I’m your sister all along,” said Lola.

“Not sure. I mean, I have buried that possibility months ago,” stated Zane, “You’re my friend, I know that!”

“Best bud!” she jokingly punched his arm.

“Hey kids! Your box has come.”

“Great!” said Lola excitedly, “Come on Zane! Let’s come to his house. Bye mom! We will be back later.”

He nodded, and they quickly came outside.

“Don’t hurt yourself, sweetheart!”

The mom then paid attention to a pair of notes from Lola and Zane’s parents. She took those and brought it inside the house for herself.

A very Murphy tune played, as we watched the scene inside the Murphy house.

“Sum of negative 38 and negative 26. Your answer?” asked Milo.

“Negative 64,” answered Amanda. They were doing homework together on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, in the kitchen.

“That’s what I’m thinking,” stated the Murphy, “Well I think that’s about it.”

“Yeah! Math pop-quiz won’t happen until next week so we have plenty of time. It’s definitely going to be enjoyable!” said the perfectionist.

“That sounds great too!” Lola yelled, which scared the two off and Amanda almost fainted.

“Lola! What are you doing here?” asked concerned Milo.

“We pay you a visit,” said Zane… weirdly.

“What the-?” said Amanda.

“He wants to see you guys, in normal English.”

“But what makes you guys move in to the Murphy Sector?” asked the cinamon roll.


Flashback to a week ago…

“Our new house is going to be located at the… Murphy sector?” questioned Chelsea.

Flashback ends.

“My mom told us to,” said Lola.

“So you two have the same mom?” guessed Amanda.

“Yes… Well, actually-” Zane was prevented by Lola. She covered his mouth, laughed nervously, excusing, “Um… we need to have some secret discussion. We’ll be back,” until the brown-haired girl completely dragged the fashion boy away.

“Hey girl, what’s the deal?” the silent perfectionist questionably asked.

“Look, I think it’s best not to tell them about the ‘true heritage’ right now.”

Zane took a second to rethink and another second to admit she was right.

“Okay, you are right. It’s a big thing and we can’t just reveal this on the first day we live here.”

“Now that’s the calm Zane I know!” she held his hand and pulled him back, “Let’s go.”

They came back to the kitchen and saw Milo and Amanda examining the cardboard box.

“Nice cardboard box!” complimented Amanda.

“Thanks…” Lola then shyly revealed, “You know, it’s our first day here and we want to know you guys better.”

“Yeah, Amanda isn’t from here,” stated Milo.

“Nearby, but not in the Murphy sector,” added the Hispanic girl.

“Oh… So, I was wondering if we could have a welcome game. A reenact game maybe,”

“Reenact?” Milo and Amanda raised their eyebrows.

“Yeah, it sounds stupid but that’s what we love to do,” revealed Zane, “We have done this since very young.”

“You guys agree?” asked Lola.

“Are you kidding?” stated the youngest Murphy in the family.

He continued, “That is AWESOME! I love doing acts, especially with my big sister. We are Doctor Zone big fans! I wish you could meet her. She’s with her boyfriend right now.”

Cut to the comic shop, where Neal and Sara was just staring at the comics, deciding which one would be the best to pick: “Doctor Zone episode 205… in comic” or “Doctor Zone episode 502... in comic.”

And no…

Sara suddenly planted her face on the comic shelf. Neal laughed.

“I win! You will never beat me at staring the comics!” stated Neal, “Buy me 502!”

“No! I never grew a like on that episode,” Sara had accepted her defeat and she had to buy an episode that she hated.

“Well, in my opinion, of course!”

“I love professional plays in theaters, so I guess I like doing it too,” said Amanda.

“That’s beyond awesome,” Zane was just glad that she likes it.

“Well what are we waiting for?” Lola said when the cardboard box got fire. Milo used a fire extinguisher to save it but unsuccessful.

“D’ohh…” Lola exclaimed sadly, “Now where are we gonna find materials for the reenact?”

“Don’t worry, guys. My sister has finished many costumes related to Doctor Zone...” Milo then guided them, “ the garage.”

“Great! Let’s do it!” said Amanda which made everyone cheer.

The four then began to talk about which episode they should choose.

Then it came the costume. They picked and then did some nice touch, or if it was more, a remake of it.

(The song “Won’t Keep Us Apart” by Aaron Jacob from Phineas and Ferb plays)

I know that you and I
We come from different places,
There's no telling why or who your heart embraces.

Milo accidentally cut in half Doctor Zone’s hat. Lola giggled which he followed.

These feelings that we share
There's a reason they're inside us.
We're both aware of a list of things that won't divide us.

“So it appears that you’re not my friend anymore,” said Zane.

He performed as Doctor Zone, saying to Amanda who was a trashcandroid disgusing a nice farmer lady.

“No… not this thing again?” said Amanda, “Wow, reenact one episode of Doctor Zone is easier than I thought.”

The sun and the stars and the moon and the planets won't keep us apart.
A herd of wild wildebeests, a gaggle of flamin' geese won't keep us apart.

Duct-taped bungee-cords, fiberglass diving boards won't keep us apart.
A device designed specifically to keep us apart won't keep us apart.

“Done and done!” Milo said. The children stepped a few steps behind, looking back at their beautiful work.

Meanwhile, in a secret, dark room, with a few pair of lights of the new house (on the first day!), Chelsea was taking her time on the table, examing the white space of two letters.

Since the day after the day she had received the children from the “blue” sky (that was she assumed), Chelsea had been examining the white space. How come they can’t write anything on that space? And for that matter, she had to hide it from the kids for a long time. She was afraid they would write something on it.

They were located in the new house apparently.

“And this time, I’m going to find it out once and for all!” she said.

On her table, there were some sort of books about mystery, the three journals... any kind of book that can be capable of solving the white space like it.

It isn’t fairly white anymore, you know, after all those 11 years.

Suddenly, a ghost appeared behind her.

“Hello!” he greeted the woman in a very creepy voice as every ghost is.

Chelsea quickly turned her head around, then standing up and facing him.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“It’s neither your concern nor a big matter of our conversation,” the guy who looks like a pirate a bit said.

“So you’re Caribbean?” the woman questioned with a playful smirk.

“Funny, you are. Let’s get to the main point,” he continued, “I was assigned by my boss to prevent you from whatever you’re planning.”

“And how are you gonna do that when you’re a ghost?”

“Actually, this is a hologram,” he said. The author fixed - it was a hologram.

The pirate graphical image then used physical force (which in reality, makes no sense) to hold her on the ground.

“And don’t you underestimate me,” he grinned.

“Heh,” despite the situation, she paid the pirate guy with confidence.

“This ain’t gonna be easy, is it?”

Meanwhile, in Milo’s backyard, the teenagers were reenacting second act of the episode 309th from Season 12 of... Doctor Zone!

“I have been Octopus-dimensional!” Milo acted as Doctor Zone, “And it’s still far away from Time Ape.”

“Don’t worry!” said Zane, who performed the role a sheriff of the Wild West Dimension, “Here’s the octopus soup for you.”

“No!!!” exclaimed Milo... I mean Doctor Zone.

“What’s wrong?”

“Honey, your soup is the worst,” said Lola, who acted as the sheriff’s wife. Her voiceover was surprisingly fit for a middle-aged lady, “Don’t mind him. These fried chickens are way better.”

“Ah yes… Now that’s what I need,” said Doctor Zone, “Say, what’s the pepper for?” He asked while using it with a chicken and ate it.

“Pepper produced from squid are good for your health!”

The doctor immdiately spat the chicken out from his mouth, terrified, “Oh no... I have been cursed. I will never get away from that Octopus monster.”

“Hey, handsome-looking guy,” a maid reached the time traveller and handed him the tool he needed.

“A temporal transporter. You’re right!” Hankry Zone said, “Thanks, young beautiful girl.”

Amanda blushed from the praise even though it’s just an act, “You’re welcome.”

And the reenact ended.

“That was super fun, guys!” said Lola.

“Right?” followed Milo, “You have nailed that old lady perfectly.”

“Plus, Amanda got that blush out of nowhere, nailed it! Milo’s praise is just too kind or something,” stated Zane.

“I know that, guys, I know,” said Amanda.

She then continued, “It was your way to play us on the first day you’re here. Now it’s our turn to give you a welcome party.”

“It’s fair game, no pressure. You guys want to join?” Milo offered.

“Way yes!” said excited Lola.

He just nodded, “If that’s the way you guys insist…”

“Great! The game will be...” both revealed in unison, “Math Super-Duper Ultimate Pop Quiz!”

“Math Super what?” said confused Lola and Zane.

Back to the secret room, the hologram was still fighting with Chelsea. He showed some incredible moves but the mom is no weakling. It’s a pretty fair battle, and they shared a chat as well.

“You know, there’s an old saying about men hurting women,” said Chelsea, “Guess what? It’s buried.”

“Good! It’s been a long time since I fought an opponent this powerful,” said the hologram, “And I have known some information about you from my boss. You’re Chelsea.”

“And you are…?”

“One-Armed Willie.”

“Wait… You have two arms and all,” the fight stopped. Chelsea raised an eyebrow.

“It’s just a nickname. I’m missing one leg though, see?”


“Aha!” he exclaimed, and ran ahead to get the letters on the table.

“Oh no, you don’t!”

She quickly swept his foot and he tripped. Chelsea planned to jump on him to finish the battle, but Willie quickly dodged it.

“Do you know half of pi equals to 90 degrees?” informed Willie.

“Nice math,” said Chelsea, “Why are you stopping me anyway?”

“I don’t know but I’ve been ordered to stop you from whatever you’re doing.”

“Well, later then!” she yelled.

“Rules are simple: there are 10 questions with multiple choices, and the time limit is 10 minutes. These are really easy questions, but it won’t be easy it you don’t work together,” explained Amanda.

Lola and Zane sat near the kitchen, at the same position Milo and Amanda had just sit.

“That sounds simple enough,” reviewed Zane.

“Well, what are we waiting for? I’m excited!” said Lola.

“Right?” Amanda couldn’t be happier.

(“Quirky Worky Song” plays, as the two were doing the math quiz together)

“Okay so… 36 multiplies to 25 in the fastest way.”

“900,” replied Lola.

“Yes.” Zane exclaimed, “Onto question 9!”

Back to inside the room…

“Well, sounds like I wasn’t doing it on the full amount,” said Willie.

“Well I have not yet shown my real skill,” stated Chelsea.

They had both been pretty tired after a long fight. Neither side wanted to lose this one.

And now, one move can finish this battle.

“Mighty Punch!” Willie named his last move.

“The Ultimate Slam Punch!” and so did Chelsea.

The moves contacted, and neither side wanted to surrender. That was, until a moment, the slam was stronger and slammed Willie on the floor.

An inator came out from his pocket, and shot a beam onto the roof.

“What was that?” Chelsea paid attention to it.

Willie explained, “Oh, it’s the Accuracy-inator. It can make anything as accurate as possible.”

“Why would you have an Accuracy-inator in your pants pocket?” questioned the woman.

He laughed sheepishly, “I stole it from a lab, planned to use it to shoot someone misunderstanding me.”

The beam went up high onto the universe. It hit a satelite then being bounced back to Earth.

Back to the Murphy kitchen.

“One minute left, guys!” said Amanda.

“And how can we do this?” questioned Lola, “Question 10: How many degrees is half of pi?”

She turned to Zane, but he just shurgged.

The inator beam hit their paper, and the answer was automatically answered.

“90?” exclaimed both of them.

“What? Already?” exclaimed Amanda. She and Milo then check their answers and…

“All are correct!” Milo and Amanda judged.

“Congrats, you two!” The Murphy boy praised the girl with fortune, “One test and you’ve got it all right!”

“Thanks…” she said, having no idea what was going on, “Is it my luck or... I don’t know.”

“It must be luck,” Zane put a hand on her shoulder and comforted her.

“Indeed, girl!” said Amanda.

They all laughed after her sentence.

Meanwhile, Chelsea had ruled him on the top and Willie’s whole body had been sticking on the ground.

“Accept it you. You’re defeated!”

“Okay, okay, I surrender,” The woman then released him, “But that was a great battle.”

“You weirdo,” said Chelsea, “I have no idea why you are against me, but whatever the reason, thank you for a nickle time of pleasure.”

The pirate gave out a hand and Chelsea confirmed a handshake between them.

“But still, I’m still stopping you.”

She simply shrugged, “Do whatever just right for you. Besides, I’d love to see that.”

The pirate smiled before the hologram disappeared entirely in front of her.

The woman just had a lot of fun. But in a greater matter, she knew she was in for more trouble.

She thought, “Until I found out the white space mystery, no evil force can prevent me from doing it.

Lola, Zane. I promise I’ll find us out a way.”

The sun had almost set. It was the time to say goodbye.

“We’re going home, Milo. That was a fun welcome party,” said Lola.

“Hm,” nodded Milo, “Even though it was a bit slow, the time we’ve just spent together is memorable.”

“Much thanks to Milo, Amanda,” said Zane, and Amanda just smiled.

“Oh, and if you’re interested in the Math quiz, you can join in our school,” informed Milo, “You guys agree.”

“We’ll ask our mom about that,” said Zane.

“Bye Milo, Amanda!”

“Bye Lola, Zane!”

Each pair waved hands to another, before they then went seperated. Zane and Lola went back to their home, Amanda and Milo were standing in front of the front door, until the new guests disappeared from their view.

“You know,” said Milo, to no one directly, “Murphy’s Law is kind of quiet for a day. And unpredictable as I expect.”

Amanda took her bike she parked in front of Milo, prepared to go back home after an eventful day.

“Bye, Milo,” she said, “And be careful, I’m worried for ya.”

She then biked off from his view, without receiving the same goodbye from the boy.

“See ya at school, Amanda, and two other friends.”

Later, he opened the door, only to find it was broken. He then tripped over and fell on the floor.

“Now it’s Murphy’s Law!”

It's my world and we're all living in it!

Credits Scene:

Lola and Zane were alone, walking all the way to home, under the beautiful sunset. They had just got neighboured with their new friends, and it gave them pleasure for a fun conversation.

“Hey, Zane! Remember what we were doing on the day before we moved here?” asked Lola.

“I remember,” replied Zane, “We were in an arcade.”

“And you did what?”

He then gasped. He remember the exact moment Lola tried to mention. The boy then stopped walking, then just smiling.

“I know. We have held hands.”

“More than that. And do you feel something new between us? It will happen, right?” she asked, holding a hand from Zane and looking at the sky turning to the beautiful night.

“Yes for both. I’m excited for it.”

Coming Soon to the Spotlight AU:

One-Shot 6: Arcade (April 7th! Hopefully.)

Ship sails! Everyone assumes that.

Spotlight AU today’s proverb:

“Do whatever just right for you.”
— Chelsea

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