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Zane Cartner was playing some games at the arcade. It was his last day to come here before he and Lola moved to the Murphy sector the day later.

Coincidentally, that was also the day the arcade would be closed for good.

The moving wouldn’t be sad, but at the same time, it couldn’t get any happier.

Zane loves to play games alone. No stupid rivals, no unnecessary competitions, no insult. If it is a fairly nice competition, it’s fine and vice versa.

A slim girl entered the arcade from the front door, stepping and entering the room where the fashion boy played ‘Shining Bird.’ That’s how it’s called.

“Almost there!” he exclaimed. He had been keeping the highest score in the arcade for two months. Sadly, the game hadn’t recorded and he tried to achieve that almost impossible record once again.

“Come on!”

But the sound of defeat was played. It was over. He panted exhaustedly on the video game machine. That was his second attempt in that afternoon.

“I have failed… again…”

Then, her warm, conforted hand. She put it on his shoulder.

Zane knew this feeling. She was too familiar to him that even a small touch could make them realize each other.

“Lola!” he frightened, then put an awkward smile, “I didn’t do anything in here. What are you doing here?”

The girl giggled, “Zane… You are cute as always. And I know your plan all along. You’re trying to achieve the record you have made two months ago once again.”

He blushed. His secrets are usually well-hidden but… not with Lola. She always figures it out, it’s just the matter of time.

“You know, I’m not questioning about our bonds anymore but… how can you know that deep secret from me again?”

“I know that… and the mom,” stated Lola.

“Mom too?!” yelled Zane. It was too surprising.

“Anyway, I bet you’re going to need some help,” offered the fortune teenage girl.

But he couldn’t accept it. It was the last day they would see the scene there, and at home, there would be lots of things to pack up. Zane had already left and he didn’t want to bother Lola or his mom.

“I prefer you going outside,” said Zane, “No offense, but it’s the last day we’re here and there are lots of things at home to be packed up. Don’t leave our mom alone.”

“I told my mom about that and she accepted me to help you,” informed the girl.

He widened his eyes. Another surprising news on the day.

“She finished all the stuffs for the moving a day ago,” said Lola, trying to cheer Zane up, “And come on, how coincident that this is your last day to make your plan work before this arcade will be closing for good.”

Apparently Zane couldn’t stop her anymore. But still…

“But still, it was really hard!” came from Zane who had been trying to play again for like… almost a hundred time, “When I was so close to the final battle, I couldn’t keep up with the boss’ speed. I almost entirely gave up,” he really faced the ground, feeling depressed.

“Gave up?!” yelled Lola, “The Zane Cartner I know never gives up on anything, no matter how hard it is!”

He then turned his head to face her, “But…”

“No more but! You’ve got skill. You’ve got ambitions. You dare to try,” said the girl, while she was stepping closer and talking face to face, “All you need is an ally. And I’m that your ally.”

“Lola…” he nodded. What had he become? “You’re right,” The boy was so touched that he almost cried in tears (which is rarely). The cry wasn’t loud, it was silent, a silent happiness. He had found a way to win it. It was right next to him and he hadn’t realized it all these times.

“Nice! If that’s what you insist, then let’s rock on!” offered Zane excitedly.

Lola was so happy that she could yell loudly, “Yes! Onto the game my friend!”

Suddenly, a boring worker walked pass and broke the mood.

“And hurry up, it will be closed down in four hours.”

“I hate to admit this but that worker is right,” he said to his ‘so-called’ sister, “The full game lasts for two hours and the boss takes me half an hour.”

“No problem bro,” she patted his back like every bros do, apparently, “Just work together like we always do and it’s fine.”

“That is much more comfortable thanks,” he then realized, “Wait a minute, you called me bro?”

“Aren’t we now?”

“I’m not complaining, big sis,” he shot back.

Zane, being accompanied by Lola, were paying attention to the game and a story about Shining Bird claiming all the victories from all his zombie fights, and he shares those victories to the villagers who has been attacked by the mindless, repulsive zombie circles.

“Are you sure you know how to play this game?” he asked. Now you readers will know how stupid the question was.

“No time. Your turn!” she yelled.

Zane was surprised. He was determined to win it but with Lola, it was a whole different story.

“Wow, she gets focused on the game more than I do. Very well, Lola.”

“Another circle! Kill him!”

“That’s the leader in the first round,” stated Zane.

“Well, that’s the farthest you can get. Get ready to be pushed by the legendary sergeant Zager!” said Zager, a villain in the game.

“The first boss, Lola. You think you can-“ the boy was immidiately interrupted by a tight hold of Lola’s and his hand.

“I can!” she held the controller single-handedly, “I just need a motivation, that’s all.”

“What?! That’s too risky! Besides, what’s the point of holding our hands?” the fashion boy tried to convince her without noticing himself blushing.

Lola didn’t notice that as well, or did she?

“Your game is over.”

“It’s your game that’s over!” she exclaimed. Again, she single-handedly used the controller to dodge the shots, shoot the boss and toss him over the stage, literally.

“You maybe win this, but the tougher rounds are waiting for you!...” the guy was struggling before coming to his end.

“I won!” she cheered, one of her hands still holding Zane’s, “Come on, Zane! Cheer with me!”

He couldn’t, for a moment. Instead, he just stated, “Impressive…” before the guy stood up and cheered along, “That guy’s face is just too familiar!”

“Glad that you’re happy,” said Lola.

And so, they had been doing it for an hour. Time kept passing by: 3:00, 3:20, 3:25, 3:40, 3:55, 4:05 p.m.

The two had been playing it and holding… No, they hadn’t been holding hands. Sometimes, when they were too worried then that was the way.

“This is it, sis. Level nine!”

“The final stage,” the girl whispered, “I get a feeling we’re in for a musical number.”

“We do?” asked Zane.

There was no reply. Instead, the 8-bit music played, as the song began.

(Two-Player Game by Be More Chill. Love it! And I do not own it in anyways.)

“You know this song well, do you? Sing it!”

“I’d love to,” the boy agreed.

Lola, Zane:
Find the bad guy, push him aside
Then move on forward with your friend at your side
It's a two-player game, so when they make an attack
You know you got a brother, gonna have your back
Then you stay on track and..
Ah! Remain on course
And if they give you a smack, you..
Gah! You use your force!
And if you leave your brother behind, it's lame
'Cause it's an effed-up world
But it's a two-player game!

Dude, you are cooler than a vintage cassette
It's just that no one else but me thinks that yet
You're just a nothing in this high school scheme
But it's no big, 'cause you and I are a team.

We like out-of-print games
Retro skates
Got a Pac-Man tattoo
Nobody here appreciates
But soon we'll be together where they do!

'Cause guys like us are cool in college
Cool in college, this I know.

Guys like us are cool in college
We rule in college, listen bro.

High school is hell, but we navigate it well
'Cause what we do, is we make it a two-player game.

“Your turn!” yelled Lola.

“I know. At least let me focus on the game,” replied Zane.

As losers, we have fought together for years
Both Nintendo zombies and our popular peers
Now we're stuck on a level, and I wanna move on.

Just wait two years whereupon
You'll realize

Guys like us are…

Cool in college
Cool in college, won't be lame

Dude, I know, I get it

Guys like us are cool in college

But we’re not in college

All the same.

High school is whack, but we have each other's back
It's me and you.

We’ll make it a two-player game.

The 8-bit music keeps playing.

“There’s the final boss!” stated Lola. But this time, Zane was so terrified that he almost fainted. That’s the beast having defeated his character many times and at least being his major nightmare.

“Zane! Oh, come on,” the girl then paused the game. And the music...

“I can’t…”

“No! You can!”

“No, that’s not what I meant,” Zane slightly smiled.

Lola tilted her head, “What do you mean?”

“I mean, it’s less pressure and I actually get to play it with you.”


The song continued.

You know that you are my favorite person
That doesn't mean that I can't still dream

Lola: (gasped)
Is it really true?
I'm your favowite person?

Yeah, we're never not gonna be a team

High school is shit, and you gotta help me conquer it

It's just what we do

We make it a two-player game!

The game continued.


“I’m so gonna beat this guy up,” exclaimed Lola.

Their worries had completely dried out. Instead, their minds were full with determination of winning the game together, for the first time.

Find the bad guy push him aside!

Then move on forward with your friend at your side!

It's a two-player game, so when they make an attack
You know you got a brother, gonna have your back
Then you stay on track and..
Ah! Remain on course
And if they give you a smack, you..
Gah! You use your force!
And if you leave your brother behind, it's lame
'Cause it's an effed-up world
But it's a two-player game!

“No! This isn’t over just yet!” the boss hit two shining birds with his powerful move. Disapppointedly, it missed.

And now, their only chance to get rid of him had finally come.

“Take this!”


Two-player game

Two-player game


The song ends on a high note.

A congratulation sound rang. The machine announced the two winners of the game.

“On behalf of the whole tribe, I declare Shining Bird has brought the peace to the whole humanity.”

And their score appeared on the screen: 131276

“Whoa…” Zane exclaimed.

“So… is it higher that your last high score?” The girl asked while she was writing the score on a note.

“Indeed!” he replied, “I mean, my best record was around 97000.”

“Then what are you waiting for?” again, she held his hand excitdly. Not one, but all of their hands joining together, “Say it…”

One. Two. Three.

“We did it!” both screamed.

They cheered and jumped so happily. A normal best friend hand-holding turned into a hug – an act of sharing the happiness and warmth.

Until their noses touched each other, eyes contacting, they realized what kind of positions they were in.

“Gaah!” they exclaimed and immidiately released each other. Their faces revealed blush, and they faced on the ground without noticing another’s condition.

“Lola, I was just too excited that I…”

“But it was happily warm at least!” said Lola, cheering Zane up, “Come on! You have won the game. You have beaten all the bosses. Show me the smile!”

Zane smiled, mainly because he had nothing else to worry about, “It’s almost evening. Let’s help our mom for real.”

“Bye the arcade. Bye The Arcade Guy,” said Lola.

“Bye you two, and congrats with your high score!”

“Thank you!” said Zane.

The Arcade Guy stated to himself, after all the customers had left.

“We’ll make the history. We’ll make this place the biggest arcade of Danville, no… in the whole wide world! With the hands I’m having right here.”

He rethought, “Or maybe not. This place is going to be the most phenomenon arcade in the world.”

The guy laughed maniacally.

Another man came near The Arcade Guy. He wore a black suit over a red shirt, and a white tie. People can realize him easily by his visible teeth.

"Well, how about we fulfill the dream together?" Bob Block offered nicely.

Credits Scene 1:

Back to the time after the last credits scene was taken.

Lola and Zane finally came home after an exciting day.

“Hi mom!” both greeted.

“Hi kids,” the mom said from the first floor.

Zane quickly came inside the house while Lola was a bit behind.

“Lola, you’re coming in? Mom needs us to pack clothes in the closet.”

“Nah, I think I’ll come in later.”

“Well then, suits yourself.”

Zane had already entered his room while the lucky girl was standing nearing the main door, looking at the score record they had just achieved a day ago.

“Something new will be happened,” she thought.

“Because it isn’t just a feeling that this paper of record tries to tell us something.”

What will happen next? Stay tune for the next story of Lola and Zane Arc:

One-Shot 8: Make Our Dream Reality

Credits Scene 2:

But before that…

Clyde: Well, think of something. You’re a genius after all.

Victor: I think we all know clearly that you’re the great inventor here.

Clyde: Right, but you’re the genius at business. So why don’t we both think of something out?


Victor: That makes sense. Let’s think.

Narrator: From a struggling business…

Lola: I want to be princess Merola. She’s sweet…and brave too.

Zane: I want to be a knight though. They’re fit and loyal!

Narrator: …to an enchanted journey.

Lola: Well, guess I better bet my luck on it…

Victor: No! Don’t use it without…

The two then disappears in front of Clyde’s view.


“I will be… superior!” said a guy who was inspired by one's sinister plan.

From the author of Spotlight AU, brings you a really giant, extreme, big story!

One-Shot 7:

Men Selling Inventions –

The Biggest



Coming Soon! But no promise about the release date.

Spotlight AU today’s proverb:

“You’ve got skill. You’ve got ambitions. You dare to try. All you need is an ally.”
— Lola Sunderguard

Arcade Next:
Men Selling Inventions


  1. Don't ask. Of all the songs from Be More Chill, I really like this one. Except being a two-guy song, it still fits the story well.
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  3. Unfortunately, this will be the last story of Spotlight AU before I go for a long hiatus. As you can figure out, my exams are coming and maybe, but very likely, that I won't be active for like two to three weeks on the wiki. So here are two things I'd like to finish first:
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