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Hi everyone! After a long break, I finally have a chance to update my AU a little further. So get ready for a trip of a lifetime.

As everyone has agreed, I should divide this very lengthy story into parts (now there are three parts). I did this so anyone who reads this can enjoy the story at its best.

Nuff talking. Let's roll the tape, shall we. The first segment of One-Shot 7: Men Selling Inventions.

Part 1: Men Selling Inventions


“Expression doesn’t need a word for it.”

Those were the lines from two personally promising characters. These men keeps dreaming big – to make a big company by selling inventions to people as a great start.

But when future can’t come any sooner, who would risk themselves to buy such a pile of junks?

“Yeah, hard feelings. Quit it, Narrator,” offered Victor.

Okay then. I’ll start with an introduction.

Victor Verliezer here has been dreaming to be a CEO of his own company since very young. A company focusing on inventions. He’s good at business but one thing: he failed Science in school and now he’s the great failure of inventing.

To fulfill his dream, he realizes that he needs a partner. That guy who makes inventions for him instead. And out of nowhere, he met an old guy named Clyde Rickenbacker.

The guy is really excellent at this, more than he could ever imagine. But one annoying thing about him: he doesn’t know the measure of money or in short, he failed Business in school.

Can these two men, with no sponsors and no customers and no company, ever get themselves attention, a spotlight in this society?

Well, they did have a building, but it looked more like a wooden house, therefore, it had nothing to do with science and inventions.

“Well, another day with no customers, as predictable as it can be,” said Victor.

“D’oh. Cheer up, pal!” said Clyde, “Someday, somehow, we’ll make our dreams come true.”

“I want a proper company as much as you do. But how…?” Victor began his speech, “We can’t just sit right here and do nothing. We need money. We need action. We need action from the bank to give us something money-like. But how…?”

“Well, think of something. You’re a genius after all.”

“I think we all know clearly that you’re the great inventor here,” stated the V-man.

“Right, but you’re the genius at business. So why don’t we both think of something out?”

Victor was about to protest, then he realized the sense in his sentence.

“That makes sense. Let’s think.”

And both of them started to brainstorm as much ideas as they could

(The instrumental of “Watchin’ and Waitin’” from P&F had played for an hour)

Nothing seemed to pass their poor brains…


“Aha! I think I have a great idea!” stated Victor.

“Great! What is it?” asked the inventor.

“Our strategy of selling didn’t work because we are nobody. We don’t have any sponsors to make our inventions belong to a beloved company.”

“Mhm…” Clyde listened to where his partner idea was leading.

“So, how about making a brand for ourselves? Let all the inventions on our stall here belong to a family we made.”

“That makes sense,” said the old guy, “But do you think it will work on our customers? A brand we made would still be nobody”

“Trust me, Clyde. They won’t know the difference. They just have to know our products have a brand and therefore, useable,” the business adult stated.

Suddenly, a kid came to the shop.

Then, the eight-year-old kid was welcomed by the two workers inside the wooden house.

“Hi there, young fella. What do you need?” asked Victor.

“Here, we have any inventions that can afford any of your necessities,” Clyde gave a quick overview for his inventions.

“Please, I don’t want to buy any of those lame inventions as of right now,” the boy stated with a sad tone.

From the inside, Victor was so angry but he tried to calm himself in front of a kid.

“Calm down Victor, calm down! It’s just a kid and they likely don’t bring any money to buy any of your inventions anyway,” he thought

He took a deep breath, released it before asked again, smiled to the young customer, “So, what exactly do you need from us huh?”

The kid laid his back on an old couch nearby, talking, “Just for you know, I’m just a kid who is wandering around for money and jobs for kids.”

“So you’re orphan?” Victor asked unamusingly.

“I have a family though, but I don’t want to depend on them anymore. I’m Norman,” the kid said with a more delightful tone, “I want to live the world out there, fight bad guys and maybe a girl to lov-“

“Yeah, too soon for that,” the business man interrupted him, “Now let’s just circle back to the point here, just what exactly do you need from us?”

“Job: wiping the floor. Salary: 250 bucks.”

“Wh-wh-wha-wh-WHAT?!” Victor screamed, feeling unbelievable. He denied the kid’s request.

“Listen you. We’re not in need of hiring a janitor, especially young children like you. For right now, you will leave our property and don’t disturb our business.”

He quickly pulled the young customer… I mean, young worker.

“I’m still looking for you…” Norman whispered clearly to the man before he completely pushed him outside and closed the main door.

Victor’s expression then only filled with angerness and sadness. Not only they didn’t have a customer, but also they met a crazy one.

At his state, he both wanted to scream really loud at Clyde (that would be rude but Clyde said he got used to it) and sobbed.

“What am I going to do…?” mostly sobbed.

Clyde saw that. He wasn’t really fond of his partner but when he’s sad, it’s his mission to make him feel better.

“Look, I know things will hardly get any better but we’ll figure something out,” Clyde still motivated him hopelessly, then he got another trick on his sleeves, “In the meantime, how about going for the best ice cream store around these parts? 20 bucks is quite enough.”

The man stopped crying, “Okay that would be better I guess…”

He then looked at the money with disappointed face.

“Um… a little lower.”


“The money you’re holding values a hundred dollar.”

“Oh right… Let me just,” but he didn’t know how to value money.

And standing up, teaching Clyde how to count it, furiously is what Victor always does, “Oh for Pete’s sake, let me count those.”

The man snatched away one hundred bucks and recounted it.

“There, twenty,” said Victor but more cheerful than he was five minutes ago, “Now let’s go to the ice cream store!”

The old inventor just laughed.

“Welcome back, ol’ Victor.”

Meanwhile, we’re back to our main characters’ house located at the Murphy sector. It was a normal day at school from Lola and Zane.

They laid back on the same couch, rewatched a play that they fall in love with since young. A king, a princess and many knights.

“An innoncent girl has been kidnapped because of me,” the princess said to the king – her father.

“I want to go along and save her.”

“But princess, you can’t just…” the youngest knight tried to interrupt but it was effortless.

“My decision is as hard as stone,” her tone was growing more serious, “I want to save her! Dad, please let me go along with you.”

The father looked straight at her eyes to witness her truthfulness, before making the final decision, “Very well! You’re going with me. And all the other knights in this kingdom as well.”

All the other knights who opposed the princess’ decision at first, stood up and followed her.

“We’re on it! Your Highness, princess, we will do anything for you to protect you and our land from the greatest threat of all time.”

“Man, and I’m never tired of it,” commented Lola.

“Same here, my friend,” followed Zane. He took some nacho pieces from the bowl being put on the floor, “We always know which charcter we want to be, don’t we?”

“Yep!” said the girl, took a piece of nacho as well, “I want to be princess Merola. She’s a sweet princess. And brave too.”

“And I want to be one of the knights,” said the boy, “They’re fit, brave and loyal. A true friend to count on.”

“Wait, I thought you want to be the king.”

“I don’t live my life that high.”


Lola turned off the TV, and she wanted to confess to Zane more clearly, “I always dream to be in a fantasy world. You know, where we can live a normal life and fight bad guys like hey-ya!”

The perfectionist giggled, “I love it when you scream like that. I always dream about that world too,” he stood up and looked at the morning scene behind the window, next to her.

“Hope that world exists huh?”

“I wish. I mean, this Earth is full of magic, you can’t tell,” said Lola.

“By the way, where’s Chelsea?” Zane asked.

“She’s upstairs, washing our clothes,” Lola informed.


She put the clothes into the washing machine, pressing buttons by her left hand.

While on her right hand, she was examining an expensive book of mystery.

“Just write an example of the white space while I was fighting dumb pirates!” she exclaimed.

Back to our main couple.

“Well, have you been noticing that she has acted weirder than usual?” asked Zane.

“I have no idea,” the girl shrugged, “I’m just thinking she always tries to do her best to take care of us.”

“Guess so… Maybe I doubt her too much,” said the black-haired boy.

“Anyway, I will pick up for us two bottles of orange soda,” said the girl.

Zane raised an eyebrow, “What? I thought they are banned in the whole world.”

“I know the only place still selling it,” Lola then headed to the front door, “See ya soon!” closed the door.

“Try not to run too much though,” Zane screamed, which she shouted back from the front yard, “I know what I’m doing.”

A moment later, Chelsea walked downstairs, asked, “Where’s Lola, Zane?”

“She’s picking up orange soda for both of us.”

“Like, for you and me? I don’t think I deserve that honour,” the mom joked.

“NO, not you and- Wait, that was a joke right?”

Chelsea just simply smiled, “It was, my boy.”

Meanwhile at the ice cream parlor… This has always been a place where couples talk and do romantic stuffs together, with some innoncent ice cream cones… and cherry soda… and whatever those stuffs are.

That’s definitely not the case of Victor and Clyde. The inventor was just trying to cheer up the business man.

“Chocolate and milk are my favorite flavors. And you?” Clyde asked.

Victor didn’t even bother his question, “What… What did you ask me again?” He was just too bored.

“Your favorite ice cream flavor?”

“Oh, right… It’s vanilla. It reminds me of that one woman I loved,” he said.

“Oh…” it was pleasantly surprising that Victor had opened to the old man a little bit.

“She had been there supporting me while I was in college. Then all of a sudden, she sacrified herself to save me from a car accident.”

“Okay… guess that hurts.”

“A LOT!”

“Well I don’t know anything about your past but…” the man cheered him up again, “You’re here. And you must be positive. You must live on, to deserve that woman’s rescue.”

“You know what, you do try to be smart at some points, while you… already are,” Victor joked and had a laugh for himself.

Clyde saw this and cheered along him.

“La la la la la…” nailed it in a very Smurf-y tone my girl.

A young girl walked pass them, singing a simple melody. It was supposedly pretty normal. That girl got their distractions.

“That was a melody?” asked Clyde quizzically.

“I don’t know, but I feel something annoying about this teenage girl,” said Victor.

They both paid attention to her. It felt like she was about to visit their shop at one point.

“Let’s follow her.”

“But the ice cream…?”

“Just leave it on the table and pay for…” Victor then realized something dangerous about that decision. He then exchanged postions with Clyde.

“You know what, you follow her and I will pay for us.”

“Your wish is my command.”

The business man sighed, “Always makes us behind schedule.”

He looked at the cones Clyde put nicely on a small shelf, took his flavor and tasted it one last time.

“Taste good. You heard that Connie?!” he yelled to the sky above him, “I really miss you.”

Meanwhile, Clyde was following her all the way. Her choice of paths was way look alike the way to their store.

The girl then stopped. The old man quickly hided himself away.

She stood in front of the door of a weird house.

A house seemingly filled full of gadgets, machines, stuffs like that inside.

“Yes! That must be it!” Clyde exclaimed, “Victor was right! So he’s a magician. I have to ask him when I can succesfully make a robot.”

The innoncent Lola examined around the shop, touched a finger on the door, then opened it.

“There’s no one inside,” she said.

There was light shining the room, fans blowing the pleasant air, and many handmade gadgets preparing for sales.

“Hmm, interesting place… Where’s the orange soda if all I see now is some juicy inventions.”

Clyde paid attention to her from the window, when Victor finally caught up.

“What took you so long?”

“The vanilla got me. Anyway, how’s the teenage girl?”

“Well, it’s painfully to say that she seems to look for something else,” Clyde informed.

“So what are we waiting for? Let’s get our business going!” Victor said.

The girl couldn’t find the orange juice everywhere, turned disappointed.

“And I thought I’m in the progress of finishing the list: first twenty things you have done for Zane. Oh well, better get back home-“

As she walked back to the front door, two shadowy, creepy, tall figures was standing in her way.

Dark music played.

Wolves were howling

The rattling sound of wind blowing the leaves.

“I’m Drako!”

The music stopped.

The vampire teacher went to the wrong place apparently.

All the sound was done by a young boy named Norman.

He tried to grab himself attention but Drako did that instead.

“Dude, what the heck?” the boy said to Drako, “You ruined my moment.”

“I just thought this music had something to do with dark coats, sharp objects, punch bowl, poncho, coffin, a dark house, old bicycles, crowns, horror movies…”

“Stop! But… actually, that was pretty good,” infuriation to sastifaction.

“Thank you! Now I must go back to my closet!” Drako left with his balancing scooter.

To be honest, I don’t find this unnatural these days.

“Still impressive right?” he then glared to Victor, “I’m still waiting for my employment.”

He turned the music on again and went off-screen.

“Sounds like you’ll never escape from that creepy little guy,” said Lola.

“I know right? He’s so annoying,” Victor added.

“By the way, do you guys own this small store?” the girl asked.

“Pretty much. We are selling inventions within this small space. We always dream to be leaders of a big company,” revealed Clyde.

“Oh, a technology company!” said impressed Lola, “I would love to see it.”

“Clyde! Do you always have to spit out our dreams to an innoncent customer like her?” Victor said, then turned to Lola, “No offense but he easily gets our information blown.”

“Let us introduce ourselves. I’m Clyde Rickenbacker, an immature inventor.”

“Yeah, immature,” Victor replied knowingly while he was looking for some gadgets to show the new customer.

“And this man here is my partner, Victor Verliezer.”

“Yeah, hello.”

“It’s nice to know two men selling inventions,” she said before introducing herself.

“I’m Lola Sunderguard. Yeah, I’m trying to get orange soda here but there are inventions all around. And it’s really interested me.”

Victor finished picking up the machines.

“All set. We’re selling inventions so we can make a company,” the business man introduced.

“All good gadgets. Unique uses. Affordable price.”

Lola took a look at some machines which look much alike from one to another.

“What does this one do?” she asked the use of a random, wacky gadget.

“Clyde, explain!” commanded Victor

“Well, my customer, this machine is called ‘The Other-Dimension remote’ or the V-Dimension Remote. It can bring us to any dimensions co-existing with us. Imagine, alien versions of us…” Clyde explained.

“That’s not very exciting, isn’t it?” stated Lola.

“… or… we are some sorts of rebellion, or we can act as characters from a fairy tale.”

The latter possibility got Lola’s attention. Act as characters from a fairy tale.

What a possiblity!

What is her dream again, which she just told half an hour ago?

“I always dream to be in a fantasy world. You know, where we can live a normal life and fight bad guys like hey-ya!”

The girl then quickly snatched the remote away from Clyde, smiling.

“Is there a button which opens up to the fantasy world?”

“I don’t know,” the old man shrugged, “The possibilities are limitless. I mean, we will never know if we don’t try.”

That saying motivated Lola even more.

“Well, guess I better bet my luck on it,” she pressed the ‘travel’ button on it.

A shiny blue light forming small electrical waves appeared.

Victor prevented her by grabbing the hand which she held the remote, “No! Don’t use it without-“

The glowing light formed a bigger, brighter circle before it disappeared entirely in Clyde’s view.

The issue had caused some fluorescent lights to glitch and shake a little bit.

But on a bigger matter…

Lola and Victor disappeared!

Clyde tried to scream for them around the living room, “Victor! What’s the name of that young… oh right… Lola! If you hear me then answer!”

No reply.

Nothing happened.

“That remote actually works,” said the old man, “Meant to be used in a good way, but right now, it has already caused troubles.”

Clyde then looked around for the same remote, but so far he hadn’t found any.

“I have to find them!”

Meanwhile, from another dimension, Victor slowly opened his eyes from what seemed to be a long sleep. He stood up and examined the trees around him.

“Why do I get a feel like I have been sleeping forever?” he was dreamy back there.

Until a moment later, he realized why he was here.


“Of course! It’s that girl who brings me here.”

The man tensed up, looking for Lola.

“Oy! Young girl! Where are you?” he screamed, “It was your fault to dump both of us in here. Come out!”

“Woohoo!” Lola exclaimed excitedly. Victor sensed the sound and succeeded to track where she was.

The man wasn’t really amused with her attitude.

“Man, you know when to relax, don’t you?”

“Look! I swing from tree to tree,” she used one hand to swing, while the other one was holding the remote.

“Just give me that remote!” he angrily snatched it away from Lola, made her fall on the ground.

Victor examined it. Suddenly, the antenna started beeping, motionously. He pointed it to some sort of a tall bulding far from the woods, and the antenna started beeping rapidly.

The girl was interested, asked, “What does it mean?”

“I’m no expert for these mechanical things but… I think it wants us to go there.”

Victor still pointed to that direction.

Lola saw a blurry image of... “A castle…”


“Yes! It’s a castle, let’s go there!” the girl ordered.

“Wait! So you’re not gonna plan a going back plan for us?” asked Victor. His expression already told he wasn’t interested in the dimensional things at all.

“I mean, you have caused us to stuck here.”

“Well I don’t know. Something tells me I can find the answer right over there,” said Lola, “Guide us, Mr. Verliezer.”

He simply accepted. That saying made him feel better though. As soon as they could get out here, as excited he was.

“Let’s go.”

After the wipe (which took 10 minutes in this case), they reached a big village. It was crowded but the conditions weren’t all that good.

“I think we stuck in some sort of magical kingdom. Any thoughts?”

“Well, don’t ask me. I’m not interested,” replied Victor.

“Then try to figure out some uses in that remote. I’m sure it will all work out.”

“Oh yeah! Why didn’t I think of that?” stated the man happily.

Well, it’s easier to say that done.

He was excited to look at a key that could get them out of there. But at the same time, he’s totally a fool for these stuffs.

Buttons in different colors.

Switches all around, small to big horizontally on the remote.

His face was buttons of worriness and trouble.

“Arrgh!!!!! Why is life being so cruel to me?”

Back to Zane’s new house.

During the time Lola was gone, he took out some Math questions from the Super-duper whatever pop quiz.

Amanda had nicely got it all covered for him.

As the quiz goes, it will be fun if two people do this together.

He had done around 50 questions for 2 hours without Lola.

Which was weird. Shouldn’t take a dreamer a pair of orange soda bottles that long

“Where is she?...” he exclaimed.

The doorbell rang. Someone was outside. Hopefully Lola.

“Come in!” he yelled.

Zane was so certain it was Lola who rang the doorbell.

“Oh, it’s you guys,” he said unimpressively

“Hi Zane!” said Milo, “Do you have time to hang out?”

“I brought over a new Gecko Monthly magazines, as your order,” followed Amanda. She brought to him the magazines he first saw in his life.

The cover was nicely glossy though.

“But by the way, where’s Lola?” the Murphy asked.

He sighed. He will normally hide his feelings to normal friends though.

Zane put the magazines on the table, worriedly replied.

“She’s picking us orange soda but… she hasn’t come back yet.”

“Well, how long has she been going?” Amanda asked.

“Considering your expression, it must have been quite a long time,” said Milo.

Zane just nodded. He whispered, “Don’t say it too loud. My mom will catch it and I don’t want to bother her.”

“Got it!” the girl of perfection winked.

“Well then let’s find her!” said Milo, “There’s no point of waiting for her in here. What if she was in some troubles-“

Amanda quickly put a finger over his mouth and sushed him.

“It’s your bad mouth.”

“Ahehe, sorry,” he aplogized by his nose.

He agreed with all the things Milo said.

Except the possibility. It couldn’t be happening, or it just couldn’t happen. Get it?

15 minutes later…

We came upon a local convenient stores.

They sell things like fruit, vegetables, beverages, meat… anything food-related.

Little did our Murphy boy knew this was also the first place Zack and Melissa came to find him.

“Are you sure this is the place?” Amanda asked.

“Not sure. But this place does sell beverages so… let’s look around,” Zane said.

“Hey Josh!” Milo greeted.

“Hey Milo. What seems to upset you today?” Josh asked.

“Well, one of our friends is missing…”

Zane interrupted. He took out a picture of Lola to show Josh, “Do you happen to see this girl?”

“Hmm… That is a nice smile though. No, I don’t think I’ve seen her.”

“But she said she wanted to buy orange soda, and I think this is the only place…” Zane said, turned more worried than before.

“I’m afraid we don’t have orange soda in this store,” said Josh, “It was banned in the free world for destroying the environment. That was some gossip though.”

“Come on, Zane…” Amanda tried to cheer him up, “Just look for somewhere else.”

Milo did the same with his usual positive tone, “Yeah! Things happen coincidentally at the time you never think they happen. I’m sure it will all work out!”

Just then, Murphy’s Law played things out as usual.

The bean cans, which was stacked nicely a few seconds ago, collapsed.

One of them rolled into an old man walking along with and flirting a woman.

“So where do you want to go for a Saturday night?”

The man tripped and planted his face inside one of the watermelons being put in a crate next to him.

“Serve you right for driving me nuts.”

“Yeah, that’s the road to true love, my girl!” he mumbled

Milo, Amanda, Zane and Josh had seen it, looked quizzically.

“It’s Murphy’s Law but I don’t think it ever gets this far,” Milo said.

“Things get weirder and weirder everyday, don’t they?” said Amanda.

Josh was still positive after all of that, “Don’t worry too much! I’m just glad that all the soda nearby doesn’t explode.”

The old man got up, being reality that he never got his true love.

“Who am I kidding?” the man exclaimed.

“I will never be in someone’s attention. My life is shattered, like all of these soda bottles will be.”

“Oh boy…” Milo exclaimed.

“This can’t be good…” stated Amanda.

“I suggest we must leave now…” followed Zane.

The trio quickly left the store.

“See you guys later!” Josh said, without finding the real purpose of their exit.

He turned to the soda shelf, seeing a man with a watermelon being stuck on his head, running towards the shelf.

“Oh, I get it now…” Josh said knowingly.

You know what happened next already. Boom!

(“I Can’t Find You” by Aaron Daniel Jacob played)

Milo met Melissa at her house.

“Did you happen to see her, Melissa?” Milo asked, “With any coincidence or any moment?”

“No I didn’t, Milo,” said Melissa. Seeing him like this, Melissa knows her smile always makes him better.

“Just cheer up and be great! You’ll find a way like we always do!”

“Thanks, Melissa… You always know how to cheer me up.”

“No problem, buddy!” they fist-bumped.

She continued, “I really want to help but you know I can’t leave Super-Duper Ultimate Math Pop Quiz behind. And it’s a shame that I can’t get to team up with you like last year.”

Milo agreed, but he had another way to look at it.

“You’re right, but this time I’m teaming up with Amanda. She’s sweet and smart, and we help each other many times. We can probably win this together. Hope you and Zack are doing well.”

“Speaking of Zack… I wonder how he’s doing…”

Cut to Underwood residence. Amanda was meeting him there.

Same result. He didn’t see Lola as well.

“No, I didn’t. I hope your friend will be fine though.”

“Thanks, Zack. But what are you doing right now?”

“That quiz ya know,” Zack said knowingly, “I do want to help but you know her determination.”

“Oh I see…”

Meanwhile, at the arcade (which was closed), Zane was asking the Arcade Guy still wandering nearby.

“The gamer alongside you to break your record? No I didn’t.”

“Well, that’s okay. Tell me if-“

The man interrupted him, “Wait! I am not supposed to be appeared right now. Gottagobye!”

The man sped off in front of Zane.

The fashion boy sighed.

He turned his face down, facing the ground.

He found a sidewalk nearby the arcade, then sighed again.

“Now how am I ever going to find her?”

There seemed to be no way to solve this.

(“This Is The End” from Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers was played by Norman on his boombox)

At least the first two lines were played before he turned it off.

“Thanks for making the mood, boy,” said Zane.

“You’re welcome,” Norman sat down on the sidewalk next to him.

With Zane, he seemed to be quieter and less naughtier than usual.

“Missing your friend aren’t you? I’m listening,” and the boy became a wingman in one second.

“Yes. And stop talking to me like that!” Zane offered

“Sorry. That’s how I open to everyone. Still sad that I can’t get a job though,” Norman confessed.

Both sighed.

“What should we do know?” they said in sync.

“But I’m not giving up. I’ll ask those two men to have a place in their store,” stated the 8-year-old boy

Zane nodded. It was impressive to see this living that dream since very young.

“I believe you will succeed one day. Oh! And one more thing!”

Zane quickly took out a picture of Lola. He was still finding her by asking anyone he could meet.

“Do you happen to meet this girl?”

The boy looked at the picture before snapping his fingers, “Got it!”

“Got what? Have you seen her?” two words caught Zane’s attention.

The boy then dragged him, “Just follow me!”

Zane wasn’t sure what was happening to him, questioned, “Hey! At least tell me what you’re doing.”

Anyway, welcome back to our beautiful alternated dimension.

A kingdom where we always believe in magic and possiblities.

Many houses are lying in the village, under the enchanted, magnificent castle.

Villagers are happy. It shows how much care the king and the princess has given to them.

We come to one of very few mansions in this kingdom.

It was a beautiful sunrise.

The sound of sqiurrels fighting for nuts.

The music coming from chirping birds.

The sound of water fountain keeping its lifeless flow.

This is the home of the two very well-known young boys in the village.

“Hey, where’s Perry?” the triangle-head boy asked.

Opps. The author had come too soon to the conclusion.


Cut to the scene of this Perry guy.

(“Perry the Platypus” theme played)

There is nothing to say much about him since… he’s still our Perry in another dimension.

Little did Phineas know this guy works for a royal organization.

Back to Perry, he was riding a horse while receving his mission from the General “Francis” Monogram.

“Bonjour, sir P. New horse, you may ask? Well, as you can see…” the man revealed sheepishly, “Manny went crazy again – this time it crashed onto a volunteer crossing guard. We promised him to lock this horse in once and for all.”

“You bet! My stomach is still hurt,” groaned alternated Elliot, who had just broken the fourth wall by replying to Francis (unintentionally)

“Anywho, this mission is pretty much like cat chasing mice.”

Perry chattered, showing a disappointed face.

“Alright, I’m just disappointed as you so let’s get this over with,” Monogram revealed, “Our sources tell us that these two men are having suspicious behaviour. They are named Vlad and Igor.”

Perry chatted again. (they were just some random dudes, weren’t they?)

“Also, there are many robberry recently with them nearby. We need you to have a look at them and see if they’re the ones, as our suspicion.”

“I don’t think so, sir…” said Carl, who was a royal guard. He prefer using brain to strength though, “Our guards put 50 bucks on that possiblity.”

“CARL!” Monogram yelled at him, “Why don’t you stop the guards?! What will they become if they abandon their mission like that?”

“Yes sir…” he walked away, already getting used to the general’s strict manners.

“Good luck, sir P!” the old man laughed, “Seriously, get over this quickly so we can have turkey. The princess has just invited us for a royal party. She says it to Carl… for which I was envious…”

The snow globe’s signal turned off, as Perry rode his horse to today’s boring mission.

This was going to be a looong day.

Somewhere else in the village…

Victor kept groaning over and over again.

He had the tool in his hand but didn’t know how to use it.

And now he was stuck with a girl singing that annoying melody.

“Can you stop singing that? I know where it comes from!”

“You do? Good for you,” Lola replied before having another donut.

Let’s just not tell about when and how they bought it though.

“While I’m trying to think, you just keep buying and eating and… the point is you’re useless!” said Victor.

“Okay now that’s rude. I know this is my fault but why don’t you try to get along with it?” Lola offered.

“Get along? What’s so fun about this again?” asked annoyed Victor.

“For example, we’re acting in a big play. Except it’s not a play – it’s another reality!” the girl explained, “We are in for a lively experience. Get a use of it.”

“I don’t think-“

Suddenly, Victor was interrupted by a high-pitched scream.

“Sounds like someone is in trouble,” stated Lola.

“Well, what are we wating for?” said Victor, as both went looking for the source.

They reached a woman being asked by a few villagers.

“Ma’am. Are you okay? What can I help you?” Lola asked

“Thief! Thief!!” she yelled, “They stole one of my important plan papers.”

“Plan papers?!” the girl had no idea what that is.

“Maybe it’s blueprint in this dimension. I’m just guessing,” said Victor.

No one replied.

That’s a pity.

“We’re wasting two seconds. They must have been nearby. Let’s run!” commanded Victor.

But he forgot someone who couldn’t really run for too long.

She could follow, but later she could get quickly exhausted.

The thieves were revealed to be none other than…

“Aha! Stealing a plan from that woman is a piece of cake,” said Igor.

“Wait! Stop running!” Vlad commanded, as both of them stopped.

He continued, “Let’s look for the location at the back.”

They looked at the back, only to find nothing.

“What? Do you see anything, Igor?” asked Vlad.

“Nothing?!” exclaimed Igor. He then found out something.

“Hey, the right bottom corner has been burned!”

“Wait a second…” the tall man looked at the missing part, and saw someone riding a horse directly towards them.

“Who’s that teal man chasing right at us?” Vlad questioned worriedly.

“I don’t know, but I think we should be running again,” said the short man, as both of them kept running ahead.

That caused suspicions to Perry. Perry leered at them for a while.

He looked at the photos he had in the pocket. It was really them.

“Grrrrr…” Perry chattered.

He turned around the horse and chased them.

Meanwhile, the Victor gang had also come very near.

“Come on! We gotta help that woman!” yelled Victor. He turned around to see Lola keeping an enough distance to him so far.


Her sweats started to flow.

“Geez, I’m not sure if I can keep this forever…” said Lola.

She stopped a little bit to catch her breath.

Victor didn’t care for her anyway.

He was just running ahead.

A moment later, a portal opened near to her.

“You come with me!” a mysterious man, wearing glasses and holding some paper notes in his hand grabbed her inside before the portal closed.

(A few seconds later…)

Victor was running ahead for a while when Lola suddenly appeared from that portal.

“What?! How can you run next to me?” Victor wondered.

“Took two hours and a war to keep up with ya,” the girl smirked.

“Two hours? What do you mean?” the man started to get more confused, “I just turned around for ten seconds when…”

“Never mind. I have found this,” Lola took out a scooter and wore a helmet.

She then drove it ahead of the business man.

“Wait!” now it was his turn to be exhausted, “Slow down! Don’t think I can catch up!”

Ahead of them a few meters, Perry used the horse to run onto them, making them fall on the ground.

“Grrrr…” Perry chattered. (Good horse! Your job here is done. Go back to the barn.)

The horse left.

Only Perry, who was about to finish his job with these two.

“STOP IT!” Vlad sudddenly got up and took out a knife, pointing it at Perry.

“You’re not leading us to anywhere!” Igor threatened, holding a sword.

Perry stepped back.

Those were some surprising moves.

Honestly, he didn’t prepare for this.

His fear came, but he calmly stepped back, in order to hide it.

Those men kept coming closer and closer.

“HEY!” Lola yelled at them. They turned around to see a girl wearing weird outfits, riding some sort of wheels and wearing some sort of cowboy hats.

“Leave that little teal platypus alone!”

Then Victor kept up to her, breathing continuously.

“Yeah… whatever she said!...”

He continued, “Sorry… I can’t come up with… any better sentence to … say to… you fools! So… let’s be it… You’re doomed…”

Then he fainted.

That entrance made both of the criminals laughed.

Lola looked at them amusingly.

“What’s so funny?” Lola asked.

“So what you’re gonna do to us, little maid?” threatened the tall man.

“Chasing us and making us tired to death?” followed Igor.

The weapons were pointing to her.

And so were their attention.

Lola had to keep calm, even though it would be slowly terrified.

Perry paid attention to her eyes rolling and winking to him.

She said it was his cue.

The platypus took out from his pocket a lasso.

Now he needed to find something that stood.

Conviniently, there was a vegetable stall nearby. And they were coming near at one of the poles using to make a shelter.

Perry spinned the lasso.

In three seconds, they would be in his position.





“Gah!” both exclaimed, as they were being tied up together. The platypus tightened his rope from behind while the theives were groaning.

“Why god always treats us like this?!” Vlad groaned.

“It must be some sort of lazy writing inspired by an episode on a television series,” Igor stated.

They both yelled high-pitchedly, as their plan failed.

The villagers cheered for our heroes.

“Brilliant!” a villager cheered.

Perry didn’t forget to thank the girl after holding those theives tight.

“Grrrrr…” he said.

“Hmm… I’m supposed it’s thank you,” said Lola, “You can also say thank you like this.”

She thumbed up.

Perry did the same. (Like this?)

“That’s right. You look great with that posture,” the girl stated.

She took out the plan from the thieves and gave it to the woman earlier, who had just been running to see this.

“Thank you so much, young girl. How can I ever pay for your effort?”

“Nah, it’s okay. I’m just glad that your plan is safe,” she said, and both of them hugged each other.

Victor stood up, seeing everyone cheering at him.

“Does this mean I have done something helpful?” wondered a delightful Victor.

“Huh…? I think we all have accomplished something,” she said.

The girl waved her hands to the crowd, as Victor and Perry did the same.

Meanwhile, from a castle very near to the event.

From the view of the castle, the princess can see…

All the events…

In that exact place…

It was very clear to her. The villagers was clapping to some heroes apparently.

“What’s so fun down there?” wondered the princess.

She saw a girl looks very much like her.

And a man with unusual black outfit.

Along with her squire, Perry the Platypus.

They must have been really proud.

“I have to see it myself.”

Back to the ordinary dimension, Norman kept pulling Zane’s hand to somewhere he never knew.

And the boy had finished his job.

“There we go.”

The boy directed him to look at some old shop selling wacky stuffs.

“So for a million times, why are you pulling me to this place?!” asked Zane angrily. He had been asking this several times for no answer.

“Your sister is in there,” Norman said.

“No… she’s not-But how do you know?”

“I better go home,” the boy then walked away and left Zane alone.

“Hmm…” Zane examined inside. The lights were opened.

There was a figure looking for something.

The fashion boy then took out his phone to call Milo and Amanda.

“Milo? Amanda? I’ve found something. I’ll give you guys the address.”

Cut to 15 minutes later…

When the gang and the old inventor met.

Milo did know a little bit about Clyde from Zack.

Anyway, Clyde was telling them how it all happened.

“And that’s how both of them get lost. Sorry for causing you kids troubles. It was my inventions making this happen,” apologized Clyde.

“Nah, it’s okay,” Milo cheered him up, “Actually, we are the one to apologize.”

“It was Lola’s enthusiasm that caused us troubles,” said Zane, “But after all, she gets interested when it comes to plays and fantasy stories.”

“I’m sure you will find a way,” said Amanda, “Any progress yet?”

“Well fortunately for us, I have,” stated Clyde.

He then took out a remote as same as the one Lola used, “This baby here can make us travel to their dimension.”

“Cooooool!!!” the kids exclaimed.

“Once I can travel there and reach their destination, I can guide them to go back to our dimension,” the old man explained.

He pushed a button. A portal appeared in front of him.


“This reminds me of a series I have watched recently,” Amanda whispered to Milo’s ear. “That girl uses her scissor to go through dimensions.”

Milo giggled, whispered along, “And she shoots out all those narwhals like… pang!”

They elbowed each other and laughed.

“All right, I must go,” Clyde sighed before he started to step in.

“Wait!” Zane said.

“What’s the matter, my boy?” asked Clyde.

“Can I come along? I want to find my friend,” said the boy, “Two people find another two people, it will be easier, am I right?”

“I don’t know… Are you sure about this?” the old man doubted.

Milo then stepped near Zane, putting a hand on his shoulder.

Zane turned to Milo and he nodded.

“He can do this. I know he can,” said the Murphy boy.

“Milo…” Zane exclaimed.

Amanda did the same. She convinced Clyde the same way Milo did. But what’s more important was they were gaining Zane confidence he needed.

“She saves Milo and she’s a nice person. I believe Zane can do it.”


“Thanks guys!” he pulled in his two friends for a hug. He couldn’t stop himself crying tears of happy, “You are two of my best friends this guy can ever have!”

He wiped his tears, letting out a scream and a smile, “Nice! I can do this! Let’s go!”

Clyde had seen all this. Of course he would agree to let him go.

“That was a touching moment. Alright… what’s your name…”

“Zane!” the boy introduced himself, “Zane Cartner.”

“Zane Cartner will come along with me,” stated Clyde, “Unfortunately, I can’t bring two more since the portal has a limit of number of people coming in.

“That’s okay! We’ll look out the shop while you’re gone,” said Milo.

“You can count on us again!” stated Amanda, as the couple laughed happily.

“How lucky I am today… Anyway, let’s go Zane!”

“Yes, sir!”

They both entered the blue portal with ambitions, hopes.

Milo and Amanda looked at them entering the portal with the same amount of hopes.

“Hope Lola can get back to us soon,” Amanda said, as the portal had closed in front of the young couple.

Milo smiled to her.

“Of course she will! Believe it!”

“So what we’re gonna do now?” she said, after figuring out a small TV had smashed on the floor.

“I think this selling inventions shop can have a little bit improvement,” said Milo.

Perry didn’t want to stay too long. He’s just not the kind of person who likes to receive praise for his work.

All he does is trying to help the villagers safe. Seeing smile on children’s face, some handshakes from incredibly strong workers or any act proving the people being happy, is his happiness already.

Though he had to admit, it had been a while since he had done anything this heroic. The major fight with the Snow Queen finished a year ago. Since that fight ended, there weren’t any more major problems happening to the kingdom. In fact, the most concerning problem to him during the year was to save a kitten climbing the castle.

Okay, that was a major problem, my bad. It’s just that it has nothing to compare to that big fight.

This time, he had worked out with a young girl to catch two criminals from stealing a plan for whatever reason.

There were two things that he realized: One, it was odd to work with someone to do a mission. He used to be a loner. Having finished the mission with the help of someone and it’s a young girl, that’s new. And two, again, he didn’t like to receive praise, but it had been a while since he was applauded by a crowd, so he might stay (or walk along) for a bit.

The gang was following the woman. She insisted on paying for them something for their effort. That came along with a nice conversation.

“Just so you know, we’re the best lemon sellers ‘round these here parts,” stated the woman, “Of course we’re the only one.”

“Wow… cool! I always like lemon,” said Lola.

“You’re not making puns, are you?” said Victor.

“What?” – “Nothing.”

“So why do you have a house plan?” Lola asked. It was kind of awkward whenever she used that work.

We could say blueprints or something easier, for crying out loud.

“Well, I’m more of an architect in my family. Selling lemons is what we do for a living,” continued Brigette, oh wait…

“I forgot to introduce myself. You can call me Brigette.”

“I’m Lola,” the girl introduce herself, “Good day.”

“I’m Victor,” said the future CEO, “Please to meet you, ma’am.”

“Grrr…” Perry chattered.

Brigette smirked, “Don’t think I don’t know you. Allow me to introduce Perry, the royal squire.”

“The royal squire?” both looked at Perry admiredly.

He blushed, didn’t know what to act next except of putting a plain smile after his identity being spoiled again.

“He’s the squire for the princess in this kingdom,” the woman introduced, “We call it the ‘Dwampymoore’…”

“Dwampymoore…?” said Lola, “Sounds like Danville, doesn’t it?”

Victor just sighed.

“This is going to be a loooong day.”

“And here we are,” the gang stopped walking as they had just met… “The Murphy house.”

“Cozy!” the girl stated, “And there are lemons!”

She lemon-ed one of the lemons, “Love it! Love it! You little sweet lemon!”

Get it? Lemon is an act of love or cuddling… you get it, so we pass.

“I’ll be honest, this house has nothing much,” reviewed Victor.

Brigette nodded, “Yeah, that’s pretty much it. It’s the standard of our village.”

“You know that word?” He questioned.

“Well, yeah?” she shrugged, “What’s wrong?”

Inside the house, someone called the woman.

“Mom? Are you outside, in front of the house? Anything happened while we were gone?” sounded like her son was asking.

“All good!” stated Brigette, “Come on out! We have special guests!”

“I’m on it!”

Lola stopped playing with the lemon after hearing that voice. It occurred something to her.

“This voice sounds familiar. A voice I heard just a few days ago.”

The boy came out from the main door, hugging her mother.

“How you’re doing, mom?” a daily question Milo always asks her.

“I’m fine. Here are some people that help me doing a few things,” the mom directed him to them.

Lola gasped. Her doubt was correct!

“Hi! Glad that you help my mom out,” a fourteen-year-old Milo, the same appearance but different outfit: a white shirt and a brown trousers, “I’m Milo Murphy! Nice to meet you!” he put a hand out in front of Lola, hope for a handshake.

“Hi…” she said awkwardly, but didn’t forget to smile, “I’m… Lola Sunderguard. Nice to meet you!”

“You can call me Victor, kid,” said the Verliezer, “Hopefully we will be ‘friends’” he said doubtfully.

“Hopefully for it as well!” Milo from other dimension then turned to Lola, “What do you say we’re hanging out for a little bit?”

“Hanging out?” she blushed.

A Milo from another dimension asked her to hang out.

She wondered if there were an Amanda from this dimension.

If that girl knew this, she would be so envious.

But this would be just the Milo she knew: nice and polite.


The atmosphere turned quiet.

The stepping sound of horses dominated the air.

Along with some loud trumpets!

“What is happening?” Lola didn’t know what was happening when Milo silently directed her.

“The royals are coming,” he whispered, “Bow them!”

“The royals?” Victor was kind of scared of something about them, so he quickly bowed as well.

“And you might see the princess. She usually comes during these hours,” Milo purposely said it to Lola.

“Whoa really? How do you know?”

“No time, just do what I said.”

As whenever the princess goes, everyone bowed.

The princess herself had no opinion on that.

It’s just she wishes everyone could treat her like a normal person.

But that’s the rule of this world; she can’t help it.

Anyway, after going through many villagers, the princess stopped in front of the Murphy house.

She looked at them: Milo and her mom, two heroes of the day, her squire Perry.

“I can smell her, alright?” Milo said, hopefully it wouldn’t get into her ears.

She just giggled in a cute way.

“Oh Milo… You know you and your friends don’t have to bow me,” the princess said, “Come on, get up! You’re ruining the white cloak I gave to you.”

Hearing her favor to Milo, the gang also got up.

“Guard! What have I told you about the bowing routine?” she asked one of her guards.

“Well... you said Milo and whoever relates to him don’t need to bow,” the guard said.

“There! I will keep reminding you every day so it will be a custom. In fact, I will plan everyone in this town not to bow in front of me anymore, it’s just embarassing!” the princess confessed.

“Whatever you wish, princess!”

“Now… beat it,” the princess whispered, “Go somewhere else! I have something to lead them to.”

Her carriage along with the guards went off.

She then talked to the gang, “So… how’s our favorite hero going?”

Lola was shocked.

One, because the princess asked her a question.

Second, because The…







“What’s going on here?!” Lola thought.

Lola was standing as hard as rock.

The screen faded to black for a commercial break.

Credits Scene

(And now we’re moving back to…

*knife slashes*


WAIT NO! Wrong series!

A flashback occured...

It was six years ago, deep in this wood.

“50 clicks-long rope: Check!

Horoscope: Check!

Umbrella: Check!

Let’s get to work!” a 7-year-old farmer Milo exclaimed.

The boy quickly tied the rope to three trees to make a triangle around him.

He checked the Sun’s position with his horoscope.

He checked the shadow lying under the triangle area.

He licked his hand to check the wind speed.

“Leaves are following the wind. It could only mean… 10 minutes until the big rain!” Milo stated.

He had already hold in his hand an umbrella. Even if he didn’t, he carried along a bag with everything he needed to get back home safely.

“Help!” Milo then heard a girl screaming.

The boy saw her running towards his area.

A young princess named Merola. During her early years, it was her most beautiful, happiest time of her life. No responsibilities, no title, just her wandering around.

But she was in a danger situation: being chased by a bunch of coyotes.

And running towards his area without noticing the rope.

“Help, the boy in front of me!”

“Jump first! Now!”

Merola was confused, but then quickly jumped as his order.

Only that time, she could see the rope she was almost tripped on.

The coyotes got bounced back.

They were about to enter, but with Milo’s nature to roar, they were so scared that they ran away in light speed.

“And don’t you think of coming back to hurt this princess again!” Milo yelled.

“Wait, you know I’m a princess?” Merola made an eye contact to him and asked.

Milo replied excitedly, “Of course! My family, my babysitter and everyone well know who you are! And I have seen you with my very own eyes.”

“Oh, I’m not anything big… Thanks for saving me though.”

Today's Proverb

Spotlight AU's today's proverb is... (drum roll)

“I always dream to be in a fantasy world. You know, where we can live a normal life and fight bad guys like hey-ya!”
— Lola Sunderguard

That's all!

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